Do you properly dispose of your used oil or do you just dump it on the ground/ throw it in the trash?

Do you properly dispose of your used oil or do you just dump it on the ground/ throw it in the trash?

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DESU I burn it I use it as lighter fluid for my bonfires

I make sure to pollute as much as possible to reduce the lifespan of the human specie

I fill old plastic containers with the used oil, then dump it at the local recycling facility. most places that sell oil are required by law to accept it as well.

I put it in bottles and keep it in the garage or shed. Every time I move I just leave all the jugs. Have been doing this for 15 years.


Have one of those drain pan / storage container combo deals. Holds 10 quarts, so about every 5th oil change (donorcycle) I bring it with when picking up fresh oil and empty it at the parts shop.

I have no idea what my local Audi shop does with it, I'm not poor enough to get my hands dirty by changing it myself like a savage.

local parts store takes old oil.

I just drive a rotary

used car oil doesn't burn well so I know thats bs

I recycle it through my Honda and reuse it for later


I flushed it down the toilet last time. I do that with all used fluids.

So, you burn it along with your apex seals?

Just dump the oil in an assholes yard and anonymously notify the EPA

It works if you have enough shit to burn. I'm not him, but around where I live, you can legally burn flammable garbage, so we toss the old oil ontop of the shit we want to burn. I'm not sure if it really does much, but it gets rid of it.

dump in down the gutter on the street to be quite honest

the amount of oil dumped out of the engine of a car is so minor that it doesn't have any effect on the environment. its like pissing into the ocean.

You would win any devilish comp hands down.

>Be 22 year old me
>Talked a friend of mine into going out to a live house auction on a rainy day
>Crowd is extremely small for a starting bid of 12.5
>Property is in an okay location, unfortunately surrounded by fields so it's always windy as fuck
>House is completely trashed, was used as a marijuana growing facility
>Obvious water damage in the attic, shingles are crumbling above
>Garbage everywhere
>Pole barn is trashed as well, but it's solid
>Garbage everywhere
>Only 4 acres, but whatever
>Fucking garage everywhere
>End up buying said property for 16.5
>In the corner of the pole barn behind trash there's four 55 gallon drums of used oil
>What. The. Fuck.
>Drums of oil scattered in the back of the property
>Start talking to the neighbors and find out the pole barn was rented out to the local farm to fix their equipment
>Winter comes along and friend and I start discussing heating it
>End up installing a used oil burner from an old automotive shop that was closing
>He still heats the pole barn to this day off the oil that was left behind

If I still lived in the state I'd love to see what he's done with the place. He was busting up the concrete to reinforce it to install a 2 post lift when I left.

We had the pole barn insulated the first winter. Maximum comfy with the oil burner.

He ended up getting fined big bucks as one of the old drums of oil leaked into the soil out back. Guess the county came in, dug up all the dirt, and then charged him for it. Tbh they probably leaked before we even purchased the place. He called to tell me they forced him to move all the drums from outback and transfer the oil into sealed plastic containers, making sure not a drop hit the ground.

I save it and use it for stuff.

You should try drinking the oil.

Saw a guy mix 3 parts oil with 1 part diesel and spray it on the frame of his truck.
Not sure how well it works as rust protection.

dig a hole near a tree and bury it
throw out the window on the highway
sometimes in charity bins

Sexual Lubricant

If you do it on a dry day and make sure to drive some dusty country roads, then it works just as well as Pava or Suvo

But it goes by the slang-name: mechanic-go-away, because no mechanic is going to be pleased to work on something that smears a shitton of oil onto him

You can also apply even thicker used oil (like from a factory or something) with a paintbrush

I applied oil with a paint brush onto my vehicle before winter last year.

High as hell I accidentally slathered it everywhere. Had to apply liberal amounts of brake cleaner to my rotors as in an attempt to protect the calipers I smeared my rotors.

Just drain the oil out over a storm drain.

The asshole employees at parts stores give me an attitude when I bring used oil. Because of this, I have about 20 jugs of oil sitting in the garage.

pour it over the fence into the neighbors yard

Was it the EPA who found the leak?

Whoever was how did they find out?

Some Guy with a Shop uses it to heat it in Winter.
Hes Happy about every jug

Most parts stores will take used motor oil. Most oil change places will take it too. Some towns have a hazmat depot you can take it to as well. I hear you're supposed to take the oil filter to the recycling place but I never do because it's such a small amount of oil.

>required by law to accept it
Tank's full bro, really!

Problem with that is if you got rubber anything, like bushings. That oil will dissolve them. Otherwise it's a somewhat Ok strategy.

Then hell, I'm always collecting old empty peanut butter jars, I'd just fill one of those each week with used motor oil and throw it away in the garbage and make sure that there wasn't anything in the garbage they could trace back to me.

>they could trace back to me.
So commit a crime because the parts store won't comply with their legal duties? Fuck that. Enter the store with your head down and head straight to the back room. Don't interact at all with the faggot. Dump your oil and leave. Be friendly if confronted, but don't stop doing what you are doing.

>all these edgy kids who have never done an oil change in their lives claiming they dump it down a drain

I'll make a best effort to comply with the law, but if it's too burdensome, I'll do what I have to and keep truckin'

I'm far from a hippie, but dumping oil in the ground is just fucked. Take it to the damn parts store

I just tell them they either take it in here, or I'm leaving it out back for them when the tank has room. They always find room. I've never had a problem doing that and they always take it.

There's a disposal bin near me, I use the drive to get the new oil all warmed up and circulated and then I just dump the old oil in the container's filler hole.

what the fuck dude

>take it in here
>or take it in the rear
You're not having problems because your aggressive attitude sets things on the proper course.

the world is my trashcan

I'm too scared to get under my car so I pay someone to change it instead

I just put it into the bottle of the new oil I get, seal it up, and can it. It's just like any other piece of trash