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>MHST News
Monster Hunter Stories announced for the west. Rejoice!

>MHXX News
Update 1.1 w/ Eng Patch v2.1: my.mixtape.moe/bkbjso.png
English Patch Project: gbatemp.net/threads/465296/
MHGen to MHX Save Transfer: pastebin.com/Z1PPuX5F
Ping's Dex and Kiranico now support XX.

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
Passcode: 7243
In 4U, Target: Fishing

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Woops, I made a mistake

In XX, ターグット: Gathering フィールド採集 (page 1, middle right)
In Generations, Objective: Gathering

GOD I LOVE charm farming!

I just wanted Lute to beat Cheval up and go "Oi listen 'ere y'lil shit"

Charge Blade
Which weapons are you too embarrassed to take online so you only use them in solo?

It's MHS not MHST
None, I'm not a massive pussy

all of them because I only solo

Nothing because I can use them all

it's also a pain to use online

I only used LBG and HBG, no matter if I play with people or solo.

Rathian is watching you

Stop trying to force a new meme every week.


I love Rathian!


Technically all of them because I'm a lonehunta autist

How can we get /mhg/'s silent guardian - our dark knightess, to drop Gen and move over to XX? We really need our protector from the discord cancer to watch over us more than ever.

11.3 can run hax now so there really is no excuse to still be playing Gen.


So mantis is the new meta armor? I'm new to XX.

The decorations and charm gimmick the set has going for it is kinda neat. Although I lack a good charm that lets me keep my utility skills like HG Earplugs and Windproof.

Hey guys, just about to convert my MHGEN data to MHX so I can carry on where I left off. I read that the main thing to remove from your items is "items/equipment only found in MHGEN, not in MHX". Does anyone have a list of this stuff?

what if I'm on 11.4?

This is Rathalos, who will be your flagship pet in MHST. Say something nice to him because he'll be your reliable source of fire damage.

Watch out, he'll think you're his waifu.

This is why I don't use it. Lag doesn't help in getting KOs, nor does the monster not turning towards me.

He is adorable!

>Which weapons are you too embarrassed to take online so you only use them in solo?
I only play online with one person so nothing.


Super Monsters are Super Fun!

I'm turning him into a dragon los

Nice try, but there is no one stupid enough to be on 11.4 and not already have A9LH + Luma.

Someone who still has Gen installed needs to tell him to move his ass. /mhg/ will be terminal soon with all the discord cancer about.

>mhg is just the same shit edition
why cant i leave, this place is trash

Stories was a bigger mistake than Gen/XX.

If there's a real cancer influx to mainline then yes, we don't know yet.

Be honest.

Between Stories and XX, is MH dead?

>solo hyper jho with no issue at all
>can't solo hyper zinogre or rathalos

if dead means something i don't like. then yeah sure

I wonder if this also inspires Capcom to bring over that arcade game since its got a similar premise as Stories's gameplay.


It's dead if Fujioka doesn't Fujioka MH5.
There was a doubt because X is Ichinose.
4U made it clear 5 will be shit

Let's say hypothetically that I think Amatsu has the sexiest weapons in the game, and I want to make them work. Am I better off trying to negate their -20% affinity or try to use Hatred Crit instead, and possibly try to make their affinity worse with one of my negative expert charms?

Actually there are weapons I use only in online hunts.
Hunting Horn
High Bowgun
My hunts take at least five minutes more per hunt, no matter what monster, so I use them online exclusively, but that doesn't mean I don't take other weapons.

adept was a mistake, i can't dodge for shit without it now


>duo hunting with friends
>he plays prowler
>feels like I'm soloing hub with 3 palicos
>can't tell him

Should've been XX.

I'm VERY glad it's Stories and not XX.


>Wanting ANOTHER round of Arts/Styles
Fuck off and take your Valfalk with you

Are you guys seriously excited for Stories? It's fucking rathalos, paper, scissors.

I want to breed Fire Lagombies.

>Americans so dumb they call autumn fall because of the leaves

Stop complaining about Raths

You don't breed, you fuse

Yeah right, and monsters really come out of eggs.

>Maybe if I greentext the arguments I cant refute I'll be right

Fuck you, now I want MH SMT

Why the fuck would they localize this and not XX?
Now this just reinforces the choice of getting CFW and using the patch.

