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oh yeas

help I'm just trying to kill everyone and the mean skeleton man keeps beating me up

Has he been infected?

Undertale with guns
best AU

xth for scholarly goat woman


Love these guys

Who do you like, /utg/?

More like this please?


Basically everyone except Jerry.
Oh and I prefer Asriel to be Flowey instead of a goat.


I use to like Flowey more but lately I've decided that if he's going to be in the story post TP I prefer him as the cute goat kid. I can't see Flowey wanting to hang around the people he fucked over and already knows everything about

Undyne's shining, slightly moist spear!!!

I love only all of them he I like him a little more

More like what specifically?

i love this one
when he's not turned into the fandom's shitty portrayals or aus
my favorite guy

Personally I'm the opposite because if he's cute goat kid, people usually try to pretend like the Flowey stuff never happened, like he wouldn't still know

I've always thought that if he were to get a goat form back, he'd essentially be an adult by this point and just as cynical as he normally is as Flowey, just a bit more nicer

But that's just my opinion, eh


As opposed to the mentally traumatized and eternally guilt-ridden gotekid?

I think he'd still be mostly a kid, just one very much in need of a long recovery and therapy. Though admittedly, it's fun to think of him trying to pass on valuable life-lessons to Frisk, only for the kid to constantly cut him off to remark that Asriel looks younger than they do.

My top two. Unfortunate for me, there is a very low amount of duo fan art of them

It's always a good time for Gundertale.

>people usually try to pretend like the Flowey stuff never happened
Fucking this, it doesn't matter what form he's in, he's still gonna remember the time he put a vine through Papyrus' skull and then laughed about it.

>Asriel looks younger than they do
Unless Asriel chooses his edgegoat form which would be closer to his mental age given the memories over thousands of resets.


>that one, tiny revolver.
Step up your game, darling.



>People pretend the Flowey murder stuff never happened
They do this regardless though. At least it kind of makes sense if he's Asriel again because Asriel has a reason to stick around since he can actually care about people and has connections with his parents
Yes, that is way more interesting then Flowey being a sad tsundere boyfriend for Frisk.
Good taste

Imagine if the Undertale girls drank human drinks for the first time and noticed that it makes them have to pee? My favorite choice would be either Undyne either Muffet.

That's a real nice repost.

whoops, didn't see that. Kind of surprised Veeky Forums didn't recognize it was a dup

>Yes, that is way more interesting then Flowey being a sad tsundere boyfriend for Frisk.

I don't mind that either, so long as there's some development along the way. Wacky hijinks I'm okay with and morose sadness as well, just mix it up well.

>They do this regardless though.
It's fine if that not always the focus, otherwise you end up with completely formulaic stuff. Every Asgore stuff is him lamenting about the murdered children, every Sans stuff is him angsting about timelines, every Papyrus stuff is him dying so someone else can angst. Sure, never forget, but it's fine if that's not constantly the focus.

see, that's usually what I'm thinking, if he got a goat form again he'd choose his edgegoat form, not happy shota goat, that ship has long since sailed

I could maaaaybe work with mentally older Azzy? But I'd still prefer physically and mentally older Asriel, if any Asriel

Frisk/Azzy kinda creeps me out because I know what they're angling for, I just kind of want him to be a big brother to them instead

Imagine if the Undertale girls died from a broken heart? Can monsters die of sadness?

>Can monsters die of sadness?
I'm pretty sure it's outright stated that they can.

Except not because they completely ignore the whole murder thing and the fact that Flowey has no soul and can't really give a shit about people. Theres a difference between a having a character I care about other stuff and ignoring a key part of said character. If you're into Frisk x Flowey whatever thats cool and I get why you would enjoy that stuff but ive yet to see a serious post TP Flowey thing that didn't ruin his character.

Anyways I don't want to rant about this for the next half hour so I'll stop here. If you like that then it's fine but I hope you can understand why some people wouldn't

Believe me, I've got more tricks up my sleeve.

I'm not so sure he'd choose to "grow up" as it were. After all once he's back to his senses he returns to his child form. He may have a lot of life memories, but he's never grown up.

You're right that ALL guilt or ALL nightmares or ALL crybaby can get boring. Gotta have a good balance.

it's said that monster souls are believed to be made of love, hope, and compassion
one can reason that a monster severely lacking these things may die, but i don't believe it's ever stated in-game that they can
at the very least, a monster will probably commit suicide before reaching that point, as alphys demonstrates in most neutral endings

He appears as a child in the end though.


