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Database: optc-db.github.io
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Add people from here if you're new or need more friend captains.

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>Drops/XP and XP/PLVL/Stam spreadsheets

>Mar 14 - 19: 2x Drop Weekly Quests
>Mar 15 - 19: Golden Cave (30 stam added to weekly rotation)

- Coliseum -
>Mar 1 - 19: Vista / Paulie / Urouge / Alvida / Mr.7

- Fortnights -
>Feb 28 - Mar 14: Nico Olvia
>Mar 7 - 14: Hina / Young Arlong
>Mar 14 - 28: CP9
>Mar 14 - 21: CobyMeppo / Hannyabal
>Mar 21 - 28: Smoker / Wapol

- Raids -
>Mar 12: Heracles
>Mar 16: Aokiji
>Mar 19: Kizaru

>Mar 7 - 12: 1/2 Stamina Weekly Quests
>Mar 12 - 14: 2x Skill Up
>Mar 22 - ??: Invasion Cavendish

- Coliseum -
>March 1 - March 20: Ideo / Krieg / Killer / Urouge / Beckman
>March 2 - March 14: Moria / Kidd / Smoker

- Fortnights -
>Mar 6 - 13: Sanji - Tea Time
>Mar 9 - 16: Zeff / Bepo / Hogback
>Mar 13 - 20: Brook - Tea Time
>Mar 16 - 23: Tom / Laki / CP9

- Raids -
>Mar 13: Monster Chopper
>Mar 17: Bellamy
>Mar 18: Blackbeard
>Mar 19: Mihawk
>Mar 20: Aokiji

I can't believe the last thread is fucking dead...

/TeamMonkeys/ desu

I can't believe global is fucking dead... again

I can

That was fucking easy. Are you even trying, /r9k/?

Bisons for life

A happy Carrot is a cute Carrot

Death to sub-humans.

Putting money down right now that some dumbass is gonna ask why Heracles'n isn't showing up at the usual time

Why Heracles'n isn't showing up at the usual time?

Seriously though I'm incredibly sad I didn't pull any of the good legends during anni, literally only shit.

[Spoiler]not sure if bait but[/spoiler]Daylights Savings, everything will now be happening an hour later than usual

Ok guys, what do you think.

I pulled both, TS Luffy and Legend Law last sugo

Is law basically worthless that I have TS Luffy?

So... I pulled once last sugo and got SWAce

Now.. I always ignored shooter teams discussion both because I thought Zephyr was never going to be on global and because I didn't have SWAce

That being said.... what are the best shooter teams I can build?

Law is a slasher captain, Luffy is not. Luffy is a better Free Spirit captain though, yeah.

>Storm Pirates removed from the friends list
Is this how low we've fallen? That we will discriminate and abuse literally the most helpful member of our community? The most baffling thing is she still loves us all and continues to help us with her maxed captains. We don't deserve such a goddess.

We have better Captain sluts, like Jewjulie

if you don't have a maxed zephyr don't even think about it, you pulled a fake red and I feel sorry for you

Can't argue with that. Jewjulie whales so god damn hard because of her gem reseller none of us can compete against that. She really is the queen of OPGG.

One day until wedding RRS

go easy on him /r9k/ hes just a young pleb

>Already own +200 Wedding Perona
>Valentine Perona nowhere in sight

Fucking globad

Any of them good?


SW Franky is a better Boa
Momonga is a better Robin
Perona is a worse Shiki

Perona is the only good one in that she's a 13 turn Driven booster, and the other driven boosters available ( Caesar, Diamante, Shiki ) are higher CDs, and Shiki isn't available anymore.

If she was available in tomorrow "sugo", how many gem would you use to get her?

Why do people always act like Shiki isn't coming back

Until I got her desu.

I remember doing it anni last year going for her, and the only good pull I got was Perona and Sengoku for 200 gems.

I know I'm going to regret not farming Vista, Olvia cannot end soon enough

I wish we had a special sugo like japan got recently. Regular sugo + special unit available. Would be worth to pull for them.

Aren't they just a trap

I pulled Valentine Perona and I mean she's cute and shit but fucking worthless. Do people seriously pull just for cute girls?


