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et realmlist logon.elysium-project.org

>OLD NOST PvP and PvE(Name: Nostalrius PvP/Nostalrius PvP)
These will have all your old level 60 chars for nostalgia's sake. (NO ONE WILL PLAY HERE)

>NEW NOST PvP (Name: Elysium PvP)
Brand new server, will be released 3-4 weeks after old nost. (WE WILL PLAY HERE)

>What faction are we rolling?

Horde discord: discord.gg/UNArm

Alliance discord: discord.gg/TvDzTmX


>Server homepage
>Vanilla WoW database
>Leveling Guide
>Nos Pre-Bis
>Leveling Specs
>Big Addon Pack

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I think I'm gonna roll a female human warlock. Warlocks are pretty decent in vanilla right? I know people will fall over themselves to get your summons. How are they in PVP? Also advice on leveling and professions to take?


1st for are ret pallies "VIABLE"

you will get stomped by undeads

Literally every hybrid is better than ret.
Yet ret is the most popular hybrid spec.

>be priest
>check chat
>"LFM need tank and dps"
they can't get away with memeing me like this

Crestfall save us

Alliance warlocks are garbage and get cucked hard by undead rogues which are common.

>5k cap on pve server
>watching gaylex stream
>see literally nobody in every zone he's in
uhmmm nostbabs??

viable for eating shit

/a/ and /vg are one in the same

hey anons what UI should I get?

Be a man and go shadow

At what point does fury be better for levelling than arms?

Never, fury requires a lot of hit that you won't get while leveling

Never. Whirlwind weapons are two-handed bruv.

fury =/= dw

Guys should I roll Horde or Alliance on the PVP server?

immediately, and drops off at 40. you could go all the way with either spec easily though.

All the way up to 40.

>3K queue for both servers
>literally just want to check my characters transferred successfully before selling the account

Xth for oldcucks completely and utterly btfo


well you can be a faggot and use a premade UI like pfui or modui
or you can be less of a faggot and make your own UI
or you can use default UI and be a real man (male)


Real men (men) aren't afraid to spend time to increase the efficiency of their tools.

Warrior was the only class i could play well in WotLK/MoP/WoD. Will i be ok if i roll a Warr?
And what kind of build/gear i am looking for?

Post funny rejected/accepted (gm's gf) applications and ridiculous requirements from guild forums.

just play

Is the Elyisum server down right now?

I just finished torrenting the "WoW Classic" 1.12.1 file and put in the Elysium server info in the wtf file. I opened the game and the old gates and shit came up, but after I exited, the game will no longer start. Nothing happens except the "application not responding"

Is this from the Elysium servers getting DDOS'd or is something fucked with my file/computer

That menu is not synced to the actual game, just log on and play

Any good working downloads for the Vanilla server?


The game application won't open at all after opening for the first time, but immediately closing the application afterward to change the wtf settings. I can't just log on.

My bad, that's not my actual screenshot in the previous post, just the first picture of the login screen I could find if that's what's confusing.

I fucking hate anime posters so much, i wish i could meet you in person so i would knock your fucking teeth out.

I didn't save screenshots, but the application wasn't really an application, just listing off previous WoW experience - but the interview in discord was when it was weird.
The dude said he was requiring 12 hours a day playing while we were pushing for 60, and that staying in voice chat the entire time was mandatory "to create and foster the community".
I wasn't even aware they were tryharding for server firsts until then. I can get to 60 relatively quickly but I don't have any poopsocking plans, and especially don't see the need to listen to fags babble or complain the whole time I'm leveling.
I told him that I didn't mind voice chat but not ALWAYS voice chat, and that while grinding I kind of preferred to chill and listen to music or binge a tv show, and we both agreed I likely was not a good fit.
He wasn't a dick, just very very strange.

take the opportunity to learn a different class

Is there a guild going yet? pls




>tfw badly want to play rn but know it's pointless because i'll be playing on fresh

Is it harder to level Horde or Alliance? Assuming no ganks or whatever.

