If you don't drive an AMG:

If you don't drive an AMG:

1.) You're a poorfag.

2.) You're a BMW Cuck.

3.) Your company gives you an Audi (You get a pass).

Prove me wrong faggots.

You're correct.

Next thread.

i dont have to like what you like

>literal V6 cuck machine

Post your car, thats right you only have a bus pass.

4.) I dont have a drivers license

checkmate benz-boy

I own a superior biturbo inline 6 + manual transmission machine
Merc fags can't into manuals, wannabe luxury keks.

i6 is shit for balance, manual is for boy racers get a motorcycle if you want to go fast.

I can't, well done OP.

1. wrong
2. wrong
3. wrong

I drive a Porsche.

im not arabic or chinese, why would i drive an AMG? Why would i want an AMG?

Continuing the op
4) You're not a middle-aged jew

5) You're not an arab with oil money

6) You don't like autotragic torque-less badgewhore bait

always an exception. C43 was made by the jews, for the middle management

>driving anything but a 6 speed manual Chevy SS
I SERIOUSLY hope you guys don't do this.

>Arguing for AMG
>Posts pic of baby engine AMG
It's like you're not even trying

>insecure small dicked faggot can't attract women any other way
>despserate pussy is worth that price tag
I'm sorry user

>AMG A Class
>AMG C Class

implying AMG is anything other than trash at this point

Mercedes even lobbied to have the engine and turbo design they were working on for 10 years to be the new F1 engine formula so they could finally win a race. Absolutely pathetic

>i6 is shit for balance
>the most balanced engine configuration (along V12) is shit for balance
best alternative car facts only on Veeky Forums

I can't believe that is a thing.
A haldex ''AWD" 4 banger small SUV, the worst of all worlds.

Doesn't fit behind front axles 50/50 balance

How come all BMWs have been 50/50 (or 52/48 at worst) balanced since the 1950's.

Still ruins handling having it in front of the front axles, they do a pretty decent job of balancing it because of this.

hey look at my merc-

I drive economy cars not because I have to; but because my commute in heavy traffic makes driving a nice car look retarded.

It would just get side swiped or rear-ended by Stacy, Linda, Chad or Bubba J.

I like low cost repair bills because the trick to actually being rich is not spending your money.

>buying a modern day "AMG"
Its basically just like S-line by Audi at this point, no real value. Muh bigger wheels, harder suspension and different bumpers.

>i6 in front of the front axles
Not really, pic related.
Audi uses V6's and the whole Audis lineup consists of front heavy engine-ahead-of-axle understeer mobiles

BTW the V6 powered Mercs are not exaxtly well balanced too.
1998 C43 for example is 57/43

Underage, medical condition, revoked, or drive a shitbox illegally which one?

Im not a 40 year old Japanese business man

Even poorfags can lease a C43 AMG here in Germany.
In the first few months of this year Mercedes was pushing them really hard. You could lease a C43 for 380€/month or an C63 for 500€/month without downpayment. They're a bit pricier now but nowhere near as expensive as BMW M or Audi S/RS cars.

CTS-V is also acceptable.

Top-tier cuck.

Holy shit I am a BMW fag but i'd totally lease a C63 for 500 euros per month. gud deal tb h.

> not having both
lmao poorfags

>this triggers the Veeky Forumstist

no, but my car has the 5 spoke AMG wheels and the little AMG lip spoiler included in the appearance package

so blow me

>he thinks he's rich for owning a 2 decade old coupe and a decade old performance sedan with a combined value of about 30k

Doesn't change the fact that I made the objectively better choice

>wheels worth more than your entire shitbox
stay mad

>GERMan cars

>spending that much on wheels


What REAL German engineering looks like.

I drove uber with my licence revoked for 2 months, felt dangerous man

I have this but not AMG. Am I a poorfag?


>middle management lease-mobile
>implying these hyper depreciating turd buckets are bought by anyone other then forever-poors that want the appearance of wealth

They honestly dont even look that attractive user.

Looks like a copy of the Nissan 370z

>U S M 3
Gas yourself for owning a limited edition 328i
>owning cars with the combined value of 12 grand.
>look at name
Oh yeah the faggit that couldn't handle his stancefag Lexus and crashed it into a curb

Top kek

You sure showed me

>over 10 year old model
>entry model
>weakest engine

all around poser vehicle

Looks like someone needs glasses...

Like I said, I'm a poorfag. ;_;

Damn, that ass is fine. If only her face was on par with it.

