/dmt/ daily manual thread

Hey guys, relatively new manual driver here.

I find that when I downshift it feels like my car momentarily locks up a bit and other times I don't feel anything. it feels smooth

what am I doing wrong? is my speed too fast for the gear I'm going into?

also how badly am I fucking my car up when I feel that locked up feeling

You need to either rev match or let the clutch out slower

transmission speed isn't synchronized with the engine speed. this differential causes the lurching effect you experience.

how bad is it for the car?

if I choose the release clutch slowly method does the car speed I'm going at matter?

Also when I shift down I do give the accelerator a bit of a jab but still sometimes get that lurch. does that mean I need to give it even more of a jab?

is it possible to give it too much of a jab? if so what happens and what is a sign that I have given it too much revs. does doing so fuck shit up?

it's not good for mechanical wear, but it's not going to destroy your car in any measurable time. 0.5/10 if that. through time and repetition, the wear will become a problem.

when you're matching rpm, you'll experience that lurch effect if you give it too much or too little. you need to continue learning your car if it's lurching. good on you for learning this important technique early on. I've met manual drivers with 20 years experience that don't even know what it means.

with downshifting is it the same as upshifting. ie. no need to have foot on acceleratorwhen you have the clutch in changing the gear and only starting hitting the gas when you start lifting your clutch foot

Be smooth with the clutch, you will eventually get faster with time and practice, focus on smooth gear changes and not on changing them fast.
Rev match is a meme, its not actually needed for dd, just git gud and then practice rev matching.

no reason to have the throttle engaged during a shift except for when you blip the throttle to prepare the engine for a downshift. you'll learn to be fast with time. it can also depend on the car - in my experience, honda transmissions are much easier to operate well than, say, volkswagen transmissions.

What jab?

All you do is reduce speed and push in, change down and let out smoothly
Should all be within like a second

it's a bugeye wrx.
how bad is my learning curve going to be.

so just do slow clutch releases while downshifting to start off with?

what would your steps be for slow clutch release method?

clutch in, foot off gas
gear down
lift clutch foot up slowly then give a bit of gas

do I need to do anything different if I'm skipping gears? and can I shift down with my foot on the brake during the whole process?

just think of the clutch and throttle as balanced scales. if you're releasing the clutch, towards the end of the release, like on the second half of the pedal's travel path or perhaps even 3/4, you're gonna want to start applying slight throttle pressure as well. it's just a habit that becomes ingrained with time. you're not going to kill your car.

>going really slow
>shift down to first
>hadn't fully depressed the clutch, fucking nasty grinding noise
>now it crunches and resists going into gear sometimes when I switch into first

I've fucked it, haven't I? ;_;

this, it took me around 2k km to get butter smooth downshifts across the entire rev range.
2nd gear is still janky tho.
Might be cause my clutch doesn't disconnect completely.

how do I stop my car jerking on the upshift, mainly from 1st-2nd and sometimes 2nd-3rd

Either more or less gas on before lifting up the clutch, depending on how you're actually doing it. Also probably slowing down the last 1/4 of the lift after its engaged might help.

short shift, first is for getting the car rolling anyway. shift at low rpm should help
slip the clutch a bit when changing until you nail the technique, should smooth it out.

>drive mums twingo since it rains and im a bikefag
>clutch fully kicked in
>shift down to 2
>nasty grinding noises
The fuck?!

The syncros didn't have enough time to slow the gears down. Either the syncros are worn out or you're just shifting like a mongoloid.

I don't think your supposed to shift to first anyways

unless you are positive you know how to rev match or even double clutch you should not be going down to first gear. rev matching from second to first requires a bigger throttle blip as well, just by nature. my car generally requires 4k+ rpm to go from second to first.

Wannabe manual driver here. Here's the sitch:

I wanted a manual for my first car because I fell for the meme. My mom got a good deal on a Solara. The plan was for me to drive my mom's SUV while I get used to driving in general, then switch to the manual. Now, she won't let me drive the Solara because the visibility isn't great because of the windows and the ride height, and that's just too dangerous for her baby boy. Is it really that big of a deal? Can I truly learn how to drive manual without actually daily driving?

I mean, what's the point of learning manual if I'm not going to use it? I don't feel like looking for a manual for my next car, either.

>Now, she won't let me drive the Solara because the visibility isn't great because of the windows and the ride height, and that's just too dangerous for her baby boy
Jesus christ, these people actually exist outside of greentexts?
>Can I truly learn how to drive manual without actually daily driving?
Sure, I guess. But daily driving makes it easier, because it lets you learn in both real world conditions (asshole drivers, buses, homeless people harassing you, etc) and a familiar route you know. All you really need is about an hour of practicing getting started in first gear, and then you can go from there. After about four combined hours of driving, I'm able to do just about everything relatively smoothly... except hill starts, because I haven't had time to practice those and the Californian immigrants tailgate hard in this town.
>I mean, what's the point of learning manual if I'm not going to use it?
There really isn't one. Just take the manual car and show your mom who's the real alpha in the house.

Not really. You have to do it fairly constantly until all the muscle memory and familiarity is locked in. Some get it quickly, some take a while.

Also, are you Norman Bates?

I'm a young man, just starting to make his way in the world. I'm not turning down a free car, manual or otherwise. If I tried to steal the Solara just because of the manual meme, I'd be screwing myself.

She's always been overprotective. Sucks for her, she'll just be that much more devastated when I finally kill myself. Why couldn't my dad have won the custody battle instead? I'd probably be fucking bitches in my lifted 4x4 Silverado right now.

Nice first world problems faggot. Be happy you got a goddamn car.

>Killing yourself when you have a caring mother...

I get that parents get overprotective, but just bear with it. Getting into a car crash is really a shitty feeling. Grow up and become independent so you can do what you want later. But for now just bear with it senpai.

Now I really feel bad about those kids who don't have a mother/parents or just your mom in general.

In case anyone else is wondering about this shit, here's a dumb graph I drew to visualize the situation. If I'm wrong about something or everything feel free to tear me a new asshole.