Hot Hatches

Why are hot hatches subjectively the best mix for fun and practicality?

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yurop pls go

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Because making something a hatchback improves a vehicles usefulness with a minimal penalty in in performance.

Just look at Subarus: the previous gen offered a sedan and wagon wrx, and the wagon was only 50lbs more.

>anything other than the best hot hatch

Best mix is a sedan

They're pretty fun, the fwd doesn't bother me too much and the power is nice. I wish it sat lower and had a little more pull early in revs and could get around small roads a bit better but overall, hot hatches are really fun with great practicality. I've had a keyboard and lamp in my trunk for 2 months that I forgot about, gonna remove them today and count it as weight reduction.

My SVT has okay power but makes up for it with great handling and power to weight, and it doesn't guzzle gas 9/10

>Hot hatch
>Not a single one on fire
How can you call them hot hatches if it isn't hot at all?

>Boring Mazda3
>Hot hatch
that's not how that works bro, also forgot the Focus ST, the RS doesn't belong

or the Golf R for that matter, Civic Type R is on the border

>mazda 3 at the bottom
>still pretending like the speed 3 exists for this gen

Seen an A-Class in elbaite green in the wild a few days ago. Absolutely marvellous color.

As expected of mershitdes huehue

Because they're a practical car given fun bits.

Make hot hatches small again

whoever did this retarded collage forgot to switch the mazda3 with the swift sport

>the mazdas the only good car on there

Nice meme dude, but it still doesn't change the fact the MS3 literally doesn't even exist for this gen.

Hot Toyota Yaris soon

it's not a fucking hot hatch.

The fords will eat brakes, transmissions, clutches, diffs, catch fire around 40k
The VWs will shit out around 40k
The mini, fiat, and hyundai will shit out around 40k
The honda is fuck all ugly but it should be reliable.
Mazda will keep going into infinity and beyond.
Thats the ONLY thing that matters in a street driven car. Reliability.


So the new 3 has no business in a hot hatch thread you dummy.

But the fiat and mini and hyundai are?
The fiat makes less HP in top trim
The hyundai turbo only makes 15hp more
The mini makes less hp unless you get a john cooper version. Which isnt worth the money.
The fiesta makes only 15hp more and weighs the same as a 3.
You people are retarded

there is something with small cars that makes them just so fun

No, you fucking retard. It's literally a fucking econocar.

It's not fucking marketed as a hot hatch anywhere, whereas a Swift Sport and an Abarth are.

Fucking mouthbreathing retard.

old golf 1 gti is perfection

mk2 is cool as well though

>says honda is reliable
>and mazda is also reliable

Its hotter than things considered hot.
No one is arguing the civic you autistic sperg

Yes. The Fiat is tiny as fuck compared to the 3, and has completely different suspension, exhaust, and panels compared to the base model unlike the 3. Same for the Mini and ST.

I'll let the Hyundai slide because at least they're trying. The 3 is a hot hatch as much as a Juke or a base Civic hatch is a hot hatch.

On a side note, what's the general opinion on the yaris?

Apparently its more hot than a mazda 3.

Good shitbox.

>Honda still hasn't made a Fit Si
It's like they don't want my money.

>I think it's hotter than the other hot hatchbacks, there for my opinion is correct
Check the definition
"High performance derivative of a car body style consisting of 3 to 5 doors"
The mazda 3 is not high performance it's just a regular econobox.

the mazda is just way better looking though

They haven't made the current gen speed 3 yet so he pictured the regular 3. The mazdaspeed 3 is one of the best hot hatches out, especially for the $$.

I want the Yaris GRMN looks kinda eh but still gonna be awesome

They have, just not in the US. It's called the Jazz Si.

It also has 98hp.
Where's your god now?

This. Ugly as fuck, but a 3 door subcompact with a supercharger and Toyota reliability is a recipe for perfection.

>hurr the CX-5 is a high performance OFFROADER SUV because I SAID SO

Yet the mazda has higher performance than most the "hot hatches" posted
Really makes you think

>that fucking feel

Smartasses like this is why I always qualify it by saying Fit SI with the 1.5l turbo from the Civic.

Fuck you Honda, that's not a fucking SI.

Maximum Sperglord

All I want is for Honda to bring back the Fit Sport (or call it the Fit Si to keep it inline with the Civic) and give it more than 110 bhp like they did.
Could use more torque, too.