As long as it's not another lazy port then XX would be amazing on a console or PC. Running at 60+fps on a big screen, using a comfortable controller and having a wired connection would make all the difference in the world.

>frame based game
>60 fps

strider and lodestar

If you though Nabil looked weird, check out his friends

It's not frame based, drops are a regular occurrence and ti doesn't slow down the game. Plus it uses the 4U engine and that game's fps fluctuated wildly between 40 and 50 on the n3ds


>combat is frame based
>"It's not frame based!"
N3DS performing that much better was an anomaly, that's why X and XX lock it to 30.

I thought you were saying framerate was tied to events in the game.
I think game is 30 tick but that doesn't mean it shouldn't run at 60 on another system.

It shouldn't run at 60 because the game is designed around 30. Dodges are frame based, if you double the framerate you halve the i-frames.

Then just double the i-frames.

>if you double the framerate you halve the i-frames.
I take shit that never happened in 4U


Someone here didn't play 4U on o3DS and N3DS.

This didn't happen in 4U, why would it happen now? Are you going to say 4U actually 60 tick despite 4 running ~30 on o3ds

4U hits 50 on N3DS at times.

nigga that's weaksauce
prepare to bleach your eyes

>want it on pc
>limit yourself to 60fps
fucking why?

He obviously don't know shit about it and spouts memes.

>people are okay with Gen/XX, an obvious betrayal of the main series and what it stood for
>yet they perceive a harmless JPRG spinoff as a betrayal to the franchise
This is how you can tell the outsiders have invaded /mhg/ and drove out the regulars. Demographics do change with each generation, but the X/XX spinoff literally brought in people who never liked MH to begin with.

>X/XX spinoff
Are people really still forcing this meme?

4 came out before the n3ds, if they changed the tick rate for 4U they'd do it for an XX port as well.
An actual argument against my post would be 4 and 4U still had unlocked framerates despite only running at about 30, I was wrong and 60 was the goal on the o3ds but they failed badly. You were wrong because you tried to bullshit a response instead of actually thinking.


>Japan is now kicking people using ECECE over Silver Sol Z + Gore XR

What's the silver solo gore mix set?

It's as much of a main series as Frontier is.
Now shut up and go hunt those eggs like a good boy.

It's not harmless if it delays the release of a mainline title.

>inb4 the XX is not mainline meme

But you said O3DS not N3DS.

Iggi's Ruby Basarios is probably even uglier than that though

Sol Z/Crab XR/Sol Z/Crab XR/Gore XR
For Weakness Exploit, Razor Sharp, Challenger+2, Crit Boost and some amount of Critical Eye.

So basically it's not a mainline because you don't like it
That's nice, now learn to at least dodge roars

>XX has variety!
Between Stories and this, I'm so glad to see these children getting BTFO'd. Keep them coming, they must know our rage.

>because you don't like it
Can you just fuck off forever and maybe trip in the stairs?

Who's feeling LUCKY tonight?

>sol z was the meme parts the whole time

Well fuck, why did I waste my silver mats on XR waist?

Whoa, the japanese are being autistic again? Sure didn't expect that.

>People unironically expected S+2+RS to be better than even HR Solvaik

What's ECECE?

sol z as a whole was already pretty good for a full set

And now you're mad, it's ok, even if you don't like it, you can always go back to 4U

People are idiots, handicraft is still handicrap. Even more so now with the purple nerf devaluing the skill even further, so even if you want to be a special snowflake and not use mantis, you're better off without it.

The only way to make sharpness+1 worth it is bringing back honed blade. Without easy access to it, natural purple will always reign supreme.

I'm not mad, I'm not even that person, I'm just tired of pieces of shit like you who just jump on the "u dont liek it xD" whenever people are explaining things. If you don't want to talk about anything just fuck off back to /b/

Now to wait for the Japs to vindicate the Mantisposters on the weapons division and I have a jug full of XXbabby tears to drink from.

Esurient/Ceanataur mix set that grants S+2 + RS

Gaijinhunter is calling it Jhon Cena or some shit

>Now to wait for the Japs to vindicate the Mantisposters
Literally just look at the TAs for that.
Or do some calcs.