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My turn~

Celica a cute

I love Azura

>Early as fuck.
>Including all this clutter in the OP.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Let's go!

>You are too kind-to me, to all around us, to everyone.
>That is your weak spot, Summoner.
>You make a grave mistake if you think me a friend. I am your tool to use. Nothing else.
>When I fail, cast me into the heap with the trash and offal. You must, for that is the way of life...
>What? You won't? Then you leave me no choice but to live on and on, serving you.
>Know then that there is no mission too cruel for me to handle on your behalf.
>I will finish it. I will return to you. There is no need to worry.

Pretty sure video previews were consistently present in OPs pre-Fates. This isn't new and you're retarded.

Learn fucking algebra you goddamn NEETs.

I want to bully her throat with my cock

you are just embarrassing yourself. just stop

Saving orbs for Celica!

>when Effie cries as she watches Alm fuck you

>that manish tranny face


The voice direction's improved since Fates, even anti-gaidenfags should admit this much.

I don't remember Mae being this much of a slut. Then again I don't remember much about her at all because of how bare bones Gaiden was.

>Roll 58 orbs for Ninian
>Get Linde instead
What am I supposed to do with this shit?

Mae a slut.

This is Cordelia buffed by Hinoka (Below her) and Caeda (to her right). So as the other user said, they do.

He posted Celica, not Lucina.

Are you deaf? It still sounds like shit.

>according to her adoptive family, nino is trash
>jafar wants to be thrown in the trash

Really increases my neural activity.


desu Faye is a good way to localize that while tiptoeing over the fact that they inconveniently used Effie already

Those battle animations, my fucking dick.

What's wrong with her
Inherit odin's kit onto her for even more nuking power

Got 'em

Not really. I already like Alm and he's who you'll be hearing the most of, but that might be because I just got off the IBO train.

Which voices are souring you the most right now?

Oh boy! I can't wait to revisit Gaiden's top tier map design and gameplay again! The fact that they're trying to make this a faithful remake is extremely worrying

Who's the best cake?

>Knights and Soldiers block attacks with their shields when they take little damage

Yes, I've been waiting for this to come back.

Nohr > Hoshido confirmed
Corrin was right to choose Nohr

>Rolls Linde

why do i keep getting setsunas every pull i just want an azura or ninian

i want to bread with mae

What are the chances of ninian becoming a 4* after her banner like eirika and reinhardt?

I don't want to go through the barrage of shitty blues in olwen and peri to get a 5* ninian

It's been back since Awakening you retard.

In Heroes or just in general?
All cake is delicious, depends on what you're into

Alm voice grew on me quick hearing it some more I was worry he'll sound whiny.

No it hasn't, at least not when it's chip damage

FE10 was cool too where "missed" attacks were actually parried

Alright, /feg/, explain to me why I'd use Karel and his medicore stats when I could be using other competent Reds.

Top tier /ourguy/ Papenbrook voice

At least it's doesn't have a discord link so fuck off

>I already like Alm
Fucking why? He sounds like some loser dweeb an his voice doesn't fit him at all. He's supposed to be this no-nonsense kill first ask questions later type of guy.

Shut up Awakeningfag, Chrom only carried that shield for decoration.

I swear to god I've heard Alm's voice before. Who'se his gaijin VA?

>Roy fucked this fully grown woman
Good taste, must be inherited from his dad

You either like him enough to make him work or don't have any other reds better than him.

Now how about you try plugging a second number into your proof, math genius.

To be fair it's not hard to be better than "WE'VE GOT TRAHBLE" and meathead Effie.

First reply, did you watch Gundam IBO recently? Don't know the VA straight-up but it's Mika.

She is not!

Use her?

We have no idea nothing been confirm in terms of English voices.

Because he'll be a bonus up unit.

>other competent reds
Like who? Lucina is shit, good luck rolling Ryoma, and everyone else is mediocre to passable.

do we know what we can give via inheritance? is it just passives and/or specials or can we give weapons and assists as well?

Severa is a strong & cute warrior! She'll help you fight Michalis, no problem!

She gets blacked by Boey every chance she gets. I'm sorry user, but she's a slut.

You're fucking dumb. I'm not a big Awakeningfag, but I distinctly remember knights blocking with their shields when they take 0 damage. Same with Fates and other units who blocked.

The game isn't even out yet calm down.

I only have 4 5* units and one of them is a dupe. Is it worth throwing down my 40 orbs right now or should I keep saving/waiting for a better banner?

Marry her.

>Karel has 43 attack

>My strength screwed wet noodle marth has more than that.


>the white girl with huge tits gets blacked

What did they mean by this

(1)xy +xy(-.2) =xy(.8)


congratulations idiot

you learned soemthing today



defiant attack and wo dao adding +10 dmg every 2 hits on represial adds up

Everything in this banner is outclassed except maybe Ninian, who is probably more niche for Dragonmemes than the general utility of Azura. Wait.


>12 Deadlords Rank
can I just hang out here

>new dungeon mechanics make all the box map grinds optional

well there ya go

I spent about 120 orbs and still didn't get Karel and not my appearance rate is back to normal. Should I spend my last 55 just to get him?

>being mad about this

I just woke up. What's the consensus of the new units?

>Roll for Ninian
>Get her

I love my beautiful dragon wife

If it was Awakening, there'd be twice as many skeletons in that room.


How's Karel looking? Haven't rolled him yet, but he seems like he can pull off some crazy damage with his sword + his skills

All shit.

Bad or Niche.

Ninian S, potentially S+.
Karel A+/S depending on how much inheritance fucks things up.

Reminder to send IS your feedback that you want Arena Duel replays.

It's been said a thousand times before, but Hidari's art is really good. I can't wait to see the whitewings.

Do I want +atk or +def for Ninian?

>dragon with shit stats


Oh look its Dragon Azura.

>Archer General

Unionbullies let Laura reprise Palla for Echoes

What color is ninian?

Not this shit again.

>Dancer with above average stats
>not S

Ninian is great, but won't shake the meta.
Everyone else a shit.

Not him but literally just having Dance makes her super good IMO. even if she's outclassed dancing is a good skill no matter what.

You're not Eliwood

>+10 damage from wo dao
>+7 damage when under 50%
>high hp for big dick reprisal hits

heh... don't mess with the demon sword kiddo

Thank you for the replies user. I'll save the orbs.

However, is there anything the new units have that may be good to pass inherit to other characters?

The press details on the banner and see for yourself color, also known as blue