Anyone playing penny stocks right now?

Anyone playing penny stocks right now?
what penny stocks would you recommend for short term (weeks) gains?
is there any 'Offical' Veeky Forums penny stock?
if not, Why not? /biz should have weekly plays.

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no one here trades penny stocks?

sorry i meant, no one here trades penny stocks

Lurk for literally one minute and you find the penny stock thread

Being an idiot, youll fit right in with them

I think what your trying to say is, no one here trades penny stocks

i cant find it


check out robinhood general


currently not available for me, im in Australia

Your spot in line
We have added to the waitlist. Not you?

44,819 people ahead of you

Check out Greenland Minerals

so use another broker, holy shit dude are all aussies this retarded?

i do use another broker. $10 flat trades.

looks great for long term investment, but im talking weeks not months / a year.

What makes you think you can earn with penny stocks?
Why wouldn't you just play the lottery instead?
I'm guessing they won't charge you $10 on top of the cost of your tickets.

The best penny stocks are the ones from a gas station that you scratch off with a real penny.

Equal odds of earning a profit and a lot less work.


i will check these out thanks

Do some fundamental analysis and find out. I suggest you go to your stock exchange's website and start looking at companies.

I feel sorry for you, so I will reveal my secret based on experience and educated guess.
Iconomi coin is something I recommend looking into. :)