>they didn't put a k20z4 in it


>They haven't made the current gen speed 3 yet

kek nigger it's not happening, we're looking at next gen at best.

>give it more than 110 bhp
I'd say like 140hp, to compete with the Swift Sport.

>being this assblasted

keep projecting bub, you have been eternally BTFO'd

>Exploded into a fireball literally seconds after this photo was taken

I'd say the pull at 4k on the speed3 makes up for its low early rev pull..

>Hot hatches thread
>Giulietta Quadrifoglio always ignored

This car has the same engine as the 4C goddamit

this red pinstripe meme HAS TO STOP


>not offered in the US

Stop reminding me this exists.



Shame that it looks so fucking retarded.

talk me out of it brehs

it makes it go faster

Be patient bro, the new RWD Giulietta based on Giorgio™ is not so far from us.

i made some gifs, this car would spank every rwd car in its class and above.

I will literally


kill myself if we don't get that over here.

they are making a newer better looking model, i prefer the look of the 1st gen but they got rid of the weird ass, i liked it.


yeah breh I know but that sound

RenaultSport are fucking wizards when it comes to FWD.

desu abarths are my guilty pleasure as well because of these aftermarket shifters.

i fucking want one senpai

>that sound
literally the only thing people talk about, IT'S A FIAT, literally buy anything else and put on aftermarket exhaust then you'll get the same thing and a car that won't breakdown every ten minutes

literally how

is there some kind of meme awd magic going on there or something

Listen to the Record Monza Exhaust, you won't want a 595 Abarth with the standard base exhaust...EVER.



TRIVIA: There's another exhaust less famous if you don't want the 4 pipes Record Monza: the Record Modena.

>being this delusional

Face it, the Italian cars have ALWAYS sounded better than every other car/engine 9 times on 10 since the car industry is a thing.

how original, once again.

you don't understand breh, one test drive and it has ruined my life. I can't stop thinking about it even though I know it's an unreliable piece of italian garbage. ;~;

>abarth in OP's pic
>No sign of the godly twingo 133 RS

Come on.

Fiesta ST is much better and a tad more then that piece of shit. Fiat has terrible reliability.

1) It's a photoshop

2) The proportions for a sporty RWD hatchback are these

However, don't even start this argument.

Everytime an Alfa is posted there's the mentally ill Bmw faggot ruining the's absurd.

jesus christ I just want to die

it's so fucking good

>T-jet engines

Pick one and only one mememaster.

Like this one it's a sedan though.

>calls me delusional
>is actually delusional
brah just stop. Always is a strong word. and only the Abarth sounds good compared to other cars that are STOCK. that's it though


I forgot to mention; the group N exhaust

It is pure sex
Also, why is the suzuki swift sport not in that list?

LSD between the front wheels, the rest is the renaults chassis being good.

F.I.A.T. = Fix it again Tony! Brands have stereotypes for a reason bucko

>he thinks hot hatches are unarguably the best

My Mercedes would dismiss your unprecedented and profound faggotry.

>The Abarth logo popping out

no, it's alfa shilling
Im not a fanboy of either brand, but alfa pasta is stale as fuck.

I was laughing at that too m8

Ever dated an Italian girl?
You know she's a mess, her family is crazy, and there's a good chance she'll break your shit - but you still want to marry that girl.

This is the stock sound with stock exhaust.

You can hear that the engine note is the same and it's good.

im dating an Italian right now and I can say this is 100% accurate never wanted to marry someone more. Although that doesn't transfer over to a hunk of shit car

>Ever dated a girl

h-haha yeah dude all the time...

Let's see what other maker offers!

1.4 TSI with fake sound actuators KEK

>German engineering

When even a rebadged Fiat Punto sounds better...well, it's time to be BTFO

That sounds like a fucking propane forklift.

wtf I love propane forklifts now

>posts Leon FR
>not Leon or Ibiza Cupra

>Although that doesn't transfer over to a hunk of shit car

Stop spreading bullshit memes you mongoloid.

Lease that fucking car and buy a warranty extension so you're covered for 4-5 years.

How are we supposed not to shill when y'all only talk with memes as your backup source?

I've looked for aftermarket exhausts for the Fiesta ST and Civic SI and GTI etc etc etc but absolutely nothing can touch the 500 Abarth. It's infuriating.

>can't accept the truth that fiat is literally trash
sorry bud find out the hard way, also warranties cover nothing if the can find a way out.