BMW E46 323i or nah?

Alright Veeky Forums, I've got a guy who wants to trade me a '99 E46 323i for my current car. I've been looking specifically for a nice E36 somewhere, but it's impossible and I'm too poor to afford even a good condition 325i. I was looking at these cars online, and they don't seem bad, but I just don't really feel the front grill? I like the bigger and more squared grills of the E36, but I'm still tempted to take the E46. Are these cars any good? Do you guys have any pictures that actually make them look flattering? I already know that they aren't the fastest, but right now, I'm looking for something cool and comfy to drive that I can tune and fuck with on the side whenever I get money.

tl;dr Is the E46 323i worth? Got any sexy pictures of 'em?

And yes, I know all the stigma that comes with driving a BMW. I don't personally really care.

its a base model 3 series

the fact that you are too poor for a 325i so youre settling for a 323i is pathetic

stick to a nonluxury car

the stigma is being a Poorfaggot that can't afford it.

nigga can u afford the upkeep

Are you getting an automatic?

Yes. I don't have money right NOW. I'm getting a good paying job and this landed in my lap prior to that. Money isn't an issue. It's the fact that I can't find a 325i or anything similar anywhere near here that isn't garbage.

No. It's manual. If it were automatic, I wouldn't go for it.

I'm merely asking if they're good cars.

Id get it if the coolant has been fixed recently and any known problems have been taken care of

Honestly its still a fun car even if its le poor man 3 series

And no, I don't have sexy pictures of them

Damn that Alpina is rad

>Alpina 850CSI
>57 made
>go for $300k

even 325 is worthless.
Don't they're cheap trash.
Only bmw's worth shit are m series.

thats pretty much it bmw's are poorfag cars.
Audis are poorfag cunt cars.
Buying both cars mentioned in OP and an audi a4 quattro would set you back around 3.5 -4 grand.


OP here. It honestly beats my current car, though. He wants to trade it for my 240 that I'm sick of driving. He's looking for something to dorifto in and I just want something comfier, not too pricey and cool that I can fuck with.

And I like BMWs, sooooo.

Get an e30.

I like E30s, but I'd like something at least a little bit more reliable. Lmao.

E30s are stupid reliable. old car doesn't exactly mean its not reliable

E46's are actually less reliable due to all the electronic garbage that comes with it.

I mean, I believe you. I've heard nothing but good things from folks with E30s. I think it's just my personal preference at this point for something a little more comfii with the electronic stuff. That's just me, though.

The 323i and the 328i are the earlier models, when they went over to the newer M54 engines they were replaced with the 325i and 330i respectively. The 323i and 325i were never sold alongside each other, so you clearly know nothing about BMWs since there was also the 316i, 318i, 318d, 320i, and 320d below the 323i.

OP - E46s are getting on a bit now but are generally pretty good. Watch for rust on the front arches (no big deal, whole panel is very easy to replace and cheap) and the rear arches as there is a lip where dirt and shit gets caught. That, and cooling systems. Easy to replace, but don't let them overheat.

No it s a piece of shit like most bmws. Search for e39 the only one worth your time and money. Here e36 and e49 is the oficial dindu car.

E46 is a fun car and don't let all these fags scare you. If you can turn a wrench it isn't an expensive car at all. Bmw sold millions parts are everywhere.

No it's not worth it. Save you money until you can afford the car you want.