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bitch be humble

turn on my ipad and ian dels me thread



any brovilos?


baka ja nai!!!

>SPOTV SSL Classic 5h 30m


i should nap

ah yes the midnight nap

people keep deleting me off steam without saying anything...

+1 ip for a general that is about to disappear

you cant plus one yourself

he just did

and he's gonna pay for it

does anyone here know how to build nukes

you need a ghost academy

how do i acquire a ga

you need an scv, 150 minerals, 50 gas, and a barracks

so i need to meet up with that one scv that likes to fart a lot. hmmm
what kinda minerals do i need to build a nuke

uranium and plutonium
then you need to build an enrichment plant


hope this suspicious character gets put on a list for asking these questions

please delete this post

kim jong un reads these threads

anyone have any good starcraft pictures

i love starcraft :)


were all on a list here

yeah im on the awesome list

the agf 2018 list

topped the list of most likely to fail

here's the list:

acolyte - DITCH
animefrog - DITCH
anis - DITCH
alex - DITCH
basil - DITCH
brandon - DITCH
broseidon - DITCH
benjamin ellis - DITCH
calasmere - DITCH
carl - DITCH
chuck - DITCH
cresse - DITCH
daniel - DITCH
dingle - DITCH
erio - DITCH
fujiki - DITCH
frogg - DITCH
fanyposter - alive sadly
fancycat - DITCH
fiddler - DITCH
flargen - DITCH
floshitter - DITCH
george - DITCH
gleepy - alive sadly
iaxx - DITCH
imba - DITCH
implying - DITCH
iodem - alive sadly
jammku - DITCH
jack - DITCH
jason - DITCH
karu - DITCH
kristijan - alive sadly
loomies -alive sadly
marc - DITCH
mahe - DITCH
mewbert - DITCH
mrsnibbles - DITCH
nana poster - DITCH
no IU - alive sadly
ophidian - DITCH
pandobra - DITCH
planetdesrow - DITCH
polaris - DITCH
rasmus - DITCH
serwind - DITCH
sooyoung - DITCH
strings - DITCH
steve - alive sadly
sunglasses - DITCH
suzyop - DITCH
tainted - DITCH
tinfoil - alive sadly
tobi - DITCH
tobi jr - DITCH
tom - DITCH
tosog - DITCH
travis - DITCH
vogue - alive sadly
wayne - DITCH
will - DITCH
wilber - DITCH
woopr - alive sadly
wcowl - DITCH
zombie - DITCH

i'm still here tho

>iaxx - DITCH

but he posts his dumbass fuckin stream here all the time

as soon as a girl streamer swears i turn her stream off
so disgusting

>flargen - DITCH
>dingle - DITCH

these are wrong


things we don't like here
-dyed hair



when they have boyfriends

not sure if thats +3 or just 3 times +1


ah yes... namefags


wow lots of good posts in the past few minutes



wonder what kimmie jong un does in his free time

im still here too desu

maybe he plays sc2...

more likely he indulges himself in every luxury money can buy in a personal carnival of sybaritic excess instead of playing a dumb game

pretty sure he plays wc3 dota

why does a woman have the right to murder her unborn child

fucked up world with satan in control

ever heard of roe v wade?


because the world doesn't need more niglets

why should an innocent baby be murdered just for a woman's shitty decisions

political norms are here again be back later


ah my white noise generator thing stopped working
getting real bad anxiety without the noise


nose bleed again


lol the girl ive been stalking for years apparently had her league of legends account hacked and im reading on facebook about it how she thinks its me... stupid bitch!

why would you spend years stalking someone you think is a stupid bitch


he pretended to be a copy and got into the olympic stadium of korea. is he going to jail for this if he gets caught

shes got a big booty

just noticed my neighbors had a new shed installed i wonder if i banged on it with my baseball bat if itd wake them up

only one way to find out

im worried because last time i banged on their shed it was really loud and they knew something was going on because they turned on their back light and i could hear them walking around looking for someone. this was close to a year ago though and they had no idea it was me

maybe just throw something at the shed

*pours milk into coffee*


it is ruined

cuz u have to put sugar too stupid idiot
just milk would taste horrendous

yeah ok
i always add sugar

did you know? they found coffee beans at burial sites. ancient ones in places where they couldn't grow coffee... and entombed at a time where trade supposedly didn't happen...
wow ancient history is interesting

coffee sucks dude i dont give a shit about that ancient history

wow jani actually deleted the op pic :/

ok so i gave the new shed a few taps and its all metal. its really too loud to hit because itd wake up multiple neighbors when i want to just stick to waking up one neighbors dog and then waking them up by proxy

im also thinking i could start throwing ice cubes at their fence. theyre hard so theyd be loud and theyd melt so they would have no idea whats going on or whats making the noise

can someone explain to me how come people arent asking for his security badge

what the hell is this gook doing to that dog...


i'd seriously kill you if i was your neighbor
i would shoot you

oops forgot my picture

niggers always resort to violence :/

youd never know it was me

koreans are more submissive
so basically they will just mind their own business
and u can get away with more

i love that trait in people verses a totally confrontational piece of shit person whos sayin HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IM CALLIN THE COPS

does he normally do stuff like this? this is the best thing i saw on twitch in months

feeling really sad all of a sudden idk why...

hes worth a follow hes had a few good streams

not my favorite thouugh

idk i only found out about him when someone linked it here when he went out with brad. that was a good stream...

brad is bi...weird dude but he learned korean because of broodwar. seriously

this shitskin is pissing me off
i'd beat his ass irl... getting real fat i'm almost 190 now...

pigskin bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>that guy who harasses his neighbors

what a crazy mother fucker

ye and he was so happy about meeting artosis