The greatest debate in Veeky Forums's history

>The greatest debate in Veeky Forums's history.

Time to settle this with real hard evidence!

Women pay lower insurance premiums because they're statistically proven to be safer drivers.
End of discussion.

Depends on the person's race.


Women cause more damage but less death.

I notice it's usually women who'll do dumb shit like text and drive or hold up a green because "omg i gotta do my mascara"

>greatest Veeky Forums debate
>not Corvette vs GT-R or manuél vs auto

Women cause more accidents but their accidents are of lesser danger and cost such as fender benders

Men cause less accidents but tend to be more fatal

What also needs to be accounted for is that men cover more annual distance than women on average to begin with, so their risk of accidents is automatically higher.

Women may be safer drivers, but men are unquestionably better drivers.
Until they make separate men's and women's racing events, you will never see a woman win the Indy 500 or the F1 world championship.

Insurance companies give women lower rates, which means that they think that women are less risky, which means that women are much safer because if anyone wants the precise data on how safe a driver is according to statistics it's an insurance company.

women, because they drive far less. a stationary vehicle gets in less accidents.

The honest truth men like to drive more recklessly and are way more into the fast cars than woman and end up crashing because gotta show off

And yet, no insurance company is willing to share their algorithms for how they determine insurance risk...

Men are usually better drivers but women are safer because a man is more likely to drive drunk, show off or go on a road rage.

>corvette vs gtr
>not m3 vs stang

I thought about including that but it's just not really shitposted nearly as much as Corvette vs GT-R. Nearly every goddamn thread here has that stupid image with the yellow Corvette and white gtr and a track and a grey background.

"Safer" isn't a contest. Women can have it. If you're trying to compete with women for who's "safer" your genes are dying out really really soon.

Because they don't want to reveal how much they've calculated human life to be worth. Men are much more likely to kill someone, but women no doubt cause more monetary damage and with the constant increase of frivolous "injury" lawsuits is probably only on the rise.

Good point but can you prove it tho...

>Gotta show off

Yes, that is definitely it.
>Learner permit
>Though I was Earnhardt
>Drvin' fast
>But I didn't see the ditch
>Took out a mailbox
>Then a fence, then a barn
>The police came and called my father
>But I met the farmers daughter
>And when the judge asked me why I did it
>He threw the book at me
>When I told him 'cause the chicks dig it!

Unless you live in England.

Honestly I visited there once and I have never seen so many women driving cars with men in the passenger seat.

The vehicles I saw men drive were trucks and work vans

Please stop posting this ugly whore

Pretty much this.

I work in an extended family business that the management team consists of 1 man and 9 women

I tend to drive drunk and wreckless which my whole family complains to me about, but as soon as it comes to any vehicular activities they literally throw the keys at me.

Once, while stone cold sober mind you, they were complaining about me passing a stationary vehicle even though nothing else was around and while I jumped out and started walking they started screaming and crying begging me to come back


Women provoke crashes.

Depends on the person.

Depends on your age
Old people cause more accidents than anyone else

Men may cause more accidents but women will always be 1000% more annoying
>On the road
>See some car doing some retarded annoying bullshit
>Look at the driver
>Surprise it's a fucking womyn
The worst is when you HONK HONK at them and they lean back on their seat, put one hand in their chest and look at you with a "who me?" look in their face, they do this like 95% of the time

>women are proven to be less effective in combat
fuck that let all of them in any job!
>women are proven to be involved in less dangerous accidents
well we better lower their rate :)

It's literally his cousin that he fucks

Obviously, wouldn't wanna be sexist, would we?

Also women can literally get away with being in their 20's and not having a car or a driver's license.

I can't tell you how many women I've encountered who are in their 20's but have this childish attitude of
>oh sorry user tee-hee, I don't have a driver's license! my mommy and daddy and brothers and Chad drive me around everywhere~

Women literally drive less than men

It's difficult to get a license if you really can't drive. Even in burgerland they fail people.

Imagine that. A fucking Calcutta tier driving test and people fail it.

