At a red light

>at a red light
>turns green
>guy behind starts honking .1 seconds after its been green

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>faggot makes another dumb

get off your phone, it's probably been green for 5 sec

if the guy in front of me doesnt start moving 3 sec after green i honk at him

If 20 people sit around with their fucking thumb up their dick at the light, That's a whole fucking light cycle wasted. Wake the fuck up. If you can't get it in gear as fast as an automatic you shouldn't be driving a fucking manual.

3 seconds is too much. Now I bet your going to get all pissy when I have to do the honking for you.

>be me
>riding skateboard to class from parking garage
>at a crosswalk, no intersection but there is a left turn lane
>saudi kid in his C63 is waiting before the light turns red so he can make a u turn
>he has a clear four second to make the turn no problem
>light turns red
>he guns it
>people already in the crosswalk
>directly in his path
>stop and wait while he's trying to make his turn
>look him in the eyes
>he throws his arms up
>just stand there
>he blares his horn
>stand there some more
>play the waiting game until he gets out of his car to threaten me
Just because you're a prince in your shit hole country doesn't mean that bullshit like that flies anywhere else.

>at red light
>guy behind starts honking before it turns green

You should be treating the lights like a Christmas tree and be pre staging your shit. Git gud. Technically when the other light turns red you should be starting to roll slightly, looking for cars and be ready to put the hammer down.

>Old lady leaving grocery store
>Takes 5 minutes to back out of her spot in a empty lot

i puprosely stall my car when people do that

>bench racers the post

>not just doing

He would probably get so mad and blow up on you

>guy behind starts honking .1 seconds after its been green
You lost track of time so it was more like 3 to 5 seconds. In driving experience across 2 decades, I only hear people honk after at least 3 to 5 seconds.

>light turns red at crosswalk
Some of the Homeless people here walk across the street even if it is red against them. They force traffic to stop. I see that happen frequently. It is annoying how they make cars wait. I wonder if they are trying to do a "you hit me" scam.

Might very well be. I know here stuff like what happened to me is pretty common so I figure that if I got hit he (or his oil rich dad) can pay my tuition but I don't go out of my way to get hit. Sometimes it's just out of stubbornness

It crossed my mind but then I'd probably lose my skateboard

I love when I see cucks stopped at a red light slowly inch forward, while the other light is still solid green. Eventually they get right underneath the fucking lights, can't see it when it turns green, and end up taking a couple seconds to realize it and drive off.

This was staged. That's a dealer car that was already scheduled for a windshield change for some reason(loose seals I think) and the dealer setup this video to "go viral", lel.

>at a light
>guy in a new BMW next to me with a license plate that says "NYC" and I light turns green
>cars ahead of him start moving
>lays on the horn before the car in front of the car in front of him even fucking moves
>proceeds to do 50 in a 35 next to a neighborhood/park passing cars in the bicycle lane


>be me
>see this thread
>this is the 7th time i've seen this thread
>start posting pictures of jets



>thumb up their dick
Wha? How is that even? What in the name? Do you have tiny thumbs? Is it some kind of genetic condition? You are SO brave talking about it on /Veeky Forums/...

I like that idea

Яeporting for duтy.



ok i'm gonna go play violent videojamez

>light turns green
>red light runner zips across intersection
>stop for 2 seconds to praise allah and make sure the coast is clear
>get honked at
Literally happened a week ago

>ywn drop ASMs on innocent civilians
why even live

people from New York don't even wait one second, even when they are far from the city, because asshole.

>riding skateboard
Ol' Ahmed should've run your ass down for the betterment of mankind.

>At red light
>In left turn lane
>Glance at beat-up panel van to my right
>Neckbeard driver doing something on his phone
>Look closer
>He's shitposting on Veeky Forums
>Light turns green but arrow doesn't
>He doesn't notice green light
>Lady behind him honks
>He screams, flails his hands, loses control of his phone
>Stomps on gas and completely loses control as van drunkenly galumphs diagonally across intersection into telelelelophone pole
Shitposting on Veeky Forums. Not even once.

(This message brought to you by the league of Concerned Urban No-Texters)

why does everyone wait for the car in front of them to go. If we made rear-ending someone the fault of the car in front and everyone waiting at the light hit the gas and went as soon as it turned green, we would all be at work a lot faster.

I fuckin hate poor people.

