Coolant flushing not helping

Ayyy kiddos I've been flushing the radiator/engine block in my prelude for ages now and it's not helping.... I've used radiator flush products and nothing seems to make it better. Any ideas?

try flushing it with unrine

And you're a 100% sure its clogged with something?

Keeps coming out an very orangey colour.

Head gasket


OP what is your goal
what are you trying to fix by flushing the coolant

We bought the car recently and the previous owner didn't know what coolant he put in there.... we're trying to flush it all out so we dont accidentally mix green and orange together.

did you see orange coolant come out? if not the head gasket might be fucked

I wasn't there the first time we did it, but it keeps coming out orange now. Apparntley green coolant turns orange when it gets old anyway so it's not really conclusive if it comes out orange anyway

There is also a possibility that it's just rust coming out

Post pictures of your radiator.

I was thinking this. I would recommend doing flushes with distilled water and seeing what happens.

Which one does the manufacturer require?

Here's a pic of the radiator - very dirty.

How would distilled water be different?

You're an idiot for buying a car with a blown headgasket. Its "headgasket repair in a can" mud its not coming out.

Mix distilled water and vinegar in there and drive it around for a hundred miles or so and then drain it and refill it with the proper coolant.

That normally gets all of the gunk out.

How do you know it's a headgasket?

Distilled water has all impurities removed. No extra elements. Just water. Purified water is filtered, but still has those trace elements. Distilled water is therefore preferable for cooling systems because those trace elements can be left behind on the insides of your radiator, coolant jackets, thermostat, etc.

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