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Azura is shit.

Azura a best

End me already

I want to suck Cloud's cock


Protip: the bump limit is 750 and threads last a long time even after that.

Anyways, what do you guys think the best GBA FE is in terms of gameplay? What's your favorite map?


Thoughts on this character?

Get rid of Hidari.

>wake up
>realize i still don't have takumi, hector, linde, lucina and ike still isn't out
>realize my only green is beruka and all my units have comically bad ivs
>go back to sleep


Stop being such a beta faggot Navarre

Kicks ass and fast as fuck

Deserves more love among the FE Archers really

>wake up
>go back to sleep

Forsyth's boyfriend


>tfw buying Bayonetta and Cloud but not Corn because I hated Corn

Really hope they don't fuck the Switch game the same way

The other archer that's not Leon or Tobin

He pisses me off because his hit rate always sucks dick


>FemRobin is actually a pretty decent girl with personality
>far less popular than Femui, who is far more bland and whiny
The world is an awful place sometimes.




Sure, after Feena rips off my clothes and rapes me

>Corrin's thighs will be censored
Why is the whole world full of faggots? We were cucked out of her thighs, Tharja's trophy and maybe the possibility of Camilla and Hinoka trophies and Bayonetta also got censored to hell just for a faggot E10+ rating, not like anyone gives a fuck about ratings anyway with 10yo kids playing CoD and hacking Brazzers accounts

Tobin can at least hit shit. Doubling means jack if you can't hit the target.

Roy and Lilina are in love!

I like Hana

Are you saying you want me to post a download link allowing you to play Conquest with 0% growths? Because I looked and I couldn't find it.

Thracia ROMs, anyone? I've downloaded every one I can find, but they're all fucked up on Nightmare. What a load of shit, who makes an easy-to-use modification program for FE games, but doesn't use the most easily accessible version of one game? Incredible.


Tobin > Python > Leon

Did you check the OP of this thread?

I remember seeing a mediafire link that I think had Fire Emblem games within it.

You're literally me.

Wouldn't most people be happy if Camilla's panties were 'censored' though?

>airhead slut is more popular than the frumpy slut
Gets the noggin joggin'.



No, I already looked but I couldn't find a download link. I was hoping you could make a topic at either of those locations asking for assistance in locating such a thing because I know it exists.

If that's too much of a hassle then don't bother, I'll make an account myself. Thanks anyway.

I actually just found one that works.


This one works with Nightmare.

>Let him cum
>Refuse his request
Is Ike a kind master, or do-S?

I don't remember what happens when you refuse him.

Tumblr isn't people.

>you're not Alm
>but you don't have to be
She's the one raping you.

>Ike is into orgasm denial
I'm scared

Death by blueballs.

Raw gameplay? Sacred Stones has it more polished but it's all too easy. I feel Hector Mode FE7 is the most balanced out of the 3. I feel large parts of Binding Blade are hard just because how bad most units you get are and how unpolished the game is with its weapons.

Best Map I have to give to chapter 14 in Ephraim's route if you didn't grind.

Congrats on finding it. The ROM version is the updated one so that's perfect.
The issue was probably related to a header or something, I don't know much about ROMs but people always complain about headers.

What are you trying to do with it, anyway?

Oh, then I'll do it. It would be a patch, right?

guaranteed (You)s

doujins of faceless evil man in turn raping her to the point of making her forget Alm and only think how much she wants big fat cocks when

I love Lady Serra

Presumably but I don't really know.
Thank you.

Dick size?

Playing FE6 again, I don't feel as if your units are entirely the problem. Well, they kinda are, but the early game ramps up extremely fast. Seriously, who the fuck can fight this by chapter 7? Even Marcus and his relative greatness struggles against them, and you have to kill four while also going against a truckload of cavs.

I wanna vomit

So basically the goalposts in arena just shifted from 4.5k to 4.7-4.8k because everyone is seemingly just getting an extra 40 points on their arena scores per match.

