If anyone has any good business ideas, give them to me and I'll make them a reality

If anyone has any good business ideas, give them to me and I'll make them a reality.

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immersive surrogates for hazardous jobs

Deliafy: uses NLP to take simple text and turn it into Chris d'elia text. Millions.

ASSeating dildo

Yes. Yes. Good goys.
Keep em coming.

yeah and take 80% no thanks.

Ha. Pathetic worm, as if you actually think you have the capability or the will power to do it yourself.

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That is a 10 million dollars idea right there.

Good luck with your enterprise.

PS. invest in knee pads.

Glassdoor, but instead of anonymous reviews, anonymous organizing while being compliant with labor laws.

You're welcome.

Rugged laptop with detatchable go-pro webcam with all capabilities of normal go-pro.

Go anywhere with your laptop to do your work and video editing and shit like that, and also have a go-pro in a convenient spot.

Screencap this for 2018, because this idea is going to get used by somebody.

Reply to this with secure email for me to contact you if you intend to compensate for this.

Ann app that sucks your dick.


Robot that lay tile/hardwood floors and do drywall and paint basically a general contractor robot. This shouldn't be too hard should it?

lol, dumb idea. rugged laptops exist and go pro is going out of business, its just a camera

If you suck 30 dicks a day at that rate it would take you 91 years to earn 10mil

Super hard, all the strange edge-cases that a robot would need to handle. You might be able to get something to do the easy and majority of the work but you would still need men to do the more intricate stuff. Plus I think they are just 3d printing not for construction. What a time.

Knee pad manufacturing

I don't know about that. But how about a laptop that has no guts and is just a keyboard and screen and you insert your phone as the guts.

What the fuck does this even mean


Give me an e-mail, I give you the next Uber, Airbnb, you give me money?

Already exists.

How would I go about finding someone to invest in my business if there is lots of financial risk involved? I mean, it's basically the kind of business only someone like a loan shark or someone who trusts me a lot would invest in. The financial risk is limited to the investment though, nothing beyond that.

VC's love a good risk, but you gotta ask them for lots of money, minimum $20 - 30m.

I could do with ~15k, ideally 50k.

If you approach an investor with that small ammount of money in mind, they will tell you to come back when your serious.
Unless its a shitty business idea, theres no reason to low ball yourself.

Just take out a personal loan at a bank if thats all you need

Well the money I make isn't taxed as income (and I don't have to declare it as income) and I don't keep it in my bank account, so with no regular income to show I can't really get a loan from my bank. I could probably get ~5k, it's not worth it.

What constitutes a 'good' business idea is relative to your circumstances. Different business ideas can be good or complete shit based on the reason you want to start a business, as well as where you are starting off now.

Take a hedge fund, for example. This is a fantastic idea if you live in NYC and know a lot of rich people, an absolutely terrible idea in every other life circumstance.

Here are a few good ideas based on different life situations and business goals.

Want to get rich but don't have a ton of education: real estate, digital marketing agency.

Want to get rich, willing to take big risks: mobile app startup.

Want to make a solid income without too many risks: professional services.

Want to make enough money to get by without working crazy hours: selling shit online; freelancing at premium rates.

I found an untapped flavoring market - just need to navigate the startup costs and red tape associated with food products.

A website with a simple 3d animation tool where you can create learning courses for things like tai chi or dancing, really anything that involves movement, with 360° view and a way to slow down or speed up the movements, then real trainers and professionals can create their own courses with voiceovers and such and you get a portion of the profits. Or you just use a subscription model.