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We're racing on the weekends. Check out our Google doc for more info!

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autogamescoalition.liveracers.info/Live/?server=OGC: DTM 2013 traitors
trippteamdownload.servegame.com:100/RFACTOR1/CARS/A-F/DTM 2013 v1.01 inkl Track Pack.rar

RIP /ogc/ edition

Does anyone have a guide for gothenburg? Any particular spots that I can abuse for FAST?

I'll ask again since the other thread was already past bump-limit.
Are there any games, racing preferably that focus on pre-WWII cars?

Turn 1 can be massively abused, there's a significant amount of leeway in the corner cutting detection that means you can pretty much make a beeline for the entry of turn 2 and go off the track with no penalty. You should be able to get under 12 seconds for S1 doing this cut.
And that's pretty much it, all the other "cuts" are slight, like in turn 2 or turn 6, and both of them risk unsettling the car.

There might also be a small advantage to be gained by brushing the wall on the exit of turn 7, among other places, but it's very risky and rFactor physics might just decide you became wall and send you into space.

I don't know any dedicated games. Only thing I can think of is a 1937 F1 mod for rFactor


dprec would you trade pictures of traps for your setup+replay?


yet another spork alt account

>check ovgtp doc
>More P1 drivers than the GT3 drivers

What video?


Jesus christ with that many inflammatory insults thrown at him, redneck, racist, bigot, white nationalist

You'd think some of it would be true but God darn these lovers want to spit ball all their name calling into one sentence with no evidence

Tonight we're racing DTMs

Server: OGC: DTM 2013 traitors
Pass: 8ch
Track: Zandvoort
Live timing: autogamescoalition.liveracers.info/Live/?server=OGC: DTM 2013 traitors
Mod: trippteamdownload.servegame.com:100/RFACTOR1/CARS/A-F/DTM 2013 v1.01 inkl Track Pack.rar (~700 MB)

Schedule in GMT:
Quali at 20:30 - 7 minutes
Race 1 - 20 minutes
Race 2 - 20 minutes, reverse grid

At /ovg/ majority I turn this into a WAT series. Potentially moving to like historic BTCC or any other suggestion a couple of weeks into the future. Or an AC series.

>0.5 Mb download speed
2002 all over again

i guess i'll put my modem in the freezer so it won't overheat in race. this is, if i'll manage to download modpack in time, 4h download remaining

>ywn be the subject of an autistic simracing video

how long until sj loads the grid with ai drivers with the names of ovg members?

Wrong thread retard. Kill yourself.

/ogc/ is part of /ovg/ now

>no evidence

Aside from Twitter, put James' old, cracked trip on /pol/ and see yourself. He's a /pol/ack.

He has no powers on this server :^)

No it's not. Seriously fuck off.

SJ stop falseflagging please

Have a mirror bro, forgot trippteam was sometimes very slow.

he's more or less polish, and everyone knows how right-winged-evil poland is

>right wing


Can't wait until SMS pretends the bad reception to pCARS 2 is because of the corrupt lefty media protesting against their righty associations.

>muh SJ
What part of fuck off back to /ogc/ you did not understand?

So anyone else GT Sport Closed Beta?

I got 45 minutes with it last night but needed to get up early. Gonna get all over it after work. It looks fantastic. Not much to play with just yet but they're supposed to "unlock" more and more features every day.

have they finally changed anything major in driving model since gt5?

I got in. It might just be new car smell but it feels and sounds better than I remember GT6. Curious how the full version will handle car unlocks though as this one per day limit is kinda jank, especially if it is going to be random.

Really enjoying it so far though, even with just a few cars and one track. Hopefully I can get some online racing in later when it goes live.

Is it true that your driver rating is based on AI races and as such, completely useless?

>Dead platform

Pick II

why doesn't anyone play my summer car anymore?

just to be clear, this is not some kind of gt shaming flaming invitation, i'm genuinely interested. I really love gt career mode (i'm still replaying gt2 on smartphone with gamepad from time to time), but after some hours in assetto corsa gt6 cars feels incredibly stiff and fake. I'd love to hear that after all of that talks about how esporty and serious gt sport is, they decided to make driving model a little bit closer to "sim".

Driver ranking is based on performance in Sport mode which, at the moment is the online component. So it seems to be the opposite of what you are saying.

The driving model has been "sim" for a long time. It's just that the rest of the game hasn't followed suit- street cars always seem to be equipped with stickier tires than they should have and races (and the AI) are balanced around 3-lap sprints where you are expected to make up a dozen positions in that time.

Alright I had heard something else. It makes a lot more sense to do it like this.

>It's just that the rest of the game hasn't followed suit- street cars always seem to be equipped with stickier tires than they should

This x1000.

I have to make a US account to play it and I am lazy.

Have you tried dirt /turnleft/ yet? What do you think?

I left Dustin's house a week before it came out. He says it's good and we usually have the same opinions on sim content. Our driving styles are identical, but he's smoother on throttle application whereas I'm smoother on the wheel. I will try it when I'm out there to test in a month or so.

Personally I don't care if dirt is good, it will be like the lotus 49 where everyone jizzes for a week, then all of a sudden nobody is driving it aside from the dedicated private league guys. You really think those eurofags who bought the 410 sprint car out of curiosity are going to become hardcore WoO fans and drop everything else overnight? lel no.

The big question is if iRacing can re-do all of their cars up to that standard.

Hard to say right now since I didn't get to spend much time with it. I've been on Dirt: Rally so getting back on strict tarmac took a little readjusting. Been a little bit since I've played Driveclub so can't make a good comparison.

Sound design is much better, detail in each car is fucking astounding. The driving is tight and responsive, but i was getting sick of the forced assists on the qualifying laps for Sport Mode.

