>a academic
You cant make this shit up

I have a Veeky Forums friend who actually picked up a girl by naming all the Roman emperors in order.

I don't converse with cavemen.

post mor porn (not porn)

>*unzips dick*

>Sure darling what do you wanna know?

>the art of war is a meme
>*drowns in pussy juice*

>:^) Epik

>Veeky Forumsfaggots start stuttering since they think someone actually cares about their self-induced autism
>Veeky Forumsizen unzips dicks and plows her right in front of him
>Veeky Forumsfaggot keeps mumbling to himself while thinking about raising his opponents child as a real man


>Plato or Rand
Come back when you've tried Veuve Clicquot or Colt 45.

L-let us go then, you and I

>Veeky Forumsizen unzips dicks and plows her right in front of him
I don't think you've ever been to Veeky Forums.


This is the shit that keeps me coming back to this terrible website

include me in the /r/Veeky Forums screenshot!

>complains about autism
>gives two examples, both biology

How's that going for you user?

is that the only oc to ever come from Veeky Forums? sick of the sight of it


Veeky Forums's published 2 books of new sincerity

That's good Jerry, gold!

I don't read or lift.

god i love this place

>I'd just flex my specs and recite shakespeare
>but then again I'm not autistic like you


Veeky Forums is /r9k/ with fit people you fucking retard