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Never stop playing Nep and kill all namefags edition.

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stop playing nep



I want to fuck Eris


Rate Jungle Bungle 1-10


Heeeeeeeelp!!!!!! My dad just caught me playing this game and I was playing a Forest deck so he saw all the loli's I was playing, and he's a police officer and he said hes going to take me to the station and have me arrested for CP!


10 with evolve

>control blood is bad
>has more healing and board clear then seraph
kill yourselves

How else am I gonna level up my Shadow to 100?

>people think Control Forest will be a thing
>the class with little good draw and the worst mass removal

I started playing yesterday, are any of these save to liquify?
I already have a nice bugdet swordcraft aggro deck but want to branch out to other classes as well

Ask him what he thinks about cinnamon buns.

Yeah, but they don't have the "I win" button of seraph

Are they seriously going to let discard dragon die after they wasted almost an entire expansion on it

You get what you deserve pedotumor

I'll give you 1/10 for attempt to meme, what is this 2006? You're 100 years to early to memes with your zero layers of irony

>10PP Spell
>Transform Rowan into the Black Dragon, setting his health to 25 and restoring 3 play point orbs.
Is Dragon saved?

Fuck off dude if it was a meme you'd know, my memes are better than yours will ever be.

yes if it clears the board with it

So, who wins if Sister initiate is played?

Yeah but Seraph more often than not autowins the game on t9 while Cblood decks rely on slowly grinding you down. A lot of things can go wrong and you need to pack 3 odins just so you don't get run over by Neph, control shadow, Seraph or Dragon. Oh, and it also loses to DShift like most control decks so it's nowhere near the vicinity of OP when you consider everything else.

Say hi to the Vaniafags.

Based on what's popular currently i'd say everything is safe to dust except Elana, Themis, Frontguard, Fangblade, Uriel, White paladin and - maybe - garuda and professor of taboo

What sweet ass memes are the NPC's going to have in story mode with the new cards revealed so far?

fanfare goes first, triggers seraph that wins the game

Nothing they can do to save it, it's fundamentally flawed. So their choices are waste ANOTHER set on it and give dragon nothing usable, or just abandon it. I think they're splitting the difference--giving it a card here or there but not pushing it.
Depends on leggos though. If they print a discard legend we're fucked.

I think you win since your effects tend to resolve before the opponent's, but I've never seen it before. I'm just basing that on other Yurius and Mini Devil interactions I've seen.

Dies to Themis [ ]
Turn X do nothing [x]
Dies to Dshift [x]

2/3, it's shit.


New x-pac is coming soon so things will change.
Keep everything and liquify once the meta begins to form.

Support for skeleton / Spartoi decks when? Zombie memes already have some support via Death's Breath.

Post a good dragon deck, thank you very much in advance anons.

Fuck you. My boss saw this and called me to his office.


Grats on your promotion.


>a good dragon deck
3x Forte
37 whatever, probably neutral cards or something

Someone's getting PROMOTIONS

>Ahh, I see you are also a distinguished gentleman
>Good work user, I'm putting you in charge of the department


Anybody got the japanese text for Chandelier?

>loses to every matchup besides aggro

>unironically using Sea Dragon in 2017
>s-storm ramp is good, anons!
>it has 53% winrate!
>I swear!
Why do people lie so much in these generals?

Stop playing Dickshift.

Want some shitty OC I just made up? Too bad.

Dragon Legendary - Sinister Serpent
1pp 1/2 - 3/4

Fanfare: Until this follower leaves the area activate the Last Words effects of all cards you discard.

Dragon Legendary - Windblast Broodmother
9pp 5/5 - 7/7

Rush. Ward. Last Words: Summon a Windblast Dragon and two Dragon's Eggs.

How good is Storm Havencraft? Looks pretty cheap to make.


How Bloody Mary+Belphegor gonna interact isn't it just lethal?

The khawy fears the whale

Eris is cute, CUTE!


>spending an evolve on one of 3 Khawys AND passing the turn
Khawy did his job

Too old.

Megalorca Broodmother
7pp 4/4 - 6/6
fill your board with Megalorcas

I want to make sweet love to Isabelle until she forgets all about Kyle

this will never not be funny

this guy is through with khawy's bullshit

Play the original JO dragon deck user.

>with follower

>rowen so panicked he dropped baha on an empty board

how are his followers getting ambush?

>anyone older than 17 y/o is too old

But the real question: Did they fuck or not?

Wanna lick the necromancer.

>mfw neutralcraft is already getting better than dragon, and other crafts are getting better dragon cards than actual dragoncraft


If you have 11 HP it will reduce them to 10.
That's only 1 points of damage if you have Mary.

get that choa out of here right now

During your turn, deal any damage dealt to your leader to the enemy leader instead.

Cygames doesn't know what the fuck to do with dragon, that's why they are pushing neutralcraft so hard, to make sure this shitty class always has at least something playable

Kyle would have to be a retard to miss this opportunity before dying.

Yes and?
It's at most 10 damage on turn 9.

I bet Kyle was gay for Rowen.

>reading comprehension
if you have ELEVEN (11) hp BELPHEGOR will bring your hp to TEN (10), dealing ONE (1) damage

Actually here's a way to settle this. Any guys here fucked a crazy girl? Was she crazier before or after sex?

It's just the dust effect from when something big attacks.

Worst taste, worst shadowverse girl

I bet Rowen killed Kyle because of Isaboobs

You don't take damage with bloody mary

But Isa isn't crazy.

>Jungle Protector
>Gold Forestcraft Follower
>5 PP 4/5
>Enhance 10 : Summon a Jungle Protector, and >then all Jungle Protector gets Storm.
>Gold Dragoncraft Follower
>4 PP 2/5
>At the end of your turn, this cards get +1/+0 >for each unused PP left.



>forget to reshuffle hand
>curve out perfectly anyways

>Was she crazier before or after sex?

>Turn 7 Khawy
>Turn 8 Khawy
>Turn 9 Khawy
What the fuck just die already

No, that was because Kyle didn't appreciate Rowen's eggs.

Wrong. Belphegor checks YOUR health before dealing damage, then Bloody Mary redirects the damage to your opponent.
>He's at 11 health? That's not 10, deal 1 damage
>Damage is redirected to opponent
>He's at 11 health? That's not 10, deal 1 damage
>Damage is redirected to opponent
>And so on

Belphegor deals damage to your leader (up to 10 if you're at full health),

And THEN that damage is applied to the opponent through Bloody Mary INSTEAD.

You don't infinitely take "no damage" with Bloody Mary. Belphegor's damage is calculated first, and then applied.

It's fine, just don't craft any moonbun and use valhalla instead. Actually you can get away only using garuda golds and mostly bronze cards for the rest.

How is their group called? .

Azazel does the same thing and it only deal 10 damage.
The only difference is that Mary+Azazel is actually a OTK combo while the damage dealt by Belphegor is more situational.


At this point Dragoncraft needs more than Rahab, It needs rehab.

>reading comprehension

Reminder that even nips make fun of dragon

What the hell? this can't be true

Fucking stop this
It works the same way as Azazel does, it doesn't do infinite damage

The blood cards are so good! I can't wait to play them in the new format!


>summon Rahab
>spend and entire turn doing nothing
>it gains 5 atk