Calls himself an Veeky Forumstist

>Calls himself an Veeky Forumstist
>Doesn't have a ratty go kart

Care explaining yourself ?

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Holy shit the absolute madman

What engine are you dropping in it?

Uhh I do tho, 440cc snow mobile motor swap, bitch did wheelies

tarbo it

Turbo 2 stroke is too finicky 2bh, also it's dangerous enough with no suspension other than balloon tires lol

>calls himself a Veeky Forumstist
>doesn't have a ratty boat

Care explaining yourself?

Isn't that the cart you use to hunt the foxes you rape later on???


Thanks, I didn't know I needed both of these until now.

>tfw no longer have it
Could never get the brakes to work, but it was still fun

how far did you get before that thing fell out?

looks like the front spindles would crack and fall off after about an hour

Seriously though, people, you should get a small boat, most waterways are large enough that if you stick to the outskirts no one will care if you do stupid shit, plus if you crash or get thrown out you'r only going into water.

I would like to build one since I have a welder that I hardly use but i don't have enough spare metal, or space to really do it

it'll be fine

The spindles were actually relatively beefy. If you mean the tie rods to the steering column then yes they were sketchy. I planned to replace them with something more beefy and adjustable but never got around to it before I moved

yeah, water at 40+ mph... so you break bones, get knocked out and then drown

they sell impact resistant life vests for just that occasion.

That's what life jackets are for, and besides I'd rather hit water than asphalt.

nice that would make for easier cleanup for the rescue crew

None of you guys have made a rat rod wagon get on there level pls

their level is now more like 4 220cc motors powering a 4WD kart with a VW Beetle steering rack

do you spin out on that too?

i suspect none of you have hit the water at any kind of velocity

I have from a jet ski, you skip like a rock until a limb drags you under. the impact rated vest helps a ton and is required by law. same idea for towing sports like tubes or wakeboarding.

This. Anything over 30mph feels like concrete.

I've been thrown out of a 12ft 15hp skiff at WOT when the clamp bracket slipped, sure it wasn't pleasant by any means, but I'd take it over asphalt any day.


is that a kei car front end being used as the rear of a kart?

yeah the impact rated vest saves everyone... just like places that have helmet laws never have motorcycle fatalities

it helps a lot more than having nothing or having a type 1 or 2 vest

My housemates and I (all mech. eng. majors) made a replica of the 3-wheeled Nacho Mobile (from Nacho Libre, which I never watched) out of junk and a lawnmower engine back in the spring of '08 - shit went almost 50mph and flipped over a lot. I refused to be in any videos or pictures of it, but it's on JewTube.

a 15 hp rowboat would do 15-20 mph max, and thats if it was set up for speed

i was thrown from my old boat at about 25 ( a guess about 2-3rds throttle) had massive bruises, a concussion, and was so sore i couldn't move for a bout a week

>Nacho libre
>I have never watched
Seek help friendo

mech. eng. majors are always trying to replicate some fictional or novel movie machine, so much fun.

>ratty gokart
>its an old race frame with an ohv honda clone

that's an expensive kart build OP

you have no fucking idea what ratty is

>CHILDRENS gokart frame
>literally 3/8th" hollow soft wall tubing
>frame weighs around 20lbs. total
>friction rear brakes only

the best part was we powered it with a modified briggs flathead; high compression with bigger piston/milled head/deck and titanium valves

made close to 10 HP and a kart that weighed nothing

it was faster than most cars all the way to its 40mph top speed (~9000 rpm)

I have a ratty 3-wheeler, does that count?

>those papajohn's delivery bags being used for gokarting

At one point I had clocked the thing with a GPS, It topped out at around 26 kn, it was aluminum with a flat bottom so it could get up to a decent clip on flat water, it did probably slow down to some degree though since as soon as the outboard slipped the boat pulled into a hard bank that caused it to turtle.

Did you buy that from Tankgirl?

mine was a 16ft fiberglass v hull, flat out it would do about 45, but it was a scary 45, its safe speed was under 30
but it had enough power to plane out a water skiier
i made many face plants while water skiing

i fell asleep

has a souped up 212 making 9 or 10hp right now, considering putting in a briggs 400 i have or something else i can find
25 or so miles to the house from the seller, not a single issue
yup found em in the street near my house years ago

any pics of the maro?

I think the rear part came from a Kia of some sort, I can't remember the thread

>implying there would ever be anything left of that
I really do wonder if anything ever really came of it

>>Calls himself an Veeky Forumstist
>>Doesn't have a ratty go kart
>I don't

The video with your guys's voices was beautiful.

I do though. Looking for a 250cc crashed motorcycle currently, I want gears on this thing.

GoPro Motorplex is relatively close enough for karting.

Are go karts easier to control than a volvo?

cause i have a non-ratty one

why can't i take a light 4 pot or a kei car engine and build a kart out of it? would it be too hektik?

Hello my nigga

ey, you a Mooresville user? currently in a rental about 3 minutes from the motorplex