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MHXX is due out for 3DS in Japan on March 18. Demo is out now!
Opening: youtube.com/watch?v=30ikOWOgUvY
Trailer 3: youtube.com/watch?v=MnpNGzNoOY0
TV Commercial: youtube.com/watch?v=uz33yhYo-pU

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
Passcode: 7243 (rage)
In Generations, Objective: Gathering
In 4U, Target: Fishing
In 3U, Help! A, Lobby 9

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>XX balance will be worse than Gen
>still no real endgame
>one monster will dominate for weapons and sets again
MH5 when?

5 hours

What the fuck I just bought Gen like 2 weeks ago, how long till it comes to the west?

To DB anons, do you like the spin attack?

I like it. I also like people who keep bitching about it.


5 hours

not even announced yet, more than half a year most likely

Just started doing "The Master's Test" right now. The fuck am I supposed to do?

The only part of Apex Diablos that doesn't deflect are his footsies, even with purple sharpness. If I could just pierce him, I swear I'd clear this easily.

MHXX HD at E3 for a worldwide launch later this year
MH5 reveal at TGS
No one knows

Did they forget to scale this lance down? It looks way too fucking big.

Okay that's enough

I liked it in 4U, then gen ruined it along with archdemon mode


I'd transmog my mixed set for MHXX-005 Ballfuck armor

stonex2=no apex

The hilt of the tail is also soft.

I just don't like when spin2win and demon dance spam are the best playstyles
3rd gen felt good about that, as does guild DB

After playing 4U DB 300+ hours, I feel like I stuck to the ground when using 3U DB.

Ive just started high rank on Gen, is it normal for my fights to take a 20-30 minutes?

I was fighting a HR Khezu yesterday and the fight just went on forever.

I prefer the X>X>A in demon mode. It's more stylish, and doesn't move you forward.

Well there's a reason the time limit is 50 minutes.

Get narga set, hidden scythe and speed 1 kinsect, 100% affinity. Solo high rank battles last around 10 mins

I can almost think of the giant robot style that's based on.

Just got MHX, what gender has the best armour sets?

For village quests? Not really. What weapon do you use? Also Khezu is an HP spongey piece of shit.

At the start of High Rank, if you didn't make any end-LR armor, that's not unusual.
If only the game had village High Rank.

So that means you can clownsuit without having to be ugly as fuck?
Hell yeah, that's what I wanted the most in XX.

>not only making sets you like the look of

How it works:
By spending money and materials available for purchase with horns coins, you can fuse two armor pieces into one, with one fodder providing the stats and the other the appearance.
You can of course separate the piece back into its original components again.
It also works on Palico gear.

Skill-wise, there's only a handful of gender exclusive sets, none of which are remotely decent.
Fashion-wise, dress up is for fags.

That's what I've been doing but having both skills and looks is fucking great.


>you can't have both skills and looks

this will spur some people to wear leech-tier skills underneath a decent armor set. that's an insta-kick for me. also sluts ahoy i guess, this is your time to shine.


>If only the game had village High Rank.
but it does

The downsides of transmog
>fullsuiters will shitpost about minmaxers using transmog, using non-arguments like muh purity
>clownsuiters will shitpost about transmog with non-arguments and other senile nonsense relating to the old games
>seriously, mhg will shitpost about everything and the worst part is they take their shitposting very seriously.

so is it work getting x and the translation patch or just waiting for xx?
how does the save transfer work? just use a save data program on your 3ds?

It has like, ten Advanced quests, few of which are useful for farming.

Quests which you cant do if you dont have mid high rank gear

i just cant wait until generations becomes the new 4U and XX becomes the new generations

And nothing of value changes in /mh3g/

Which is a slog to get because there's no village high rank other than advanced quests.


Try multiplayer, it becomes increasingly easy once you find a good party.

>Make the ultimate prowler armor
>Transmog it with Nabil armor
>Join /mhg/ and go to town with Cringespamming



>Sluts in bikini(optional: devil horns and wings)

>XX balance will be worse than Gen
That's both understandable and expected as we're moving into G Rank, and Raw heavy weapons are naturally stronger in G rank.
>Still no real endgame
I'm quite enjoying Generation's endgame.
>One monster will dominate for weapons and sets again
Friend, I think you're confusing High Rank MH games with G rank ones.

>world's strongest can't work with transmog because you don't wear armor pieces
poor cats

What changed the spin and Archdemon mode in Gen?

Can I start the series with XX?

>Capcom might take this opportunity to make even fewer choices for endgame sets since you'll be able to make it look like anything

I feel bad expecting them to take the least effort when making a game, but I've been disappointment before.

You can start with any game. There's nothing stopping you.

>This will spur some people to wear leech-tier skills
It will?
If they can farm a decent armour set, they'd just use that instead of xmogging trash skills onto the good set.
Why wear Tetsucabra gear xmogged as Silver Rathalos gear when you can just wear S. Los gear?

you can start the series with any game

I don't know about spinning, but they removed the damage buff in archdemon.

Also I have Gen but Im too dumb to understand it
Some user recommended to start with MH4U

Mhmm, this will be my favourite meme.
>Remember in Generations how there was no serious grinding, and the Hellblade weapons were consistently good enough that they gave you a starting point to learn the other weapons in the end game?
>Remember when creating the right Prowler actually took skill lol

We need to find the true hero who starts with Felyne Diary.

*Enters your room in transmogged Golden Lune set*

He's implying they would use armor that gets things like Carving God and Fate and try to use transmog to cover it up.
Probably wouldn't happen, as even some randoms have picked up the habit of cheking skills.

>That hair colour
Shit taste. You wasted Best Girl's genes.

We did it frontierbros!

I don't even know what game it's from.

What does transmog mean?


"You can have your cake and eat it" solution to having both skills and aesthetics. This upsets fullsuiters and clownsuiters because they think skills and aesthetics are like american politics.

Sweet, thanks

>american politics
>shitlibs and cuckservatives don't go at it in every country


>Frontier's system is fashion slots, not merging two pieces of armor
>And it only costs parts to create the decorative piece, no money to apply or take off

All we need to know now is how much it will cost to change the look of a set.

I do.

I hate going back to 4U because Gen has spoiled me with the special button -> immediately spin in Demon Mode addition. Waaay better for building demon gauge.

>Transmog Chakra Armor into your ultimate set
>Naked run
God bless

>inb4 the transmog is for lobbies only

Ahh, je comprende. Merci, cucks!

Games are meant for entertainment!

>tfw transmog just leaves you asking yourself what armor you like the look of most

Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Since we're on a roll, AI hunters when?

archdemon lost damage buff, you can now spin from standstill in demon mode, therefore making archdemon even more useless

Now that's the real problem


As a Huntress, no questions.

Money and some number of items purchased with Horns Coins, which are obtained by doing G rank quests.

>frountier cucks this mad

Ditto. Maybe Nogre.

>We finally get transmog
>it comes in the game I have absolutely no desire to play

well this had better fucking become standard in future titles

any word from hong kong or was it a ruse

That's the point, we're on a roll here copying frontier. AI hunters when?


Why of course



how can you be so sure

They better let us transmog weapons too.

The coins are what I'm mostly concerned with.

One or two quests per piece?
Or some awful amount that'll lead to every quest posted in a random room to be some form of quest for Horn coins.

>some awful amount that'll lead to every quest posted in a random room to be some form of quest for Horn coins.
What do you think?