>on expressway
>light is green
>turns yellow
>"oh cool I have at least 3 seconds to make it through the light :)
>car in front of me fully brakes, stops 20+ feet before crosswalk
>I was driving my sister to her friend's house and thought it would be a good time to check my phone for directions
>hard right, full brake, release brake and use momentum to pull a hard left in an "S" shape
>4wd jeep shitbox saved my life
Fucking people man. Happened today.

That's when I "stall" my car. Have fun sitting here for more green lights.

Yeah but it's not like the road is prepped, so I stopped that after I blew through a set of tires in a week

>A/R receptacle open like a fucking slut

Because following distance

>I fuckin hate poor people.
You mean you hate "low quality" selfish drivers. Those kinds of people exist rich or poor. They consistently make the driving experience significantly worse for everyone.

>light turns yellow with car in front of me
>continuing at full speed expecting to run yellow/red light
>begin to browse smartphone touch screen maps
>nearly end up in collision with driver who obeyed state law

Unfortunately for those who consider yellow as the speed up light, I tend to slow down and stop per state law. So if you depend on racing through the red as so many do, you'll be unhappy with me. I got a red light citation once because I went when it was yellow. As those things go, if any part of the car is still in the intersection when the light is red, that is a ticket. Because of that ticket, I usually slow and stop when it turns yellow.

lel people that do this are always way too slow.
>sitting at stop light
>car next to me inches forward a foot then waits 10 seconds then inches forward a foot then waits ten seconds then inches forward a foot then waits ten seconds
>they see the other light turn yellow and inch forward some more
>they're halfway into the intersection now
>they don't know the light cycle. we don't get the green next. it's the left turn arrows now lol
>he inches forward a little more
>he's unprepared when it finally turns green and takes off late and slow af

Fucking this. Heaps of people in Melbourne inch forwards, none of them take off quickly. Why bother if you're not saving any time?

Fuck New York, what a hellhole

welcome to Puerto Rico.

Everyone creeps.

At least 5 cars run every red light every time.

You have to be rolling into the intersection before the light turns green.

Passing on exit/on ramps is common and expected.

never drain the free space in front of you. That's your platform for potential maneuvers.

When you take off, it should be from the point you stopped at.

This is essential for managing a clean driving profile with smooth entry curves - facilitating a smoother ride into higher gear, and better fuel economy.

Thank you for reading.

>At work this morning
>Have to unload truck
>Truck is turning into parking garage entrance
>Truck is going slow trying to because garage is about 13'9" and truck is 13'6"
>Lady pulls up behind truck while it is trying to pull in
>I turn to co-worker
>"Hey Steve I bet you this lady is going to sta-

Why do people think driving a truck is so easy?

>why does everyone wait for the car in front of them to go.
At lights, particularly the short time length left turn signal, I leave a big gap to the car in front of me. The gap is proportional to the number of cars in front of me. When the light turns green, it takes time for the cars in front to start moving. This is the hysteresis time. I cure that for the cars behind me by starting to creep forward. By the time the car directly in front of me starts to move, a lot of the cars in back of me are already rolling forward.

By doing this trick, more cars make it through the turn signal because their hysteresis time was eliminated.

>Tfw drive 50cc scooter
>Soccer moms in their 14L SUVs honk at me
>Drive slower

Some assholes try to get people to rear end them at lights

>what did he mean by this

>At red light
>Making a right turn into traffic that's heading the same direction
>Fucking horrified to go unless I have at least a quarter mile of distance to spare
Every time

I've hit several homeless people/nigs because of that. Just drive off on them, what are they gonna do?

>turning onto main road
>wagon boot full of stuff
>car doesn't even have power at the best of times
>pass on a gap that's too small
>guy starts honking

tough shit

>browsing on your phone while passing an intersection at full speed on yellow in traffic
>lacks self-awareness to the point he complains about someone else in this situation
Don't reproduce.

>at red light
>turns green
>we start to go
>probably moving at about 10mph
>faggot in front of me slams on their brakes
>I was turning right
>hit their bumper
>fat faggot gets out of passenger side
>"did you even see me"
>of fucking course I saw you faggot, you braked for a green light
>driver starts spazzing out
>like literally convulsing
>they call the police
>regular cops show up
>say they're out of jurisdiction and have to call highway patrol
>here we fucking go
>fat faggots demand they call an ambulance for the driver who """can't move"""
>she is literally like vibrating in place
>clearly fake as fuck
>cops come up and start lecturing me about some bullshit even though they literally brake checked me as we were accelerating from a green light
>after they take the fat bitch away the other passengers don't even seem to care
>one is literally walking their dog around the parking lot
>really makes you think
>apparently the man who got out of the car and walked up to me on his own and said "did you even see me" is fucking """"BLIND""""
>say to the police that they're obviously just trying to scam me
>the bitch highway patrol has the nerve to fucking say to me "everybody processes things different"
>bitch are you fucking serious? They clearly don't give a shit that their friend just got taken to the hospital
>I get a $167 ticket with ""$1700"" in property damage listed for denting the bumper of their 1998 Camry

