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Another fresh creation from the oven
White monodam

>ywn get extra portions in exchange for sexual favors
>ywn be pinned on a kitchen table and pounded by chubby chef dick
>ywn engage in naked tantric blindfold taste testing
>ywn correctly guess the secret ingredient it's more dick
It's not fucking fair terubros

he's so cute

Friendly reminder that Chiaki is still and will always be best girl.
She got revived by Hajizuru as an android and is now on the boat playing games with the DR2 cast forever.

That looks........cute.

I want Kaede's ahoge to be cut off.

The rest were just "funny robot" though.

Hell, Himiko had a more direct part to play in Chapter 5 than him.

Daily reminder that Tsumugi is worst girl and if you think otherwise, consider suicidessu.

So I rewatched that part in chapter 6 with the Remembering Lights control panel and I find it interesting what options the menu shows us:
SHSL talents
The end of the world and Gophel plan
The ruined outside world
The Tragedy
The new memories

Well yeah I'm not denying that just saying he played a part in chapter 6.

>I want Kaede's ahoge to be cut off.

I thought I were the only person here that sincerely dislike Kiibo


Posting best girl!

Been there, done that.

He was probably better off as a Monomi to Monokuma than a participant since he really doesn't do anything of note till the last chapter

90's Shojo manga anyone?
Need a little more sparkle but eh...

But I want her ahoge to be an ornament on my wall.

And it never ceases to amaze me.

It's really fun doing it too.

> Motives
Hmm. Ouma saw all of the videos including his own but he doesn't seem to have been affected, neither did Saihara suddenly 'remember' Kaito's grandparents. Kind of fun that this sort of confirms my suspicion that Kirumi was mindhacked though.

>DR Fan
Does she even reference DR1 and 2 during the game? (chapter 6 doesn't count)

He's overrated for me.
I mean, you expect me to believe that a person who's pretty much comic relief in a killing game to be the protagonist?
The audience got it horribly wrong if he's supposed to be the protagonist.
This right there. I would much rather prefer someone like Tenko or Miu survive.

Wait, these are actually listed in the game itself? I'm asking because I'm curious and too lazy to check for myself

yeah i thought that too, since he's a robot there isn't much going on with him

it doesn't help that I personally dislike characters that force cuteness like he does, instead of being something more natural

Kirumi probably saw her motive video, then "suddenly" got flashed by a remembering light.

>Morning /drg/! What's for breakfast?

Milk bukkake


Off-hand I don't remember her casually referring to DR at all. Monokuma comments that the sword Korekiyo used to make the locked room case seems familiar, Ouma says he played a game and watched an anime where the first victim is related to the mastermind and was following orders, and in one of Kaito's FTEs he talks about having inspired people who sound suspiciously like the DR1 cast (Leon, Sayaka and Ishimaru IIRC). Oh yeah, Angie also stops short of saying she's from Jabberwock Island.

Oh! That is also a good point, certainly there must be a reason why only Kirumi got her own motive video and why Ouma was completely unaffected even though he watched all of them.

I want Hoshi to take me with him on his life on the run from the mafia.
I want him to teach me to play tennis on an abandoned court. He hits the ball so hard that it’s a little intimidating at first, but with enough practise I’m able to keep a rally going - if only for a short time. I want him to gently bandage my bruised and bleeding knee when I trip on the asphalt and tell me I’m doing pretty well for a beginner.
I want to raise a colony of stray cats with him. I want him to be unable to contain his joy as we discover a nest of tiny newborn kittens crying out in the condemned building we're being forced to stop the night in to avoid suspicion. I want him to dangle some string for them to chase frantically, all while he has the biggest smile on his face.
I want him to show me his cooking skills. The cream puffs he bakes are messy and the filling squirts everywhere when you bite into them but they’re delicious and it’s worth it to see him sticking his tongue out in concentration as he ices them.
I want him to feel alive again, the wind whipping past our faces as we dash down an alley to evade a mafia hitman, laughing breathlessly and hugging him tight once we’ve thrown off our pursuer. I want to duck into an old cottage with him to shelter from the rain streaming down outside.
I want to lay with him under the stars at the end of another long, hard day while assuring him that no pain lasts forever and someday, eventually we'll get through this.

The audience were apparently the ones who made him act cute his ahogeless self is a bit more aggressive.

It kind of makes me wonder if the anthology will have a comic showing that the audience was seeing Kiibo as a super-cool protagonist. That would be hilarious to say the least.

>my job here is done
>but you didn't do anything
>ki-bo exits

Remember when this board hated Tenko

can't i fuck with him at least once

Either that, or it was still him, just going for a more pragmatic option now that the audience wasn't influencing his decisions. It's tragic, in its own way, that he never truly had his own decisions until game's end

I'd pay to see that

This becomes more alarming and heartwarming every time I see it.

>Entire fandom hated her
>Game comes out
>She's just an energetic lesbian
>Her crush ignored her
>Religious asshole took her crush away from her and brainwashed her
>Sneaks into the cult the religious asshole made
>Constantly calls the creepy guy out for being fucking crazy
>Nobody listens
>He kills religious asshole
>Blames him for it
>Everyone ignores her
>Her crush agrees with the creepy guy to work with him
>Protects her crush by going along with it only to get fucking killed
>If not for Yumeno and Ouma, she would have died unavenged
>Also has a deadbeat dad who fails to realize her potential
Can anybody console /ourgirl/?

>pancaking reserved for the most important characters
What did they mean by this?

I can't help but while I don't hate she, she's annoying enough to I even care about she

I mean I remember more about tsumugi (that i dislike) than she

Don't worry Tenko, Tulpaman will always choose you for his team!

I'll console that nice body of hers with hugs

>*muffled scream of horror from tulpaman's car*
>from a nasty boy

You can hug___ me all you want.

