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> driving all the way to auburn to not drive mrr

streets closed pizzaboy

Don't turn this into a fast 10 shill thread.

What are they gonna do, put leaves on the road?

they put multiple landslides in the road

If anyone wants, this guy is gonna run 9 tomorrow. I met him at a meet in San Jose, he owns a Cappuccino.

I fucked calvin's mom

>tfw not normie enough to meet
Bayfag meet when?

Nice but I'm busy tomorrow
I was gonna do something tonight

none of the bay area people have cars anymore as the CHP crushed them all

Yeah ever since Jack died (datsun dude) we really haven't been the same.

>calvin meme

Shit went to far last time.

OwO what's this

This. Who would've thought Calvin would so up with a gun

Whose cars did he hit before we all ran off?

a toy car?

No its real

Kek zzw30 owners btfo'd

Pic of Datsun?

none it was in a junkyard after the CHP fiasco.

He died in his dad's car on a narrow road.

groms OK or no?

Pretty sure he hit saturnfag and that's why he stopped showing up. Those plastic panels didn't help much


>6 hour drive one way
>yet only 325 miles