Love Live! School Idol Festival General - /llsifg/ #1100: Nico Edition

Zenkai no /llsifg/! >Current Events
JP: DiaMari Osanpo event, UR Hanayo
EN: UR Ruby, UR Kotori

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Umi is love.

hags and flops living in harmony

Kanan confirmed lewd

Ignore the UR Kotori on EN since she doesn't have increased rates anymore.

I knew I forgot something

Finally, I can post wooby again.


I wish I was Maki so Nico would be my lovely wife

>hold hands

I'm itching to do a scout, but since I don't want to waste the gems on my main I'll use my other. Should I scout Muse of Aqours?


Why don't you post a better girl instead?

Anyone speak Martian?

Wonderful OP.

piece of shit honknigger

I hope the Master songs I missed come up on rotation soon. I want those juicy S/S's

Holding hands with Nico~

finally a nico thread

Dicks out for harasho



wtf I like Eli now

Cute OP!

Love that ruski butt

More evidence of Kanan being lewd. Also /r/equesting that one image a drawfag made with Honk, Nozomi and Burd. They were dressed 'thug' and Burd dropped the cheesecake again.

>Nico Edition

so this is the thread that took too long to make?
It was worth it

Look at how she's stoking that ghost with her index finger like that

brb gonna dress my dick up like that ghost.

>this cringeworthy pandering


I want to lewd that chest

>This thread already

Holding hands with Riko


kiss chika

Quiero tocar el conejo de Ruby.

NicoMaki only

suwawa is so cute I just wanna rape her

suwawa is so cute I want to treat her to dinner

suwawa is just so autistic I want to publicly humiliate her

suwawa is so ugly I just want to pay for her plastic surgery

I like suwawa

Enjoy a thick Nico.

delete this

Delete this.

At least it's not tumblr.

Kanan! Of all of the wonderful girls of Aqours, you're the one who has truly captured my heart. I love you so much!

Maki is really lucky to have Nico as her wife

>draw a fat woman with Nicos hair
>call her Nico


Time to confess /llsifg/

Do you guys think Nico's a good big sister but not a good character as a whole?

Wub Wooby!

The one true ship

I like her because of a variety of reasons but I doubt I can her a good character

Lol kys

you're objectively retarded

She's a good sis sort of. It's unfortunate her siblings do the Nico Nico Nii shit too.

1100 thread ruined! /llsifg/ did it again!

Sorry guys, I meant saved. It's a good OP.

It's a celebration thread so Nico was chosen!

You was always my favorite, She is the only Aqours I liked when they were revealed, after the anime PV - Yoshiko because of the ¨bag on head¨meme faces
>After watching the anime

Does your family know you obsess over a school idol anime, user? How did you try to explain it?

I asked for an image not a video, but thanks for that. It was funny

My mom likes my Makimakura™ and she calls her princess

>feel bad
>remember that I have this UR idolized
>feel better instantaneous

It feels good to be loved so much by a fallen angel.

I've never seen either Love Live animes. I just play the game.

Selling accounts! Full spreadsheet here


Yeah. They don't ask.


My brothers do, they know anime meme culture so they call llsif a waifu rhythm game.
They don't ask anything beyond that though.

I only see my family one or two times a year. It doesn't really come up.

no, I barely talk to my mom.

>Sheep Yoshiko
I fucking hate you

Just buy some stones user, you'll surely get her

Thanks for the advice Klab

I want all the Yoshiko URs. It's not fair that I get 10 of the same rats

I'm saving 400 loveca for it in EN and that's just like a 35% chance of getting her anyway.

I wish I could introduce Ruby to my family...

I can see why..

>hey mom, hey dad I have this new slave you guys can use her too if you want!

i think im gonna be a delinquent from now on
*skips llsifg and smokes*
pff you can join me if you want, kid.. i bet youre too sacred tho....
*joyrides my neighbours moped*
don't wait up, i'll be home late..


*trips this kid over*
outta my way squirt!!! i got threads to shitpost in

kuso????!! you wanna fight???

Chika loves her senpai Dia.

i imagine llsifg as my personal glory hole

The real person that deserves a waping is Nico, not Wooby.

tank - honoka
ranged dps - nico
melee dps - rin
melee dps - maki
support - pana

i think this is the strongest team

Kill yourself please

Nozomi too lewd

>tfw you're so famous you get messages hourly
I-I want to be famous too

I think I've gotten like 3 messages in 2 and a half years

This wape meme it's the worst and i'm not even a rubyfag

My mum saw Ruby on my phone and said she was cute. I doubt she thinks anything of it.

>do nothing
>want something

I messaged someone on my friendlist because I saw they got the new Ruby UR and the fucker didn't respond. He's probably a dirty honknigger.

Who do you want to share a pocky with?