Angie > Tenko

Fuck of /u/

I'd hug you!
I like both.

Angie = Tenko > Yumeno

I want to fuck Tenko!
I like Tenko for her body!

I'm pretty sure you'd fuck anything that walks :^)

Can robots smoke weed?

Ohaiyo /drg/.

I don't hate Tenko, but Angie is top tier.

I'm healthy and in my prime, user-kun.
Having an elevated sex drive is only natural...

Technically, yeah, but it'll be just some smell to him. It won't affect him unlike humans

I'm pretty sure Perceiver is actually Miu Iruma in real life.

Hiyo, Angiebro!
No, put that down Kiibo! Don't ruin your purity!


How's it going?

>Ouma saw all of the videos including his own
Why do you think so? He said he only turned every Monopad on to see the name of the owner and that's how he got to know Maki's talent. But he said that he was waiting to watch the whole motives with the others.


If only.
Since i'm a charitable person, i'd make sure to share my body with deprived user-kuns.

God tier pasta

What are they saying?

I'm doing well. And you?
Oh, so that's why Perceiver is perfect.
Oh jesus fuck, Ouma, what have you done now?!

Half-asleep, but managing. Looking forward to this cutie's birthday.


>Perceiver is perfect
Are you my Angieanon?

Ah, that's right. Angie's birthday is up next, right?
Oh god, you need to get some rest Ouma!
I'm serious~


You're too kind, user-kun~
Don't do this to me, what if i develop a crush on you?
Do you mean Kukukush?

Always will be!

Indeed. The 18th!

What do I have to do for a pink monodam, though?

I wouldn't mind.
I'm looking forward to it!

Just for fun, let's assume your favorite DR character is now the protagonist for NDRV3. What changes, how do they handle HICKSHON and do they end up picking the right answer?

Pink... Monodam? Do you mean Monomi or Monofunny?


Pink as fuck.

Oh hi aniki, how goes shit?

A lot of shit changes.

Oh boy more Mikan suffering
I feel she would also end up rejecting Danganronpa at the end though
If she doesn't panic and kill herself first or something
No. I meant Monodam, but pink he got it right.

Can i get a huggy huggy?
Well, i am looking for someone nice~
Business as usual, Kuzu-kun. Just flirting with anons!

I have know clue how Ouma would react. He'd either have the biggest freakout because that means everything he did with DICE was fake or he'd be very calm in case he suspected it. I say he'd reject it.
Cute. CUTE!

Am I nice enough,Perceiver-san?!

She's so cute like that what the fuck. Funnily enough I agree, for how messed up Mikan is she's not completely spineless and she wouldn't stand for more pain happening in the next game at minimum.

We can't be sure what he actually knows, though based on his final FTE where he mentions that you can win a game without playing he might have been willing to die if only as he knew that Saihara would eventually go for the right option. Aside from Saihara anyway, Ouma's the most likely to reject Dangan Ronpa as he can see the kind of lie 'hope' is out of the cast and Kaito would also choose the same option but for different reasons.

It feels amazing to have a nice, warm shower after a satisfying fap.

*hugs Perceiver-sama* Y-You're still so direct!

Hah, I see, doing what you do best, I suppose.

Kuzuryuu would obviously reject the very notion of Danganronpa calling it crazy and fucked up and shit like that.

Damn that's one good Monodam
What about tiger stripes print special collector's edition Monodam?
Yeah, the thing is Mikan would get shit done if someone was motivating her constantly which is pretty much what all of Hajime's interactions with her were (aside from all the awkward shit, of course)
I imagine the whole HICKSHON twist would make feel super depressed at first, but then she would probably just get mad
user no don't do that!

O-oh. Well, I made this in the mean time.

I'd say you exceed the requirements, yes~
It's okay for friends to hug, so...
Might as well exploit you!
Yeah, Kuzu wouldn't have any of that. His reaction to giant Junko was priceless.


Patiently waiting for others to get mad! Then I'll convert them to kami-sama.

You can have as many hugs from me as you'd like. You know this!

Yeah, and considering he wants to end the killing game completely, he'd almost definitely pick reject.
>I'm able to be Perceiver's waifu
I couldn't be happier.
Good grief.

I can do it later, that recolor was pretty simple so sometihng like tiger stripes would take a little longer, but I can do it.

I want that head on a table and I want to stare at it for hours on end thinking how beautiful it is.
Then I want to kill some random bitch and remove her head and perform surgery to put that head on the bitch and then I will stay with that bitch every single day of my life because she will have that beautiful head as a face.

Anyone up for some speed? Weed? Meth? Ecstasy? I've got it all!

On top of that he'd be livid when Tsumugi calls Peko and their feelings for each other fictional and given his distaste for violence I do see him wondering how they really ended up here.

Kaito would be an excellent support to her, also Tenko up until she dies. Himiko might end up supporting Mikan till the end in this scenario and she does seem like the kind of person who'd get angry over such meaningless waste of life.

He risked his life to end the killing game, even if he fell into despair knowing it's all HICKSHON Ouma would still carry on and freak out when things are over.

Where's everyone?

Why does this face do things to muh dick


Probably playing Persona 5 or something since /v/ is full shitposting of them.

*eternal screaming*
Yep, no matter the cost, he'd pick reject. I wonder how he'd go about things if he survived anyway. Then again, same could be said about Saihara, Yumeno and Maki.

After staring at it so long, I wanted to see her eyes without that long bang.
So I tried.


It's all up in the air right now, that would have applied regardless of who actually made it to the end. Answers when?


Yes, in chapter 3 she says that killer could use luminescent paint to mark the floorboard under Tenko and crawl to it in the darkness. Monokuma even comments that he definitely heard something like this before.