>men supposedly "can't drive" because of the "women are safer drivers" meme
>meanwhile I literally have been driving for a decade and I'm 24
>meanwhile I dated a fucking 21 year old woman when I was 19 who STILL did not have her DL even though her mommy bought her a Jeep and everything

women have more unreported accidents i.e on parking lots or something

>hanging out with friend and his GF one time (3rd wheelin' it basically)
>she's driving her 2008 chebby impala luxury shitbox
>we get to a fucking SONIC and she makes her bitchmade bf get out and "park for her" because she literally cannot pull into a fucking parking stall at a SONIC
I hope we get to line up all woman drivers against The Wall and shoot them during Donald Trump's last term in office

Women- Probably won't make a fatal mistake on the higwhay because driving has been made as easy as possible without removing all control from the driver. Lethal obstacle-seeking missiles at parking lot speeds in tight environments where a modicum of skill is still required. Incapable of depth perception, reasoning, or fine motor control.

Men- Have the biological capability to become a great driver, but not all do. Experts in tight spaces and low speeds, incorrectly assume this skill translates to highway speeds or above without regular practice.

I know a single mother of two who's 32 and still doesn't have a license. She "owns" a shitbox she drives to work, insofar as she paid someone money and the car's title was transferred to her. It's not registered, insured, or inspected. I don't know where she got the plates that are on it. It breaks down all the time but she continues to show up to work because someone always shows up at a moment's notice to give her a ride (giggity).

Also I say "single" because I don't think she's had a real relationship in at least a decade, and this includes the father(s?) of her kids. She has a different fuckbuddy every week and maintains a harem of beta orbiters to buy things for her. Her idiot brother burned his house down with some kind of degenerate drug paraphernalia, and all of her orbiters/fuckbuddies/exes/cucks actually pooled enough money together to get him a trailer, completely paid off. Because of course he didn't have homeowner insurance.
She is also a rainbow haired fat libtard who thinks her prepubescent children are gay and lesbian and has a giant colorful butterfly tattoo covering the acres of disgusting fat above-cleavage chest skin she loves to show off with deep V-necks. You know when fat girls have the tits so saggy that the cleavage doesn't even start until 18 inches below her neck? Like that, with a huge tramp stamp on it.

When local society collapses and we can get away with murder because the cops are preoccupied with dindu riots, she's first on my list.

I enjoy reading posts like this just because of how much I hate current society

whoops this was meant to reply to

I still hate current society so thank you for validating my personal worldview. Tell me more about your degen white trash coworker if you can/want

haven't let my gf drive with me in the car in years. all she does is texting and looking in the mirror while seeking out potholes to hit on full lock

That's all there is to tell really. I only know as much as I do because we used to be regulars at the same bar and I'd overhear her loudly complaining about her charmed fucking life to whoever would tolerate her presence. A surprising number of people tolerated her presence, and more. I once got in an argument with her for her kids' sake, because she was talking about how her son might want whoremone therapy or some goddamn insanity like that. She wouldn't accept the logic that children have absolutely no concept of sexuality or sexual orientation before they hit puberty. I reported her to CPS for it but nothing happened, she probably fucked the inspector too.

Her current "boyfriend" is a literal cuck who is okay with her sleeping around.

>just got off I-10
>about to try and turn left
>am sitting in middle lane (pic rel.) and there's this dumb slut driving a blue E46 with her nu-male boyfriend in the passenger seat
>am sitting there waiting for protected green arrow
>light turns green
>she's sitting there not moving, because her and her nu-male are "play fighting" like little sissy faggots
>shitbox doesn't have a horn so I can't honk and tell them to get going
>don't feel safe going before them because what if she decides to gun it and hit my rear quarter panel
>after the light turns yellow I shout "MOVE YOUR SHITBOX" (their windows were rolled down) and decide to just take the turn
>she literally runs the red

forgot to mention she was in the far left turning lane


I always thought women like this were just a meme that you only encounter on the internet...maybe its because of the city I live in? But I was very disgusted and surprised when I realized how many women like this exist in my city

Nothing stopping you from learning statistics goy.


Manuel could beat the shit out of Otto every day of the week. Mexicans have always been fighters, German men today are completely pussified.

if any of you have a non-gender specific name, have you tried claiming you're a female to try and get cheaper insurance? did it work?

Heckaroni, now I wish I had a "non gender specific name"

I mean shit like Riley, jesse, alex, etc etc.

It is actually actuary science.

We use the same thing in Life Insurance.

It has nothing to do with what people are saying.

Statistically men simply drive more which is why their premiums are higher.

Women are out in the world less so their life insurance costs less.

Pretty simple concept.