>drives perfectly reliable and reasonable e46 330ci
>boy racers always tryna fuck with me
>s55 amg pulls up
>fucking greaseball italian
>don't rev back
>light turns green
>amg bolts off like a crackhead with a tv
>not two blocks ahead richmond police nab him

i mean fuck cops but fuck merc driving skilletheads more.

can't hear you over the sound of basic bitch pussy

*Cries in my Lambo*
>prove it
you first.

> Looks like a copy of the Nissan 370z

Squint less or get your eyes checked out by a doctor.

Except Porsche has been using the same style for decades before the 370z existed.

Awesome thread OP, post your AMG.

>buying anything german ever

god, it's like you WANT your wallet to be raped.

Don't drive foreign garbage

4.) You drive a better car.

>fixed that for you

> Don't drive foreign garbage

If you're German, Korean, or Japanese, then this is a valid statement.

If you're American then...well...I've got some bad news for you about how badly American cars suck. They suck like an Electrolux. They suck like Kardashian after an NBA game. They suck like winning tickets to a Beiber concert.

silly an/o/n, mercs are for squares!

sure, they may be reliable, quick, responsive, aesthetic, & high end; but nothing can compete with a cadillac's ride comfort, an attribute I find to be the most important in a sedan.

Whether driving, riding shotgun, or sitting in the luxurious back seats, everyone enjoys the cloud like abilities of a refined Cadillac sedan.

>He drives an American car

>said the poorfag

>335i detected

Listen, what it boils down to is quote simple.


It really is that simple.

this. fuckin' krauts

why are people this insecure

Richmond VA?

Why would you buy an AMG when a Subaru WRX STI exists?

ITT: People jealous of STI owners

They're all poor teenagers

ya'll niggaz easily baited
it does look like the 350z tho

>tfw you will never own an S65 AMG Coupe
It's honestly the nicest car I've ever seen.

Wrong wrong and wrong again.
I drive a '90 saab 900i, and I love it.

4.) I don't, and have never had the desire to own any Mercedes.

Nothing about them appeals to me.

Because I don't like paying $932 for an oil change thank you.

I drive an BMW e30 and got more fucking balls than you because I rally cross the bitch. What can you do with a 4 cylinder "AMG"? Oh yeah. Nothing faggot. You are to afraid to go to a car meet of any sort because someone with scratch your pos shit stain of a Mercedes. Be a man. But a fucking gullwing.

Man, I'd do some crazy shit for an S-Class Coupe. I'd kick a puppy really hard, or eat someone else's booger for one.
Doesn't even need to be AMG engine, as long as it at least has the Appearance package.

Sometimes I sit at work and just play with the Configurator on the Mercedes UK website (MBUSA.com's Configurator is utter shit for whatever reason).

I hate 2 doors on Luxury cars. Looks very inefficient for city life.

What kind of meme is this?

Authorized dealers charging twice or three times as many shekels for parts and then there are labour costs. Also more luxury gadgets to go wrong, meaning heavy repair bills when it comes to inspection date.

I'm reading the c43 only had 362hp.
Wait I thought the amg's all had over 400 hp...

Yep that's why I buy big ass two door coupes, for efficiency.
The cities adapted to the cars for a bit, then they became over crowded and smog filled so they started adapting the car to the city.

>the whole Audis lineup consists of front heavy engine-ahead-of-axle understeer mobiles

Enjoy being slower than an FR-Slow

I mean cars that real people can buy.

objectively wrong man, go back to


Are you autistic user?

>1.) You're a poorfag.

But I also have a bike and play videogames

>Le tricked.

2006 Saab 9-5 2.0t Hirsch Sportwagon. Why would I choose differently?

Because your shit never runs.

You mean Holden?

In what way? If it has a Chevy badge it's a Chevy. If deals weren't made to make it a Chevy they would have been sued into oblivion. Also Holden's have a Chevy motor at heart so I don't know what game you are trying to play here.

>buy C63 AMG despite protests from wife + her boyfriend
>go to join other C63 AMG owners
>it's all pakis doing burnouts in Knightsbridge and banging their awful sounding engines off the limiter
>buy a Chrysler Pacifica instead so your wifes son's can go in comfort
>a...a..at least it's faster than an auto FRS!

Mercedes are for boomers and pakis, BMWs are for chavs, cunts and people with serious attitude problems and Audis are for people with lots of money and no idea about cars.

source - BMW driver

I have a 300C, it's basically an American Merc, which makes it a superior Merc.

I found a picture of OP