>Do people seriously pull just for cute girls?
Never underestimate the power of waifu retardation

I'm a dexfag, so completion of this game is attempting to collect units

Colo Apoo, RR Ideo or Reunion Usopp can replace zephyr but their boosts only last 1 turn

This immediately justifies 2 weeks of farming with Haruta and Bac teams

but I have one with bind/despair though

>Do people seriously pull just for cute girls?


Well my waifu isn't from One Piece, but if she was in this game I'd spend up to 1000$ for her
I can understand those people

I didn't want to believe it's true, but it really is. You really are the Perona shitposter, and you're not getting falseflagged.

>Someone actually wasted good resources on waifubait

Holy cow, that's a lot of Beli.

it's because JewJolie is a whore who sells her body to get beli

>Good resources

Hell no. I used Golden Candies and RCV candies that I haven't already put on Enel/3d2y Sanji/Intvankov/Intvankov2/Mansherry

Would you believe me if I said I ended up spending 20 mil of that over the week we had Marineford ? All of the candying ended up draining it a lot

Just how fucking poor are you people?


Huh, just realized I might have sold that one to the Ray shop by accident. Shit.


It's like, a little orgasm everytime this happen

>Have to use Haruta to double my drops
>gets a double doffy for free

>not even a doubled doffy from haruta

>tfw getting all these Doffy books without Haruta
>tfw no Doffy

Fucking finally

Now I should prioritize rr uroge or Colo uroge?

Do you own WB? If yes, neither
If no, Colo Urogue

Used the books i had (13) and I've got two skillup.
What do I do now? Keep farming and feeding, or get 5 books and wait for skillup?



what team?
your crew cost must be small so I'm curious

sockets still not done even tho i maxed him sigh

My cost is super low, yeah. Looking forward to when I can use Law, Cavendish, and 3D2Y Zoro together.

it wont be long i forgot about crew cost 100+ levels ago

Honestly, why would you act like he will come back?
We have no idea how many cocks the global team had to suck to get us the movie content, why should we assume they'll suck them again?

I hope so. Cost feels terrible, it's the only thing I don't really like about the game.

fuck off

i forgot it was even in the game like a year ago

I like your style

make me faggot.

>maxing shit
>not farming SW ussop/doffy/sugar/robin books

Fucking plebs

Improvisation is fun.

Maxed already

>implying im lucky enough to pull good RR

fuck off mabel

Yeah, hopefully in 100 levels or so I won't need to worry about it.

who is she

I got 20 swoop books and 8 sugar books out of 2 weeks and imma try for a few more on the last day cuz fuck nothing dropping at least you can farm and max colo units outside of skillup

>getting this mad

>see all these promising rookies with maxed vistas
>go feed all 50+ vistas
>3 skill ups

>Not stopping after the 20th

niggers aren't allowed in this thread

>you will never drool all over Mabel's BBC

you have to go back

Why do shitposters like the same girls as me. First Perona and now Touko.

>He likes Touko
How does it feel getting cucked by BBC (Big Byakuya Cock)

I don't believe anyone can have both perfect and dumpster tastes. DR is weaponized shit. It's Japan's revenge for the atomic bomb.

i wanna get wedding perona but i already have valentines perona. I think im gonna wait till we get the sugo for secret characters

There's nothing wrong with DR, faggot
Also, Kyoko and Mikan are clearly the best girl of their respective game

>Tfw you get Rayleigh, LL and Borsalino in one sugo but still have such a bad track record with int and psy subs you can't clear paulie
God fucking dammit.

you really think i dont know this is you shitposting woods? you better stop!

>There's nothing wrong with DR
Then why are there always DR vs Orbs arguments

i took a break from optc before and everyone said dr was shit not worth and now that i returned everone is saying its great. How is 15 percent so good?

>Kyoko and Mikan
They're Touko and Ibuki you faggot

The argument is that DR is better than Orbs because orbs doesn't really do anything (No team should be planning for orb luck)
However what no-one mentions is you're not going to be using the same configuration of subs at all times so the optimum 5th slot doesn't really matter.


Touko is only goodd in UDG (and there's a better girl in this game anyway)
Ibuki is best bro, not waifu material.

Good tastes.

Who are you so I can add you?


Will you be able to guess who am I with this subtle reference?

because people are shitposting
orbs and dr are both luxury socket, both are irrelevant to clear shit and you should just put the one you get the most of while socketing
both are better than the other on some units its just situationnal

>Not dating your bro
Best possible course of action. A two-in-one, if you can't realize this you're outright stupid.