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A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, Veeky Forums club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)

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hello brian

Any interest?

im having a giveaway on IG, i really want to see your guys' cars

ig: empiredecal.jp

Handi tegra

i've ruined my blank canvas with memes and weeb shit..

I did't

>implying I can read Japanese
Thanks anyway Loners Crew!

bunch of nonsense

if you made the background circular and flesh colored, like for a gas cap sticky, I'd buy it.

Here's another cheapy I made. First $5 decal I've made, get it while it's hot.


neat, but do you really need to charge $10 for a 8" Honda Stars diecut?... otherwise i'd cop one

>i really want to see your guys' cars
Let's not play pretend, you could have just asked for pictures of our cars, or simply lurked the thread. What you want is for us to participate in your social media ad campaign for the chance to win a 7-ish dollar sticker. Which is fine, just don't play it off as something it isn't.

I'd buy it

I'd be ok with this, except for the fact I don't fucking use ig, I barely use facebook.

Going to hem them with white thread actually....

White, cause how ever you're stitching that, it's atrocious.

You're not wrong, but...

I'm not pretending, I rarely see my stickers in this general.
Also not all of my customers go on Veeky Forums

>not an arisaka
I'm disappointed

I'm about a 2 hour drive from MKE, but I could've drove down and taunted you with cheap fast food while you ate a depressing airport concourse pretzel :^)

thanks notori, turned up today no issues
t. australia

Like I said, just make a post then. The whole
>lol share this and tag me please
shtick is only relevant for advertising.

Im ALSO doing it to advertise but I also genuinely want to see my stickers on some cars. Just killing two birds with one stone

>Im ALSO doing it to advertise
Well don't.
>Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

did notori decide if he wants to make kuroneko peeks ever again yet?


Small promo going on. If you order the cheese couple and the CC slap I'll include one of the art prints. Only have 3 left.
>WICKEDOSG for 20% off


Anybody ever get told to remove their slaps?

Was pretty fucking scared desu

>attacking board culture on a welsh sheepshaging blogspot
this ain't reddit boy

Yes and no.
I've been told my are a bit too lewd and someone may get offended. Luckily not been told to remove them from my truck. But was told I either have to remove one from my helmet or just not bring it in. So I no longer bring it in.

Lol what slap and for what reason

Oh, you're the military guy from the other thread right?

Yeah, that would suck. I used to be the manager at my old store so no one really could tell me anything unless they reported me to HR. But this is the first time I got pulled over with slaps and got nervous.

Nothing got removed. Just told me to fix one of my taillights.

Yeah, that's me. About to sign out on leave in about an hour and no one can tell me shit.
Honestly with being pulled over I wouldn't be worried. I would politely tell the officer there's nothing saying you can't have those slaps on.
If you see the green meme machine carrying a bike rolling through CO or AZ today, feel free to wave.

Supposedly they block visibility. I've seen a few people on IG post pictures removing slaps.

I spose if you got them on doing that.
Mine are off to the side blocking nothing, as far as windows are concerned.
There may be local laws regarding stuff like that, but I feel like the cop would only say something if they're being a dick.

Went for a long drive plus photoshoot with my buddy.

Where i live you don't even need to see out the rear window, by law you just need 1 mirror on the driver side.

>those trips

Someone did confirm that he was part of th3 shadow govenment. But this new info makes me sure 100%

What did you buy from the faggot.

Top sekrit shit.... shhhhh......

As promised, store will be up today at noon PST.

I will be posting previews of the Galil sticker. It will be a box cut on satin. I might be making a limited edition laminate.

Hachimakis will be up tomorrow if i get my sewing machine working. They'll be hand made and on a made-to-order basis. $7.

Would this make a good sticker?

yeah, I think so

yuno it

the worst part of this is I can't even spoiler this shitty joke
i'll just be leaving now



yuno what it is

I receive a $5 refund from Notori, no notes or anything.


>your BD order from the 6th just shipped out
Jesus, I had just written that shit off as a loss.

Yo does anyone have a post of that one car with the giant vinyl die cut of mugi on the door? I kind of want to get one of Hamakaze but im having trouble finding examples to follow

Fidget spinning rims

Just put them on sale just for you, bb ;)

In all honesty, it's hella expensive to cut your own vinyl since you're consuming materials and spending time weeding everything by hand. I'm super ambitious when I design my stuff, so the weeding process for some of my heavily detailed decals may take upwards of 15-30 minutes to weed successfully.

I didn't want to make any cheap, pick-a-font and type something clever decals, but if that's what you guys what, it's what I gotta make.

tl;dr if you appreciate the designs, please support the creators :)

Stopped at a dennys on my road trip home.
I just watch someone outside stop and take a pic of my truck.
I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Be proud, your autism is famous now.

Ay the shitbox teg is back!

Well first time I actually seen someone take a pic of it.
Normally just get weird looks from the folks driving behind me.
Guess I'll just be the autism awareness truck.

I don't think anyone's ever taken notice of my slaps
Hooray for rural England

Post pics of ur trucc

Which one of you goombas passed me on 75 in the red Acura?

I saw your WAT sticker, I know you're here.

Time to get back into it.

Store opens at 2pm Central Time today!

Oh my yes

o dam son he's alive
Good to have you back

Waifusquad and Backyard dropping at the exact same time

I'm going to be so broke

this one?



Make the sticker if you want to keep your legs

When will Waifusquad open store ; ;




post pics of truck

NeverContent A SHIT! 60 days in, already peeling off. And yes, I did clean the window properly and did not touch the sticky side with my hands. Chances i'll get a replacement?

>buying from the adhesive vinyl jew
tell me you at least used a discount and didn't pay full price.

Someone makes reservoir condoms


it wont let me buy the bepis tho senpai

Fixed, thanks for letting me know!

Fookn hyped. There better be some leftovers when I get home from work tonight.

For the love of god, which vendor has the "every commute is a time trial" slap? I can't find it for the life of me.

Yo fampai
Will safe Galil be for sale tonight?

When BD sends an email saying order complete, does that mean it has shipped?

>Never Content
AHAHAHAH serves you right you double faggot

15 minutes!

Can you make custom color dbt stickers?

What colors are you looking for?


I asked in /dbt/, I'd like something to match the suzuki racing colors, so bright neon yellow top and blue at the bottom.

yeah, I'll work on it and see what I can do

be good to me senpai

Wew thanks yummy.
When's utah ramen meetup? :^)

I thought i had a problem when i dropped $30 on stickers.

Thanks, I didn't know what to do with all my extra money :^)

I was wondering the same

+1 to Impure Thoughts (gave me 2 extra sticks for waiting a long time)

Hey guy with the white miata and the NC stickers from advance auto in central florida I know you're here somewhere

it costs way less than what your charging to cut vinyl and sell it
how do you think everyone else here does it?

there have to be better ways to get a date

My oil change stickies got here today; quicker than I thought, thanks notori.

Sorry to break it to you, but Never Content is normie-tier stickers, highly unlikely that they browse this board let alone this website unless you see something specific to /osg/ like WAT.