Emotions can either increase or decrease the production of important hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline has the effect of narrowing the main arteries, putting a person in a situation where they may die of heart failure. Humans can die of sadness and a broken heart. I just wanted to know about the monsters can die of sadness and a broken heart.

I think he'd probably act sort of like a child since he never did grow up emotionally, but have a sociopathic streak and a lot of regret from his time as flowey, he'd probably just avoid being around everyone as much as possible out of guilt, except maybe Frisk since they're the only one that's completely aware of what he was.
On the plus side he'd probably be able to forget or get past it if he's having fun or able to act like a kid again, even if just for a little while.

I dont think people understand that this is a tumblr copypasta
Yeah that's way more interesting to me. Floweys kind of a dead end in terms of character development since his whole arc wrapped up really well imo in the actual game.

I can get where you're coming from, but here's my take on it: that was less 'I choose to be this' and more 'this is the form I had when I died, therefore the easiest to materialize in when my power is sapped'.

He still at the start before he enters edgegoat form refers to the player as Chara, he might still be trying to make them recognize him, and then at the end he's just so beaten with the whole thing that he basically just reverts

If he was given a moment to think about it, I don't think he'd choose the option with people - people he knows front-to-back via resets - treating him like he's younger than he mentally is, because god knows Flowey would hate to be patronized

Again, that's my opinion - doesn't have to be exactly right or you have to agree, but I do agree that a balance is best - not forgotten, but coping with Flowey memories and having to experience emotion with them now

I think he'd want to be alone, but Frisk won't let him.

I dunno about a sociopathic streak, but it's likely that Flowey's instincts are still a part of him, and when stressed he can be surprisingly mean (if not lash out physically) where pre-game Asriel never would, and that's something else he has to grapple with. It's all possible to deal with if you're willing to work through it however.

Kid needs therapy anyway.

Driving with the goat dad

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I get what you're saying, I just think that it reduces Flowey to nothing but something that must be stuck to the underground and die. There are humans who live with similar destroyed empathy and still function somewhat. Sure, if everything Flowey is ends immediately after the game, that's one way of looking at it, but I'd prefer to rebuild the pieces as much as possible, through therapy, no more resets and giving him some sort of purpose.

But I see it from your viewpoint too, it's a fine, if rather depressing ending for him. Still, you're entitled to your opinion and since we know nothing beyond, it's just as valid as anything else. I'm no more correct, and that's totally fine by me.

Goatdad needing a custom SUV because he can't fit into normal ones!

>Papyrus offers to use the contact that got him his sports car a vehicle worthy of the king
>Gets a Mini

Frisk is dirty

I will say that I don't think Floweypots impossible to do well just that I haven't seen it yet. I had this conversation with a Floweyfag about a year ago and he agreed with me on a lot of stuff and had started a fic from Floweys POV that was actually pretty damn good and about him actually dealing with his lack of soul. He got too busy to get very far in it though.
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just listening to some remixes. some of them are pretty good


Waiting for new aged up Charisk and Frisk/Asriel stories is suffering.

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You can always enjoy non-romantic fics in the meantime.

I guess we can.


That's what I was more thinking, like if he gets pushed around or really bored that part comes out and afterwords his emotions come back again and he gets huge bouts of guilt, even if he didn't end up actually hurting anyone.

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poor gaster

I want to be the test subject for Gaster's experimental drugs!

At least Gaster got the best fan made track though.

What if Gaster disappeared because His experimental medication for controlling cholesterol was ineffective and he had a heart attack?

Alphys threw Gaster into the Core so she could become the new Royal Scientist, she also resurrected Chara and Asriel specifically to torture Sans across timelines.
She also exploits the amalgamates for free manual labour.

But he already has Alphys for those

So I was replaying the game with a true reset. I was in the underground, and left the room with the 3 froggits talking to you. I can back in and, out of the side of the left screen, saw something move very quickly and vanish. I get over there and I see the left froggit in the room is gone. What happened?

flowey vored him

You can catch Flowey following you at certain points in the game.

I always thought this was a glitch like Aeris ghost was but I guess not.

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So after the ending, do you think Flowy really went back to his old ways? Something inside me says he's changed, even if ever so slightly.

This is nice, thanks friend.

I mean he canonically gets saved by Frisk after the Gaster boss fight so it's a moot point.

post lifting asriel


His dialogue implies that he does change, but based on the game's lore he shouldn't be able to without a soul, but really each ending has it's share of "fuck it this happens just because it does."


Something has to have changed, otherwise it's only a matter of time before he reverts back to his normal self. I have hope.



I think he goes back to his old ways and the only thing that could even remotely keep him in check would be if Frisk held him under watch via friendship.

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