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>D.Va Hero Announced; Will be on PTR May 2nd
>Nexus Challenge 2.0 Oni Genji skin, Policeman D.Va, loot boxes, and more in Overwatch and HotS

>**Megabundles Announced** All players will be able to unlock up to 20 heroes for '''FREE'''
>Promotion ends May 22nd, 2017

>Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Now LIVE
>Genji Hero Announced Now LIVE
>Hamamura Battleground Announced Now LIVE

>For new players
>New & Experience Players
>Which heroes should I buy?
Anything but Nova

>Current Free Hero Rotation
>Current Weekly Sale
>Current Weekly Brawl ( who plays those )
>Latest Patch Notes

>Hero Rankings, Various Statistics, Talent Calculator, & Wiki
hotslogs.com/Default (Slightly inaccurate)

>Current Pleb List

>Where can I find you lol rejects feeders?
"/join Veeky Forums" in game chat

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1st for fuck quick meme

Is Valla autistic?

where is my female monk

Whats the best starting hero bundle

I thought i'd be done with these meme comps after climbing out of gold.

nth for best girl

Does March of the Black King have any real usage?

Anub'Arak cocooning Lunara and then impregnating her with his ovipositor green when?



kneel before the dark lady!

>Get 10minutes into the match
>Our Lucio only has 25k healing
>Is running around aimlessly getting 1v3ed
>Ask him what the fuck he is doing

The game literally SCREAMS at you what the objective is. Holy fuck

If the enemy team cosists of 5 people who can all escape from entomb i guess.

the level 20 talent for march is pretty good against a duo tank lineup if your team can slow them but that requires you to get to 20 and have a team built around you.

can somebody post the cute sprays?



tychus did nothing wrong

Other Specialist heroes like Samuro thought they were better than Hammer.

They thought wrong.

BFG did nothing wrong, no bully.


Hanamura is not a good map. If any of you played Dota at a high level you would understand what makes a map good.

Breaking a base is fun.
Pushing a cart to do it for you is not.

Defeating minions to help YOU be skillful is fun.
Defeating minions to throw a turret on the floor is not.

These are just some of the reasons, but HOTS maps in general are far too small and poorly designed overall.

>another waifu image in the OP
man someone dropped a megabundle a few threads ago with nice art, why not use that?

How close to creeps do you have to be in order to soak exp?

I am thinking about trying Abathur in Versus AI and I am curious.

Also if you Symbiote a creep from far away dand kill stuff o you still get exp

>using sprays

Around where the range creeps max range is. Little further.

If you see the +XP numbers on your screen, you are in range of whatever creep that died to give you that exp.

>Just downloaded the game
>Just for the sake of OW skins
>Play tutorial
How do I start without fucking up royally? I might get into this just to play once in a while

I get one of the Megabundles for the 100 coins I have?

>overshit player with 3 games played tries to give me advice as he solo dies to a camp

Cutest sprays, coming through.

the amount of gay and furry shit I went through to find this.........

Honestly go with the Mixed Bag Bundle (Go into collections and buy it)

Other than that play a round of Versus AI and/or fuck around in the test range before going into Quick Play with a character

Play the fucking objectives
Camps/Bosses are incredibly important don't just attack them if you don't know what your doing

It's a smurf, I'm actually silver 2 :D

play vs ai for practice desu

Who's a tanky mofo that shits out cc? I like playing the disruptor/disabler

>Watch someone play your favorite hero
>They play like shit
>End up playing hero until I feel satisfied

I fucking hate it.


Mecha Tassadar just turns him into a giant dramatic kid and I love it
Also lvl 20 force wall is the most fun ult in the game because everyone who tries to run away looks like an idiot running into a wall

Diablo.Some of his talents add more slows as well


pls no more noob rexxar

At least thanks to heroes there is a chance for little known Blizzard cuties to get some art here and there

I feel so uncomfortable seeing someone doing badly with a hero I am godtier with

If its my waifu then I throw up in my mouth

>Honestly go with the Mixed Bag Bundle
I can't find it, I only see 4 bundles


Unless you are refering to the last 2

Will do, don't want to be THAT guy

Can I play the game for the OW skins against AI, or do I need to be THAT guy for 5 matches?

>Play Abathur
>Use Ultimate Evolution on some shitter on your team
>Play their hero better than they do for 20 seconds
>Go back to watching them be bad until the next fight starts

Tanks is hella fun

Support has amazing utility

Play free rotation heroes and test a few heroes in Try Mode before you decide, everyone are going to tell you to get the flex bundle but the truth is if you buy a bundle with a lot of heroes you're not going to like you wont enjoy the game.


first quest lets you play vs ai but every other week is vs real people

Blizzard seems to think that their game would be boring without "objectives", which isn't even close to the case. What Blizzard needs to add is some fucking depth.

Would it really be that bad to have money and an item store? Im not talking like 6 slots bag lololol

Here me out:

What if from now on minion camps dropped between 1 and 3 coins and there was an item shop in your base that sold items, which you could only hold 1 of at a time.

