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>Sherman is burning Atlanta again edition

>Swift: Best In Class
>Don't Sign That Lease Dummy
>CDL How-to: Private driving school or based community college
>Megacompanies are shit without exception
>Except Prime because you'd need a 64-bit browser to count how many there are here
>Whiney and Bepis now in ill-fated love triangle with the return of luckless and truckless M&Ms
>Trucker Gundam is momentarily unmuted; is training newfags on how to hit F5 to see if your shitposts went through
>Truckerfag is hoping the engine sourced by ZF for Frankenliner wasn't labeled "Abbie Normal"
>Oilfag ate fast-food sushi; never heard from again

I-85 is closed in Atlanta due to fire and subsequent collapse.

Previously on "Lifestyles of the Occasionally Employed":

Fuck Atlanta.

What the hell are truckers servicing metro atlanta going to do for the next few months? I imagine service schedules were already tight as fuck with normal traffic.

Spend more of their 70 hours waiting in traffic.

>TFW I made a new thread at exactly the same time as this one

>Fast food sushi
Nah, I gave the sushi a miss and got a beef yakisoba bowl instead.

It was good, although my colon would beg to disagree with that as of today.

>mfw I'm making gyudon tonight

Who the hell would eat sushi that you don't have to sit down and wait for like a decent human being, preferably delivered on a conveyor belt.
Oh, right.

For the Millenials.

>Truckerfag is hoping the engine sourced by ZF for Frankenliner wasn't labeled "Abbie Normal"

How ZF rused me out of my shekels 2 weeks before the motor is going to be swapped.

>tfag hurry up and pay for your motor
Y, tho?
>we ran it and it's sitting outside in the customer pickup area
Why's that a problem?
>it's illegal to store motors outside
Ok, take my money.
>2 days later
>roll up and see this shit
>ZF was just trying to break $100k in sales for the month
>still came up over $1k short


>tanks hold 150
>140 usable
>fill up 136

that is a standard ploy if i remember right.
>clearly all of them are yours since ZF said yours was outside.
you may need all of them to cobble one working engine too..

You ain't seen that warning never to fill it up past 95%?

They started retard-proofing most trucks by rotating the fill neck out roughly 20 degrees, making the top 5% unfillable.

>drop trailer at dc
>no empties
>hey dispatch there's no empties here
>yes there are, check again
>hey dispatch, there's still no empties here, surprisingly none respawned in 10 minutes since the last time I checked
>talk to beau, he says there's empties there
>hey dc guard shack, can I talk too beau?
>no one named beau has ever worked here
>hey dispatch beau isn't a person that exists in this time line
>get directions to their second drop yard, there's empties there
>hey guard shack, where's your drop yard?
>we don't have one
>hey dispatch, what the fuck, are you literally retarded?
>just go ahead and shut down early and I'll look for something in the morning
I love working for major carriers

Ya know, sometimes it annoys me that most of our accounts aren't drop n hook when they clearly could, and should, be. Then I remember that I've never been on a trailer (snipe) hunt and my annoyance goes away.

Did you bother to confirm what yard they thought you were AT?

I once spent 4 hours in the middle of the night calling people, calling company, driving to different lots, opening trailers looking for an extremely elusive load of bananas. Turns out they were still on the boat. Boat didn't even dock for another 6 hours.

>tfw want to make a blog post but it would be so long

Do it with my blessing.


Well don't just stand there, call the police!

If you don't you're an accessory to ten counts of First Degree Exposure Of A Powerplant.

Just fuck her in the ass next time, to return the favor.

>still using deesel

>Trump making America great again as we speak
>Voluntarily sucking green energy's dick this hard

The annoying orange thinks he can end the war on coal by freeing frecking and taxing imported oil
We'll be lucky to still have cars by 2019.

>using underperforming and unreliable engines

>Freck a well
>Making frecktures in the formation face to increase permeability


I almost hit a rolled over truck today. Actually I did hit it. Oh well.

I'll try to get it tomorrow. I'm typing it in notepad but I'm tired and going to bed now.


The fleet. Looks breddy good.

>hey gordo, youre almost to pasco right?
uh no i passed pasco an hour ago.

>well turn around theres a trailer in pasco that you have to get right now and bring to kent it has to be here by midnight.

Ive only got like 6 hours on my clock thatll be pushing it.

>you HAVE to

roll into pasco drop my load and look at the 5 trailers in the yard
dispatch its not here

>no it's there.

no its not.

>look again

list off all 5 trailers and their contents

>are you sure?

would you like photos?

>oh,ok check this other place in moxee

uh. thats not where you said it would be.

>its in moxee

surprise surprise its not here either

>are you sure?

list off the 6 i find and said contents, if you ask me if im sure, i will drive to kent and slap you

>theyre telling me its supposed to be in pasco go back.
so i drive back and go off duty, go home have a shower and a hot meal watch tv and come back

>the trailer hasnt been loaded yet. its still in spokane.

>mfw midnight is when its going to be loaded
>mfw dispatch misread and lead me on a merry 4 hour chase.

>hey gordo,FM here, why did you drop your load in pasco?

I am very happy with my choice to leave
my California money has started to dry up, so ill have to start working again April.

So do you niggas get paid for that 4hrs of running around?

>tfw another 20min on the clock today and I would've had to fill out a log!
Longest day I have had in awhile without some shit breaking down and making me sit for 3hrs. Had to come in at 5am for that shit too so I have been awake since 3:45am and still somehow going. On the plus side, got 700 cases off the truck today (regular '10 Hour' day is like 400cs) so even tho I called off on Tues, shit should pay off.

Also where the fuck is Whiney? No eminem either. I hope that bitch nigga aint cheating on me!

>blogpost tiem
Tapas aren't terrible.

Been gone for near 6 months and PTL still hasn't secured or been impostered? Impressive.

>ill fated love triangle
Im polyamorous so i can share

Also fuck dollar tree routes

PTL aint no weak sauce who will be bullied into being a tripfaggot.

are you driving again?

in this particular case, no. the dispatcher in question did not use his initials so they had no idea who the moron was. the FM also decided that since i had dropped the load in pasco all the running around was for free.

>wage theft

>So do you niggas get paid for that 4hrs of running around?
Not him but, yes I get paid for every mile driven. None of this zip to zip bullshit, if I drive it, I get paid.

Oh and if the delivery is less than 150miles from pickup it is all hourly.

>cuck per miler swinging his dick around
That's adorable.

>cat urine eau de toilette, obese neckbeard calling others out
Now thats adroable.

>implying you arent
LMAO! The 4chanarian is real within you.

read here too my dick swing is legitimate, shit is comfy.

I'm an O/O broken down by mile I've made $3.20 a mile this year. How's that dick swing for you?

>gross and not after appropriate running costs and lay away cash

Dont kid yourself

says the guy with 2 non running trucks. Yeah nice swing you have. also this LMAO!

>I'm an O/O broken down
At least you were honest with that