How did Ford manage to go from an anticipated laggard company in the late 2000s to the GOAT car company it is now...

How did Ford manage to go from an anticipated laggard company in the late 2000s to the GOAT car company it is now? They have so many good cars, and not just performance cars, but their family cars are great too. The Focus, the Fiesta, the Fusion, the F-150, the fucking Ford GT, every car they make is great.

I'd say their only real weakness is that their interiors are boring. There's no doubting the Focus RS and Mustang are great cars but even a VW Passat feels nicer to sit in.

They may very well be hitting their prime, now if only they could come up with a 2 seater ecoboost miata competitor

dunno bruh but they're about to go to shit now that the first good CEO they had in forever got kicked out because he wouldn't make a mememobile

I got a Passat as a loaner when I had my GLI in for warranty repairs. Holy shit, they're fucking nice inside.

But everything is unusually far away. Everything is extremely easy to operate. Nothing takes too much pressure or leverage. The touchscreen senses when you're about to touch it. It's too nice.

Driving a Jetta is like you and the car beating each other in the dick and both of you asking the other one to do it harder until one of you caves. It's fucking unpleasant in the best possible way.

I had an '08 Focus SE. Fantastic car. Wish I hadn't sold it.

I would like to like ford

>The focus Rs seems pretty cool
>Mustangs do look better than camaros
>Gt looks awesome
>Raptor is the coolest ute after the maloo
>4.0L Barra turbo aka Aussie 2j aka RB40DET is so much cooler than anything Holden has.

There's just one thing that puts me off about them. The branding.

>Ford. Dumb sounding name, not sexy like the Italian names and not meaningless like the jap names
>the badge is a big blue oval. It's jarring. It looks massively out of place on the gt. If I ever got a ranger (I wouldn't because the triton is better) I would pull that silly thing off. Pic related has what a badge should be

This alone is enough to make me not want anything made by ford.

Also this ford interiors always were and still are parts bin-tier.
Xr6s are ugly inside and out.








Ford stock down 40% from 3yrs ago

Stock has nothing to do with the vehicles they sell, go back to the ICEKEK threads musk.

They didn't take the bailout money. They were the only ones who didnt, GM and Chrysler couldn't get on their knees fast enough to suck that govt dick. I assume when the us govt owned nearly 50% of chrysler and 35% of GM they changed some shit. A glimmering moment of socialism, thankfully short lived


>Numale """GT"""

>Not featured


because it's a piece of shit. literally a falcon with stickers.

I really just meant the Falcon in general.
I suppose the stickers are a little silly.

their stuff is great, but its usually a humongous pain in the ass to work on. I know pretty much all modern cars are like that, but I found myself swearing less with Hondas and saabs than fords and rams.

I still wouldn't say no to any of those cars on the line up even if the GTIs are the most practical hot hatch for where I live

Last time I checked, the fastest car around the Nurburgring was not a Ford, but a Chinese electro car

Haven't they like not made a Saab in nearly a decade?

The Falcon is pretty terrible too. Nobody asked for a European looking Falcon. Interior so stale you may as well have an expired sticker as your number plate.

I work for Ford Australia but even I can't honestly say I'd pick a new Falcon over a new Commodore.

The Mustang on the other hand...

Well I can't really disagree too much with you, considering I bought a Commodore over a Falcon.

Falcon interiors have always looked awful for some reason

You best have got that SSV redline cunt

Mate, I wish jelly fish.
Mine is merely a humble VE SV6

Don't remember the nurburgring being relevant in a car or manufacturer being "GOAT" to anyone over the age of 15 and i don't even agree with OP.

still good m8

Mustang and Focus are completely different customer segment than Passat is. Passat is European oriented car for people with above average salary (businessmen) that care about relatively big space, modern solid looking design, great reliability, low fuel consumption. A great all-around car for upper class daily driving. Focus is mostly city oriented small hatchback thats main purpose home->work->shop->home. People driving them are either single or moms with their kids - therefore a husband probably has another vehicle, and Focus is more than enough for wife. Either that, or performance versions like ST, RS for really track days. Comfort is not needed at this point, neither some fancy stuff or god-like interior quality. Mustang is really US market car and is being used for weekends. Not to mention Focus is a lot cheaper than Passat. Especially when it comes to juicy options.

They only do GOAT tier work for a few years to blow Chevy out then go back to shit tier econocrap.

A Passat is an econobox sedan you mongoloid amerifat.

ford escort rs??!

>Focus, Fiesta
literally who
lol aluminum bed
>Ford GT
do I even need to say it?

No and no

>do I even need to say it?
Don't remind me how much modern racing regulations have cucked GTE and has actually influenced cars (mainly the GT) to a negative extent.

Ford and GM both have Chrysler there to remind them of what will happen if they let their cars go to shit again.

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