Happened to me yesterday, I am going to do everything in my power to fuck these assholes up. I'm definitely going to contest the ticket.
I fucking hate fat people, they all need to be euthanized.

if they're fat, there is a high likelihood they are mentally ill and perceive the world in a way that is so alien to the rest of us that we can only imagine the delusion that happens in their every day lives. These people will run a red light, cause an accident and then say "You should have seen me! I was laying on my horn!". They will blame everyone but themselves for their actions because they do it with every meal, every action and with every person they encounter.

>he got outsmarted and scammed by bunch of fatsos in a shitbox

> $1700 for a bumper on a shitbox
Damn user. Shit like that really makes you think about getting a dash cam. Sucks you didn't have a witness in the passenger seat.
>You just paid for 680 double cheese burgers at mcdonalds
>That might last their fat asses a week

You have not driven much in major cities. I can promise you, they do honk less than a second from change

>not doing a sick ollie onto his hood then fakie tre flipping off

>Light is yellow

Puertoricans are the best.

>at light
>light turns green
>my freind shrieks, startling the biker at the light next to us
>he misses the clutch with his foot and falls over onto the pavement in the middle of the road
>catches up to us 10 seconds later waving a gun and screaming through his fucked up rotten teeth
>runs us off the road
>totals my car

>not triple flipping off a bird feeder before landing in his lap and telling him to pucker up before proceeding to give him a huge fucking kiss on the mouth and then jettisoning away

>he doesn't have a dash cam

>Someone on a bike points a gun at you while you are in your car with the engine running
>Not just running them down
>Somehow letting them run you off the road

How do they handle fender benders? Here in Australia every little tap is this big ordeal and you have to fuck around with insurance details and threats of lawyers and real anger. Meanwhile when I was in Turkey it was wonderful. Some moron hits your car, you swear at him, he swears at you and then you both just get on with your lives.

I can deal with insane traffic as long as people are relaxed about the inevitable consequences.

He was a meth head, they are extremely powerful.

My biggest pet peeves:

- driver in front of me not pulling into intersection so they can prepare to turn left on green

- driver in right lane on freeway going 65 behind another vehicle sees me coming up in the left lane (going 80) and decides to get over into the left lane at the last second, forcing me to hit the brakes, then takes 2 minutes to pass that one car they were behind

- the last one but with a commercial truck and it takes even longer for them to pass

- people who drive in the left lane on a freeway and go 65

- people who do that but also wait until 500 feet before their exit to hit their brakes, put on their blinker, then try to go over 2+ lanes to reach the exit

- in traffic, people who stay right on my bumper, then nearly hit me while trying to get around me just so they can advance by one car as if it's actually going to get them somewhere faster

- drivers who see a traffic light change to orange and slam on their brakes, even if they would have easily made it before it changed to red. This is actually a big problem with red light cameras; they've taught people to do shit like this.

- driver who pulls out in front of me, forcing me to hit my brakes, then drives 45 in a 55, and swerves all over the place. I can see them messing with their phone or something. Then they need to turn after half a mile.

- dump truck drivers who overload or don't properly cover their trucks and spew rocks and dirt everywhere, hitting me even if there are cars between us or I'm not even in the same lane

Most of my frustrations are caused by people driving slowly in the left lane of a freeway.

It's real nice not having the equivalent of America's "don't pass on the right" law. Someone going slow in the central lane? Just fucking pass them.

>At red light.
>Leads to ramp onto bypass which gives you a great view over the town and the valley.
>Pretend it's a catapault and I'm in a giant robot about to launch
>Throtltle down and swtich gears as quickly as I can until I'm pushing 70mph in a few seconds.

Germany has it and it is more strictly enforced there. "Don't pass on the right" is about as well enforced in most states as "left lane is for passing"

which is to say, not at all

>Not crashing him with your mecha.

>Throtltle down
Throttle up
Pedal down
fuck's sake

Then why do burgers get all autistic about it all the time?

i did the same thing back a year ago when i was still on my chinese 2 stroke shitter. i dont get how some countries think its safe to mix 45km/h scooters with cars on roads.

I have no idea what you're talking about

t. burger

>innocent civilians