End of the day if we had FE7 game balance with FE8's little adjastments and FE6-tier maps with better end-objectives then it'd be the most perfect GBA FE.

He seems cool but he joins at a pretty low level so he hasn't done much in my run besides the occasional chip damage, plus Tobin has been amazing for me. If he was on Celica's side I'd use him over Leon because his stats suck outside of strength.

i think you may be on to something

I don't even know where to begin

I think it's breast size.

>the Faye rape gif was actually a glimpse into her mind

Remind me not to get too close to her.

What do you think of her?

The fuck is this supposed to be?

Hard Mode just bloated the stats mindlessly. Like they bloated the stats with so little care that the recruitable enemy units have huge boosts. I am 100% they just went full Lunatic Awakening on that shit, it's Pure masochism.

It's called FE8 feggot Emblem and it's a nice hack.

You're welcome.

I posted the question in the General Question Thread since I believe questions like that are supposed to go there. Hope you don't mind.



List everything wrong with Faye's character and how they completely dropped the ball with her.

Is it really evil when that's better than what she had before?

What is Sophia even good for?

Chapter 7 is really the only hard chapter. Lategame is actually rather easy because you get insanely overpowered units with HM bonuses.
I wish it was consistently hard, but not quite CH7 hard. Complaining about units is often silly but if your archers weren't all terrible then maybe the wyvern riders in CH7 wouldn't be so overpowered.

Her Almtism

Did that remake someone here was making of 6 ever get finished?

Nothing wrong with Faye though. Only reddit hates her.

>Alm obsess
>No merc class
>Again learn at level 14 Saint

Not gonna lie, former Camilla supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching her crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this girl get the oneechan codes.

>Nailah and Shinon not in SS tier
>Rolf higher than Shinon
>Stefan ranked higher than Zihark and Mia
>Meg and Fiona ranked as high as half of the above average characters
>Titania ranked that low
>Tanith and Sigrun not in at least A
>Tauroneo higher than Gatrie
>Brom and Meg in the same tier
>Gatrie ranked that low
>Heather, questionably black guy, le epic beautiful meme man, and Lucia ranked with the same as the shitters

What the fuck user.
Also kek at F-tier's faces for being so shit

Best units in the game I think.

Was FE7's game balance really so great? I didn't like how they nerfed effective weaponry (in the US version at least) and enemies with Luna were way too annoying to deal with reliably, especially before you had longbows and brave weapons.

It being evil is an important turn on for me so yes

I recently did a Nightmare'd playthrough of Gaiden and actually had a ton of fun steamrolling everything, and Thracia has always kicked by ass, so I'm going to give a few characters some boosts and try to turn Leif's growth through hard-fought victory, into Leif and his team of tanks plow everything.

Then it truly is so wrong that I don't even know where to begin

SS tier is fine.

After that it's an abomination



>Not gonna lie, former Camilla supporter here
>This is fucking hilarious watching her crash and burn.

Wait, what happened?

Sumia's the best! My first and only waifu, I can't wait for her to be in Heros!

I want an overwhelming amount of story in my ganes. So much so that I am not in the mood to bother with lengthy drawn-out chapters.

But I enjoy permadeath runs.

What game do I start with?

It's better than 6 and 8.


>Sephiran in SS
>Rolf, Nephenee, and Aran that high.
>Micaiah, Mist, and Kurth that high.

Thanks again!

>Overwhelming amount of story
>lengthy drawn-out "chapters"

Then Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War is for you.

>Tibarn not in SSSS++ tier
It's shit.

Anyone else find bare shoulders like those on Sanaki and Celica really attractive

kind of hate that they took away the bullying from her supports

>Lehran and Tibarn with their availability
>Titania and Jill not there despite being among the most important units in the chapters they're in, Jill especially

It's not.

It's even more barren than shadow dragon and the main lord of Gen 1 is as stupid as Corrin.

Reminds me of Zatch Bell for some reason.