It's locked automatic and locked brake assist (probably for a benchmark among all skill levels) but you can't carry any speed because it keeps braking for you.

>20:30 gmt
>3:30 est
>on a Friday
Welp unless I turn into a neet I won't make it lads

Doesn't matter, no one showed up

>It's locked automatic and locked brake assist
You can turn those of in the driving options.

who /stillplayshorizon3whennooneinovgcaresaboutitanymore/ here?

Hasn't even started.

Yeah this timeslot only works for EU and AU. It's a shame, but since the prime weekend timeslots are both taken up by other series.

Should have started 15 mins ago

I still haven't played since October 9th when I sprained my ankle.

I need to play again...

>My ankle is fine now
>Just not played Horizon

Except it starts in about 45 minutes. DST and shit.

>Specifying a currently unused timezone
>Not just saying 20:30 Zulu for best effect

>unused timezone

Timezones don't just disappear, UTC/GMT are always the same time. Just because Britain is an hour ahead of UTC doesn't mean the timezone doesn't exist any more

You can literally type 20:30 GMT in Google and it will tell you what's your local time.

Besides, no matter if you're in DST or whatever it's called in your country, GMT never changes and your timezone only changes relative to GMT. So just learn if you're in GMT+1/+2.

Any PCarfag around?. I don't get the GT3 class in this game. Are some cars faster than other cars or are them just equal. I can't just seem to drive the Cadillac fast enough

Spirit of Speed 1937 for DC and PC and Mille Miglia for PS1. SoS is usually memed for being "le worst dc racer xD" but the faggot reviewers play it using the dpad, which makes the game unplayable. Using a wheel you can have perfect control of the cars but the game has not much going on, it's kinda boring unfortunately.


The Bentley is overpowered and banned in most leagues. So I wouldn't be surprised if other cars are fucked.


Bro, we talked about this. No more badmouthing or the deal is off and I post the photos.

Post them anyways

dat center dead zone

No that's period accurate sim-mechanics!

Good races boys, thanks for joining!

Sorry about the little technical hiccups, this is like my second race hosted on rFactor and I'm still getting to gripes with the little quirks. I believe I found the setting that re-enabled parc fermé and the formation lap so that should be good for next week.

Track should be Nurburgring Sprint.

>see way out of no-contact NEETdom
>decide to try and get little sister into racing vidja so I don't have to just hotlap
What's an easily accessible racing game that'll teach a total newcomer to games beyond Angry Birds the basics?

shit controls as a feature

Do the driving school with her

My little sister still makes jokes to this day about taking 'em out

seriously Forza Turismo - let her pick the car, whatever she wants it'll be tunable for like 9001 races, while doing those you learn anything that needs known about racing (braking is important, tires are important, etc).



Is that you POWERRR?
Post your sister.

>6 cars
>4 are shitters

Nice series

great series sj, i sure want to attend the next one!



fucking gran turismo. even if someone hates driving, gran turismo is still fun because of rpg aspect (at least, before you make too much money). lfs is probably good first sim since everything is so slow and soft in demo cars

>pCARS 2
>bad reception

It'll probably loved by all reviewers because of the graphics and everyone will call it "The Dark Souls of Racing"

Haven't you heard? Dirt Rally is already the Dark Souls of racing

Post your sister anyway

Yes. I especially loved the parts where I was reading hints about the track from other players while driving and then rated them

>tfw you will never be able to summon another player to read pacenotes for you


Skinpack for this week, apologies about it being a bit late I was being a normie for once

Can someone take a screenshot of Assetto Corsa's multiplayer server list? I wanna see how active multiplayer is before buying it tbqh.

kpop a shit
corean a shit


kpop a best, ur just jellus cus ur anime waifu isnt real

Coreans aren't real though

game reviewers should be culled

I wonder how many surgeries these women have gone through so they could all have the same robotic pinched off noses and sculpted eyes

would still destroy obviously

How do custom skins in AC work in terms of the car slot system? Can you assign a certain skin to a certain GUID?

It's what's on the inside that counts user (apart from the plastic ofc)

A horrible shallow gook?

Someone post the webm of one of the gook girls spazzing out during a performance and everyone on stage ignoring her while she writhes incoherently on the floor.

They dont lel

3 and 5 can wait until after Im done with the other four. This may take a while.

>street cars always seem to be equipped with stickier tires than they should have
Weelllll when Comfort Hards generate 1.0g in basically any turn on any shitbox, it's not just that shitboxes have sports tires for casual reasons theres just too much fucking grip all the time. Then theres all RWD cars having +.60 rear toe in so the AI spins out less often gee i wonder why all these cars understeer? Then there's only like two of the 369 Miatas having 50/50 weight, the rest are 54% front gee i wonder why these all understeer?

Then they beta test their new game with handpicked random normies who dont know any of the terms i just used yeah thatll fix all the fucking legacy problems with your photomode tourism simulator

>Then theres all RWD cars having +.60 rear toe in so the AI spins out less

Kek that's fuckin awful

depends how feminine the benis is

>SHiT Rally

>dark souls of racing games
what is this supposed to mean

Noob here. Got Project CARS for free on Xbone, unplayable with default xobx controller control scheme (which I've learned the game isnt really for anyways) I tried looking up control schemes for xobx controllers, and it seemed to help, but I cant get steering with the analogue stick right. Any suggestions?

>inb4 get a steering wheel faggot
I got a *free* game for a reason

>going so fast that your car splits in two

Racing simulators aren't built for gamepads, sorry bud.

good news is your engine temp is pretty good considering the block is on fire. That's solid workmanship.