Why don't we all combine our assets into one really big Veeky Forums fund and use that collective capital to invest...

Why don't we all combine our assets into one really big Veeky Forums fund and use that collective capital to invest into penny stocks?
We could be billionaires!

Ok, I'll manage it.

t. user

^ trust him, he is good guy

trips confirm he can be trusted with our money

Perhaps if there were some platform where we could compare portfolios and performance you could select the top traders to manage it or something.


no need to combine funds. Pick a penny and spam that shit across the boards. Those who know will do it

is this charity tax deductible?

>short term crypto and earnings hedge fund
I wonder why stuff like this doesn't already exist? Gambling is a huge industry, why can't yolo funds?

I think this is gonna make me rich not even memeing.

I'm a doctor and can confirm this

That's settled then, the fund will bear the name of FYPM Inc. (FuckYouPayMe Incorporated).

The paypal account will be made public shortly, following the next few days.

Good God we are really going to meme this into reality.

Just set up a DAO, senpai.

This time last year there was a pretty booming biz group for paper trading.

This is either the best investment I will make or the worst

cant wait to see how this fails

This better be happening.

Alright lads, let's gets RVNA to Uranus!
It's dirt cheap.


Only quints can manage our funds.

lets get this started goys

If /biz all picked a time and date to collectively pump a lesser stock, do we have the power to make a change?

If we have enough people we can make it go rocket.

We can become a private financial institution if we can

Fuck Goldman Sachs

We Jew now

888 is the lucky number in China.

I think Veeky Forums needs to not focus on directly affecting the market, but making memes that affect the market

This is legit the worse idea I've ever heard I make money off you losers


What happened to the guy last year who put 500 into a robinhood account and let /biz pick the trades?

pretty sure r/wallstreetbets is doing that, but with only 100 bucks

thanks mr goldber- I mean user

I'd be willing to throw couple grand into this. Post the paypal when its up

My dad works at Nintendo. I can confirm this guy is trustworthy

RNVA baby, dump all funds into that.