Pushrod hate thread

pushrods are a retarded concept that allow for less revs and worse flowing heads yet are still swore on by retarded burger faggots
>inb4 muh ls meme

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wow, you sure got me. I'm going to throw away all my pushrod engines now. Thank you, sire.

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Why are pushrods so bad?

pushrod compression and delfection

This is a garbage thread, ignore.

Wh-What are pushrods?

This kind of post should be an insta-ban for posting trash outside of /b/. Fuck "m-muh no fun allowed" faggots this is just obnoxious garbage.

I know it's a garbage thread, and I know they're doing it just to piss people off, but I feel like there's potential for a legitimate discussion here. If they think pushrods are so bad surely they could explain why.

They hurt European feelings

some retarded idea to save money while making engines less reliable

Sorry for potato picture, don't know why that's so small

>inferior engines
>hurting anyone feelings

reminder that in every competition where pushrods dominate, OHC has been banned because pushcucks got their feelings hurt

My LS2 puts more power down than anything you'll ever own. You're the only one mad around here.

Pushrods engines don't need to rev high to make power, valve float is irrelevant. Also pushrods themselves last a very long time, it would take a lot of abuse to actually damage them. So again, irrelevant. Explain to me again why you think overhead cam engines are better than pushrod engines.

irrelevant, it would make more power if it had OHC

wrong, there is nothing about pushrods itself that dictate the power output, that has to do with airflow, displacement and tune

>why OHC is better
well, to begin with, less prone to valvefloat and there are no pushrods that experience flex

>but less parts
SOHC inline engines have the same amount of cams as pushrod inlines, and V engines have just one more

as well as compromised intake ports because of the pushrods, which means they are almost always lol2valve engines

The GM LS could have a SOHC setup, with just a double digit gram increase, a maximum of two inches of extra width, and it would be an much better engine, GM doesn't do it because they are cheap fucks, and are riding on delusion to increase profits

>this much autism
It's sad that in 20 years car culture will be nothing but grown up neckbeards and spergs.

You can blame video games for that shit. That shit does more brain damage than coke. Just look at the rising autism rates.

If it was ohc it would be twice the size and complexity. SOHC is a pointless setup these days.

Why does it need to be better? GM could make the current LT4 1200hp+ easily if it weren't for emission cucking. People are hitting those numbers reliably on mostly stock components.


>50 year old engine
>fucking AIR COOLED
>still revs to 9700rpm and makes over 125hp/L

OHC cucks BTFO

>this dumb
lol, there is more than enough space to fit a camshaft where the rocker arms are

>why does it need to be better
this is actually an argument


whats the modern water cooled 1/4 liter engine got to do with anything related to cars again?

>having camshafts
top kek when will 4t fags ever learn?

what does a drag car has anything to do with this discussion? that engine only revs to 9k because it is rebuilt after each pass

anyway fuck you faggot, its fags like you that are the reason we cannot have big cammer engines


>something lik this could have powered the corvette
>instead we have some overheating turd

fucking pushrods cucks already have more than 40 years of lolvalvefloat and the LS, what more do they want? why can't we have nice things?

Why do you pretend valvetrain affects how hot an engine runs? The C7's issue is the cat is next to the oil cooler. A 10 dollar piece of aluminum bent to form a heatshield and installed between the two helps it a lot, and a catback exhaust fixes the problem are completely.

the 6.2 in the z06 makes 650, thats barely below 100hp/l, and that is with a supercharger

The Ford Coyote actually makes similar figures without any supercharging

a cammer version of the LT would make more power, so they would be able to turn the supercharger slower, avoiding heatsoak