Doing Horde right now and walking through Barrens back and forth is terrible.

Be VERY aware about who you are talking to, me and my gorilla dick will find the scent of your anime faggot pink asshole and it will be throbbing for revenge.

>have 60 on pve server
>hour long queue to get in
>90% of the server are fucking newfag lowbies
>nobody is running any max level dungeons and theres no 60 BGs popping

Seems like 3/4 of the people who were 60 on nost didn't show up, it's all new people. I just wanted to chill and play some AV while I waited for the fresh server, but that shit isn't happening. I got one AV game on sunday and the server crashed when we were just about to pull vanndar.

Alliance is easier because it was meant for people under 13 years of age.

The barrens/stonetalon/ashenvale/1k needles route is easier than anything alliance get. If you think that's terrible you should just give up now

>it's an impatient orc/human rogue keeps facepulling episode

>when I was 12 playing vanilla
>went horde
>now 22
>going alliance

so this is the power of nost when you leave a bg

Maybe it's just the overcrowded server making me skip quests.

I've leveled Alliance right before TBC and it seemed more enjoyable.

when I was 12 playing I was playing vanilla
>went horde
>now 22
>still horde



git gud

happened to me too. don't know why.

Will some of you log off so I can play? You probably think I'm joking but I've been at work all day and really want to get on for a bit. It would be hugely appreciated.

Name of the aura bars?

>15 horde
>25 horde
Veeky Forums makes me feel old now. also browsed /b/ back at 15.

yes they are

>wagies begging people so they can spend their pressure """""""""free"""""""" time enjoying themselves

why does this make me so hard

how do you make money and live without working?

why do mobs follow so far

not him, but to answer that on my part. Neetbux.
thanks for working so hard everyday on my behalf user.

elkano buff bar

where is new server i just spent 40k on my new PC for new server

>people are afking so that they can avoid the shitty queue
Can't make this shit up senpai.

what are neetbux? benefits? that's pretty pathetic otherwise

Looking good so far.

Not enjoyed an MMO this much in years, kinda sad i'll have to reroll on the fresh server but meh

Is Nihilum on horde or alliance? On PvE or PvP server?


literally the worst zone in the game


Why will you have to?

Because everyone will play there.

That's usually how it goes. Vanilla wow was the golden age of mmos. everquest was good, but it just didnt capture the same spirit.

The bis list is not correct it's the pre dire maul one.

Does anyone have the nost pvp patch pre raid bis list?

Please just log off so I can play. I have to be up for work in the morning.

Well I don't HAVE to, but most people are going there, and progress is way ahead on this realm already, with guilds killing nefarian on opening day.

Exactly, I go there to avoid being corpse camped for 5 hours.

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, retail is two blocks down.

But then how will I AFK in IF with everyone else?

>3 days to open an account because the fuckheads can't handle the complex task of sending a verification email
>your position in queue is 2700

This captures the vanilla experience exactly as I remember it

please everyone, restart your wow client so we all have an equal chance of playing together
some people actually have lives here

in the nost forums there's a warlock sticky with bis lists for every patch (and i think every class)

class forums on nost's website

I want to roll a ret paladin.

Thank you, I forgot they are still up

then do it. stack reckoning and meme on people.


Where can I find leveling advice for mage? Dno whether to take faster frostbolts or less resist chance first

it literally doesn't matter
i will probably get faster frost bolts though



But you can't reckoning meme in raids.



So, would a supportive druid rather don a cloth armor?
I understand that their main armor is leather, but wouldn't cloth be better when it comes to healing?

You can Nightfall and suck the GM's dick meme.

Hey OP, add this to the OP, it's the pre raid bis list for the Nost PVP realm The relevant one

Hell, half the time you SHOULD be wearing armour not made for your class, because it has hit% or spellhit% on it

It's too slow guys, I got memed on pretty hard. You need actual autism to get through this shit. I'm level 15 and want to kill myself from the boredom. I'm serious. And no, retail isn't better.