What's the best sport betting site in the US??

What's the best sport betting site in the US??

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I think Bovada is the only option for americans since it's based on one of those carribean islands. US law prohibits online betting due to some money transfer across state lines rule. Lel, enjoy your freedoms



This is the only correct answer.

If you win you can get your money off the site in seconds



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Red pill me on spreads how tf they work

Is this legit? Patriots over Texans is a sure thing I would go all in

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15.5 point spread.

The pats are good, but i wouldnt bet on a spread that large unless the browns were playing.

Bookmaker. Been around longer than Microsoft. Quick payouts. Won't boot winners.

So this means they have to win by 14 or more to win the bet?

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no one makes money gambling. The ones that say they do will tell everyone about their big wins, but don't say a word when they lose (which is often).

You can either bet moneyline or spread. The best strategy is spread. In either case, it's a fixed game. Vegas is very very very good at what they do. They built the city on the millions of people who thought they could beat the oddsmakers.

But hey maybe you'll be the 1% that can make a profit.

Spreads are giving the favorite a point advantage.

Lets say Patriots are playing the Jaguars. The spread will likely be +14 for the patriots.

So if you pick Patriots they have to win by more than 14 points for you to win the bet. If you pick Jaguars then as long as the Patriots don't beat the Jaguars by more than 13 points, you win the bet.

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Except poker.

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True, poker is a little better. I'd say the top 10% to 20% can make a decent living.

But even among poker heads, I'd say only about 2% or 3% are really making it.

Besides, you have to grind, and rely on taking idiots money.


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I've been using 5Dimes to bet on UFC fights.
You have to deposit a minimum of $50 USD to your account.


been on it about a year now, reliable site

Do you live in the us