Women like that are enabled by desperate, standardless men who want to fuck them. Their pussy is LITERALLY the only thing they can possibly offer the rest of society. If men would just stop fucking these disgusting sows, they'd have no bargaining chips at all and they'd have to either change themselves for the better or fucking die in a ditch somewhere. But no, we've gotta have a huge contingent of normalfags who would rather fuck a hamplanet than go without sex for two weeks. Don't even get me started on the evolutionary failures that are chubby chasers.

I know; I don't have a name like that

Since there's no better thread to post in, I've had a crazy idea. With the whole lgbtbbq and polictal correct bullshit craze these days, I'm gonna start identifing as a girl(male) in order to try to get cheaper insurance. My theory is if the insurance company tries to call me on my bullshit I can rebuttal with that theyre being homo/transphobic company being run by CIS scum and take it to the media.

Any thoughts Veeky Forums?

If other people abuse the system you might as well too.

just might work.

Conspiracy theory:

Women aren't necessarily safer drivers, it's just that since men are such a higher % of drivers, insurance companies make more money by charging them more, in this case under the simple excuse that they're more dangerous, more reckless, etc etc.

men do more stupid shit that causes bigger accidents
women just seem to minorly fuck up more

Men are worse drivers in the context of street driving, because their physiology/gender role causes them to take more risks. However, they're better performance drivers, because they're physiologically superior to females in cognitive and physical tasks. This is reflected in insurance rate calculations and the gender ratio of high level motorsports.

These were typically driven by women prior to gps / remote automation in the Aus mines.

because it didn't matter if they backed into things

Men- better drivers but more confident and reckless
Women- worse drivers but more cautious. But worse driving cause accidents.

One thing that pisses me to no end is how even shitboxes for a some years come off the factory with BT/Handsfree but they never use it. They spend the entire day glued to the phone but can't be arsed to press a couple button to free up their hands.

not only Chad but beta males in the friend zone who hope to get into the grills pants by giving her rides whenever she asks

show me a jacked up jeep wrangler thats never left asphalt and i'll show you the spoiled girl who drives it

They ask for your driver's license number you stupid bus rider.

There are a lot of women on the road in the UK because of the prevalence of hatchbacks like the fiat 500 and others that appeal to female drivers

Not true, their accidents are less costly and they are less willing to fight a claim.

Bring an easy customer has nothing to do with how well they drive.

Women are safer

Men are better at car control and going fast and take risks with the sole intent of getting better.

Men are the least safe sex in general. We have more dangerous jobs, more dangerous hobbies, more dangerous means of resolving social conflict, more dangerous pets, more dangerous everything. Unless you can prove you have abnormally low testosterone you should be limited to lightweight vehicles that can't cause too much damage to other people, like sportscars and motorcycles. Men with extremely thick beards should be required to have pedestrian impact airbags.

Proof is this picture of the gay interior

>their accidents are less costly
Because they hit curbs and scrape parked cars instead of doing epik skidz through a blind corner into an oncoming minivan with kids in it

>more annual distance
that's usually a factor you report to the insurance company, so not a factor between men and women

Because women are pussies who drive the speed limit

Real men hoon every day

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Chad fucks in the car

Betas 'give her a ride'

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On my way home I witnessed a rear end, all of the people involved were women, instead of them pulling over to one side to assess the damage they were out in the middle of the junction blocking fucking everything. Thank god I was on my motorcycle today.

KEK at this HAAAAARD!!

Manlets don't have a house to fuck in lmao!!


I commuted quite a bit and I asked my insurance company how much it would change my insurance premium if I stopped commuting, in the event that I lost my job.

They said it wouldn't.

As a younger male they literally don't care how much I drive, they just assume I'm going to wreck my shit apparently.

Certainly not...

Well, women get less speeding tickets than men! That means they must not speed as much, right guys?!

>Cop pulls man over
>You were going 20 over the limit
>Man accepts his fate
>Gets ticket
>Pays ticket
>Drives slower for several months before going back to driving 20 over consistently

>Cop pulls women over
>Goes up to car
>Sees woman having a psychotic break, wailing and crying
>Her makeup runs brown down her face like the ganges river
>The gallons of water coming out of her blowjob eyes make her 99$ blouse stick to her boobs
>Cop remembers women have boobs
"I'm letting you off with a warning, but keep it in the limit next time, alright?"
>"*Hic*- Sure thing, Officer, thank--*Hic*--thank you so much"
>Cop leaves
>Woman waits a minute
>Cleans herself out
>Dials Stacy on her smartphone and peels out

Stacys mom
Has got it goin on

Hit and run bitches are the worst

Underrated post

Stupid cow

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