BMW engines sound like shi-

BMW engines sound like shi-

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damn bose really stepped their game up huh.....


>no V12 + manual gearbox option




they gave it the right nose, and to be honest that was the biggest thing I wanted out of a new 8 series since the E31

Fucking this. If it had the V12, at least it could scream. At best, this thing's trying to imitate muh V8 burble, but can't even compete against the next nearest German competitor (MB 6.2L M156).

Doesn't sound too bad for a modern turbo engine, but what's with the excessive pops and crackles?

>mclaren f1

>nearest German competitor (MB 6.2L M156)
That engine's gone though, Mercedes AMG have fallen for the 4.0 twin turbo V8 meme as well.

That sounds like asshole.

they dont want the refuges to get homesick
I guess that europeans are boyracers because many European cars get retarded exhaust while Americans and Lexus are confident in the sound of a crossplane v8

I closed my eyes to listen. At idle it sounds like a fucking tractor. It's shit.

That was awful


whose asshole are you listening to


Don't remind me.

M8! M8! I can't afford it but I'm gonna shitpost about it. M8!

Looks like a mustang from the thumbnail

sounds like it's about to fall apart.


They do sound like shit which is why BMW installs a separate fake engine noise module to mask it. What fags.

Fucks going on with the back end, there? Shit.

I think it's because modern turbo engines sound like shit so manufacturers have to add the crackling sounds to make them sound more exciting. The Americans and Lexus still have naturally aspirated or supercharged engines in their performance cars for now so that isn't a problem.

meanwhile, what a proper American V8 sounds like.

here comes the yuropoor buttmad and tales of boats.

That's an awful recording.


t. assmad daimler fangirl

Have you heard one irl? The M156 sounds like wet farts

Boomers don't have good cameras so it's hard to find proper sounds.

The only correct answer for a proper-sounding American V8

Still waiting for you to post something not shit.