Which car company has the most obnoxious fanbase?

Which car company has the most obnoxious fanbase?



I don't even have a problem with Tesla but the fan base is beyond autistic.


BMW, they can rationalize anything



>It's not a reliability issue, it's expected service because it happened to everyone before you
>never mind it isn't in the service manual, but yeah it's comparable to top end jobs on two strokes, it's the price you pay for performance
>BMW doesn't build their cars to fail out of warranty, they just made a mistake, but when you do this and that repair DO NOT USE THE ORIGINAL BMW PART IT'LL FAIL WITHIN (WARRANTY MILES) AGAIN

Same with porsche really

V-Tec cunts

That's why we keep them in their confined threads.


assmad ICE cucks spotted

>Fake sound vents increase each year to inject mp3 car sounds

Yea actually it's because BMW soundproofing is so good, so you can't hear the engine anymore


Everyone is doing it, so that's why BMW does it, to copy everyone else, they don't want to be the only one not injecting fake noise

Subaru in Burgerland

Either vape faggots with dinner plates in their earlobes and/or turbo bulldykes

>Subaru in Burgerland

BMW drivers are pricks because they don't use turn signals



Smug sense of superiority combined with a cult-like following.

"Hey, my hundred thousand car doesn't use any gasoline! It runs on electricity! I have no carbon footprint! Why don't you trade in your car for a hundred thousand dollar Tesla? The government will give you a rebate paid with the money of ICE fossil drivers."


>The government will give you a rebate paid with the money of ICE fossil drivers.
ICE cuckholds cucked again

Those are the cringiest plates

das raycis

GM fangirls still crying

GT-R isn't a company, you double digit IQ possessing retard.

>ride in a friends bmw
>he drives like a dick


>Those are the cringiest plates
There were many to choose from.

I actually want a BMW as my next car (M240i or slightly used 1M if possible) but I'm afraid it'll turn me into a douchebag.

>proving his point

The cars themselves aren't that bad. Overpriced, sure, but not bad by any measure.
But the people that buy them are almost as awful as cyclists.

Ferrari. BMW is bad, but nothing beats the pure brianwashing of a car company that forces you to buy its cheaper models to qualify for halo cars.

You're an idiot.

This. And all they do is toot around in their fart cans around town


You're lacking in intelligence and are unskilled in reading.

Do it. Don't let bus riders turn your dreams into memes.

Ass blasted

Nissan. Especially Z drivers. Specifically Z31 drivers who think their vg30 single cam engine can handle 450hp of boos on stock internals.

Shit. Well I guess I'll just burn that MBA above my desk. Thanks user.

or just slow as shit normies

Tesla without a doubt.

Cars perform great and looks good, but the fans are just cringy as fuck.

Why is BMW literally the only brand being bashed for injecting engine noise in the cabin?
Porsche, Audi, Ford, VW, Toyota does this as well
And other manufacturers I am sure too.
Just because your 90's Corolla has no sound injection doesn't mean it is the better car

>MFW people actually willingly pay money to the government each year to keep those plates

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, case and point on display.

Alleging that the Cayman does it and therefore Porsches do it is quite pathetic of you.


You have to show your thought process

Not even a BMW fanboy, you still did not answer why?
The sound enhancement is not featured in all BMW's too, what is your point?

You know, it's bullshit that I get lumped in with these stereotypes. I've had my sti for 10 years now. I started vaping in 2010.

cant lie that one is pretty good

whatever youtube vloggers drive(usually gtr or brz)

In order, and with reasoning;

VTAK YO. My $3k Civic from the 90s is a sports car, it's MANUAL, like a REAL RACE CAR. muh Type-R. Fart cannons.

Yuropooean Hondafaggots. Less fart cannons, more vape'n'scrape. muh GTI Clubsport.

Leased A3s, frequently referred to in the company of others as "my Audi". Something something Super Bowl ad.

Vapers and lesbians.

Niggers, driftniggers and JDMniggers. Bus cucks masturbating over GT-Rs.

See; Audi. There's just less of them now.

General Motors

Case in point.

When it comes to truggs its Chevy/GMC fanbois that are considered the worst.

Lmao (((sound enhancement)))

>Not a BMW shill

Gas yourself

AMG Mercedes

Special mention to arabs and other nouveau riche fags that buy Ferraris for status symbols.

>Most based fanbase
Alfa Romeo
Classic car owners

Nice meme

Ferrari does that to stop arabs faggots from buying their cars

They cant turn away people they dont want to sell to, but they can have their flagship models only be available to previous customers and collectors they know arent total faggots.

Compare how many wrapped aventadors and huracans you see with how many modified F12s and you'll get it.

Ferrari are super super super careful about their image and pedigree, they made the california specifically as a buffer against faggot first time nouveau riche ferrari owners ruining their brand reputation


These fuckers

>fanbase includes weebs, people who virtue signal, and people completely uninterested in cars


Subaru and it's not even close

>used 1m
Keep dreaming dead beat

Its like Vegans with cars.

youre that poor mate?

>all the plates referencing no oil or petrol.

What do they think their tires and plastics are made of? Unicorn shit?

Toyota off road people

>Alfa Romeo
It's the fan base that constantly shills their FWD shitboxes at all costs AKA mjet, very based fanbase lmfao

tie between nissan fanboys and rotards

I'm 100% sure the Giulia is RWD or AWD you demented faggot

t. GM fangirl

None of the fanboys have ever driven or will ever own a Giulia within the next 5 - 10 years.

lifted diesel pickups

They are stuck in 2007 with muh bro hoes yo

That's gonna be a tie between Subaru and Mazda.

