Cheap but reliable car for poor 18 years old polack?

Cheap but reliable car for poor 18 years old polack?

vw golf
gti if you have the ruples


we don't use ruples anymore

fso polonez, kurwa

panzer iv

cheap, reliable and not a joke?

Specify it, faggot. For some €15k is cheap, for others €5k is expensive.

I'm fucking poor af so someting >1.5k USD
something cheap that will work and won't look like slums pleb peasant

yea it will reliably rust to shit and fall apart

>cheap and works
>looks not like a peasant
pick one

you used the wrong inequality sign btw unless you want something above $1.5k

>slums pleb peasant
you either look like that and drive, or look like a gypsy and break down

astra, golf, polo, twingo(do it faget),audi 80 maybe a low trim E36, something like that

my bad, sorry

Definitely not the money pit in your post, OP

I would get a lada since they're rear wheel drive

>spend arm an leg getting a real 86
>dagumi into a tree

this is your only option OP

Cinquecento Sporting, or some other tiny Fiat
(in imola blue if possible, it's the best colour)

not OP here, but I also have a somewhat similar question, what's a car that's cheap to buy, reliable, cheap to fuel up and a manual that I can get for about 1K USD? looking for a manual for DD and Don't Care at all about sportiness. prefer a smaller car and live in the US.

Not from the states, but from what I've gathered here, a geo metro is your best option.

agreed, geo metro is probably the cheapest and most reliable. Or maybe toyota tercel as per the sticky.

Where do you live?
In some places it's near impossible to find a running car for

why did you capitalize dont care


What's a reliable car to get in bay area california for 5-10k?