How fucked is a 30 y.o. with $50,000 in student debt and a degree in English?

How fucked is a 30 y.o. with $50,000 in student debt and a degree in English?

Asking for a friend.

i would tell your "friend" to buy a nice pair of "knee pads"

Stop making excuses and go get a job in sales

all joking aside, you can make good money teaching english abroad. mainly in developed asian countries.

u dun goofed

How does it cost 50k for an English degree?

Honestly is a degree in English good?

English degree


>make good money teaching english abroad

not really though. money, sure. good money... nah, not by any adult standards which you should have by the tim you are 30.

Guy, ffs. I'll curse you out and everyone that keeps posting this shit. Degrees are only worth what you put into them. Fuck, make that degree work for you. I meet people who have degrees from all different areas of study. Just because you have a degree in English doesn't mean you can't work in another field. It doesn't make you any less of entrepreneur. If you have to ask how to make money, then you really don't deserve it.

Head Engineer at work has a degree in biology or something. We make shit out of metal.

this is so true it's almost a meme.
I've met several biologists working in mining and water treatment labs.

I'd suggest practicing what are known as "throat kegels" for better employment options.

If you have >100k in assets, you're better off than me. Plus we don't know how much you earn

Econ major here

Can't you just go into marketing or law or something?

This. There are always jobs that require knowledge of english/spelling/grammar but within the business community. Unfortunately they never have a banner for lib majors as a title.

It's what I'm doing and I have an English major. It's not bad, but of course you can't be an autist.

Move to Japan and become an english teacher like any other weeaboo neet with a shitty degree

Im 29 and I just started school, and Im majoring in English.
I just enjoy English. I love how mellifluous it can be, and I think how incredible it must feel to put pen to paper and write a goddamn book.

>29 and I just started school
>just started school
mistake 1
>majoring in English
mistake 2
>put pen to paper and write a goddamn book
>put pen to paper
mistake 3
>write a goddamn book
mistake 4

how are you guys not shitting yourselves when doing this kind of shit?

im 21, almost got a degree and currently work in private bank.
still feel like a failure and i shit myself for my future almost everyday

why would you go into debt for a english degree? i mean FUCK

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

The question you should have asked yourself is not "what is the best time to do A, now or later?". The question you should have asked yourself is "what is my best option out of {A,B,C,D,..} at this moment.

However, if you feel that going back to school for an English major was the option that will make you the happiest in the long run, then by all means my best wishes. I'm just shitposting because I'm bored and nothing I say should be taken serious.

Reading this post makes me feel much better with being only a 26 y/o with 35k in debt and no degree

Your friend should An Hero before it gets any worse.

Get a real estate license.

Not at all. This "friend" of yours should move to Japan and make a living teaching qt3.14 Asian girls how to into English.

This is why I both want to and am terrified of going back to school. Only 26 though, and it'd probably be for applied physics, CE/EE or something though, not English.

why not just become a teacher?

>Only 26 though
same here. Going to school for botany, want to start a worm casting farm.kek