Fucking hell this.
My girlfriend wants a Model S because "muh environment!".
Not only does it cost more than our fucking house, but she don't even want to drive it herself, because it's too big.


Wait? What brand do you have to buy to not be considered as a obnoxius faggot fan by Veeky Forums?

The bus

>women are irrational, senseless and emotional
How long did it take you to figure that one out, champ?

>Not only does it cost more than our fucking house
Where in the fuck do you live where you can buy a house for less than $100k? Median house price is >$1M where I live.

My house: 1.000.000DKR (~$160.000)
Tesla S P100D 1.200.000DKR (~$180.000, gotta love dat 150% car tax).

Came here to post "Diesel Pickups"

So hard to find one that isn't covered in giant stickers, puking black spot everywhere.

Trying to buy one is worse, all modded and you know beaten to shit.

i just bought an M3 about a month ago. I still use turn signals. Do it up familia

I am not gonna lie here.
I would LOVE a Tesla Roadster.

>No other tesla fanboy recognises it (is that a lotus?)
>actually fast
>no bullshit ipads on the dashboard
>almost no driving assists

It is the single electric car I would ever get if I had the money.

Whoa what is that sexy thing on the far left?

Oh fuck that kid

balt here.
BMW guys aren't that bad they're just ridiculously common and unless you have an m3 or a race build bmw you're a normie poorfag. literally 90% of cars in the street race scene are bimmers and all they do is drag races and rev their engines.

Audi is worst by far, the cunts that drove bimmers moved to audi and all audi drivers dropped out of middle school and got some 400eur quattro and think they're hot shit.
Unlike bimmer audis are trash too.
Then bmw audi and porsche suv drivers who think they're worth shit.

You pay 180.000 for a fucking Tesla, but 160.000 for a house? I always thought Denmark was a first world country, where it's the other way around usually.

that is some cheap house, is that poor area or 160,000 buy decent place there ?

there is no house available under 250,000 where I live.

124km^2 in a quiet boomer neighbourhood. Needed a light touch up, but nothing serious.
Got 35km to the second largest town in the country.

And our car prices are ridiculous in general.

The 150% car tax is what makes the Tesla so expensive.

The government spends that car tax on improving the environment, high minimum wage, free schooling and affordable healthcare so that everyone gets to enjoy their day.

The Tesla fags here are all fanboys who don't even own the goddamn car.
Talked to guy who wanted one and he talked like it was some holy stone or someshit and gasped when he saw mine
Jesus fucking christ man

>minimum wage
There is no state guaranteed minimum wage in Denmark. And our school and healthcare system is shit compared to other countries with lower taxes.

Oh, and improving the environment?
Every single initiative for improvement are taxed to hell and back.

Buy the fucking 60 or 75D version then

>driving my mom to the grocery store
>BMW in front fails to use his indicator
>sigh and shake my head
>mom's like "Maybe he ran out of blinker fluid."
>chuckle heartily

I'd still go with Tesla. The arrogant smugness, looking down on my for driving a small, efficient, used and light car, completely disregarding the conditions under which their Lithium is mined for and that the batteries need to be replaced frequently and can't be recycled and that they're driving mostly on coal or nuclear power and that the pigfat Tesla needs twice the energy to get and keep moving. Also bragging about 0-60 times while acting like they're saving the planet.

Oh, it seems that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I've been on a trip to Denmark before with the car. And your roads are very nice, was pretty clean everywhere, the people seemed happy and no poverty feel unlike Brussels/antwerpen or Paris,. I assumed that all these taxes were used in a good way.

Btw from the Netherlands here. We pay some taxes on our cars too, and in return we got these really nice highways and other roads.

>There is no state guaranteed minimum wage in Denmark.
I think union minimum wage levels are common in Nordic countries.

Yeah, but there is practically nothing stopping companies from hiring foreigners at a much lower rate as long as they are not in a union.

Of course, there is factors like quality of work, and the political shitstorms that it usually causes.

Volvo maybe?

Where the did audi driver outrace you?
Poor thing.

Explain yourself, fagget

Another balt here, agree on most points, Audi drivers act like BMW drivers on roads except their car hasn't got the potential like a BMW so it's funny watching them trying to outrun BMWs at all costs or sometimes trying to do a skid (which it can't)

I want to like Tesla, but thanks to Elon and his fans, doing so implies that I have to shed all traditional notions of cars and car culture. I would love to own one along with old landyachts, but apparently I need to stop being a hick and embrace the future, because those old boats are too dangerous and destructive to be kept alive and driven on public roads.
No other fanbase has ruined a car so much for me; I just can't separate the two

Not everybody that drives a diesel Dodge is part of the obnoxious fanbase, but the idiots that are go all out.

Every generic Dodge bro dozer around here includes
>Tow mirrors out, pulling nothing but a ghost trailer
>Stacks with soot stains
>Low profile 'offroad' tires on a ludicrously tall show lift
>Tap out, Monster Energy stickers on window next to a sticker for whatever shop cucked them into spending a bunch of money and then got to advertise on their customers vehicle
>'Id rather be Cummin than Strokin', 'Real trucks Don't have spark plugs' or ' Dodge the father Ram the daughter' bumper sticker
>Poorly aimed HID headlights
>LED light bars everywhere
>Run flat out between stop lights to make as much noise and smoke as possible, followed by a 180 shoulder check to both sides to see who's offended.

It's like they have legitimately confused being a douchebag to everyone, for no reason with what it means to be masculine.