# coin for a dragon coin which searches for enemies
# coins for a med kit which AOE heals your team
# coins for a turret which you can place on the ground
# coins for a one use blink

Like I feel like this would be so much more fun. And the meta of buying certain items / spending your money would be so much better than just objectives that LITERALLY KILL THE ENEMIES BASE.

Someone picks Tyrande. They miss all stuns never use their trait and only heal themselves.



there is always hope
thank you for your sacrifice user it will be remembered

Thats so shallow it would make the game worse

nothing changes, not even the engine- load times are still excruciating.

I think that sounds fun honestly.

>many eyes were bleeched to give us these lewds

>5 assasins vs balanced team
At least they don't have any supports :^)

>literally is air??

No because then at least the game would have a way to actually buy fucking vision / detection.

Literally the worst MOBA on the market right now is this one, you are 100% wrong. and yes, Ive put at least 50 hours into 2.0

Isn't that just Hanamura with a shop middleman?

>recently came back to the game
>etc got nerfed for some reason
>see shitters spam varian because they cant tank so they just have to press W twice and not die
is this a joke? do they have monkeys working at the balance department for this game? how the fuck do things like etc who require a certain degree get nerfed in a game where varian has >2 stacks of medivh W for himself
>taunt every 20ish seconds
>high hp
>high damage from trait
>high sustain
>gap closer with slow
>talent to shit on shields
i swear to fucking god everything they do lately is make the game easier for shitters/new players

Samuro is not a specialist tho.

The items aren't bad, its the fucking payloads which take away from the need to want to push enemy base at all.

>decide to check out hgc stream
>ears are bleeding after listening to this slut talk loudly for 10 minutes

Holy shit who thought it would be a good idea to hire some chick with an AWFUL voice to do commentary?
Did they not realize that the sound of the voice is kind of important?

Reaper in HoTS when

Does week 1 end at midnight or some time tomorrow?

reminder to kill all mobility shitters


>Literally the worst MOBA on the market right now
>you are 100% wrong
> Ive put at least 50 hours into 2.0

They have to fill the diversity quota somehow

That picture is wrong hots wise, it make no sense.

In short?
>ETC is supposed to be a generalist tanks, but his attack speed buff makes him favored in AA centric teams. That's bad. We gave him armor instead. If he has armor, he needs less health or he's too oppressive.
>Oh wait, he's at

this game really went to shit with 2.0 thanks for the larger community blizzard thats always a good thing to ahve

I mostly see it used in /dsg/

>Someone picks Sylv
>Pic wrong talents
>Use her E as attack

Fucking disgusting


Did any of the angels in D3 ever use their wings like tentacles? I remember Tyrael doing it once in D2, but can't recall if it ever happened again.

>not picking the doble E talent and using it to attack

>Current Pleb List
thank you

Used to play a lot of Singed. Any infuriating heroes that I can use to bait and tilt the enemy team?

Hello assfaggots I was told there were tons of waifu fags in this thread, I'm here to fix that

>being gay
>in the current year

Valla is pretty cute.

>Samuro is not a specialist tho.
He has the damage of one.


Abathur bros, how do I get into a lane to soak without it being obvious?

I want to try the Symbiote build where you can soak 3 lanes at once but it requires you to physically be in a lane with minions

Thank you based GayJ Styles

I'm torn between support and assassin's

Support because I always seem to end up playing those a lot more, but might not be the best to start with

And Assassin't because it might be the easistes to start with but doesn't have sexy diablo angel, then again I only really want Auriel and might be better for me to just play and unlock her later on her own

How hard is to get money to unlock stuff?

Anyone to play 5 QM matches with me for the Nexus Challenge? NA server

Try both, assassin gets boring quick and has a shitload of shitty players trying to be one, so it is a inflated class

Support you can control the fight in a lot of ways, and go for dps/second healer builds is a lot of fun

If you want to just run away a lot and chip at people until you commit, Tracer maybe. Samuro is also just annoying to fight because if you can git gud with Illusion Master, you'll theoretically never be able to die

>stuck with playing shitty new map and limited others all the time until may 15

Supports&specialist is what?
basically healers and buffers/debuffers?

What are flexers?

The Pyro cast at the very end is too good

specialist is pushers and disablers

vs ai doesn't work for nc 2.0

>queue up for QM as Gul'dan
>myself, lucio and a party of three
>they picked ETC, Stitches and Diablo
>possibly the three worst tanks in the game
>all on one team
>not even a MM fluke, they did it intentionally
>type in chat "that triple tank meta"
>stitches replies "we are all CC threats"
>lose in less than 15 minutes
Why do people do this?

>quick meme
>they have morales and varian(not tank according to blizzard)
>we have 3 paper heroes and abatur because he counts as support ;^)

Flex just includes gankers, bruisers, tanks, supports, the whole range effectively.
The "I like to play everything" beginner pack.

>worst tank in the game
Grubby has him on S tier, I think he's pretty good but is just outshone by anub'arak.
Stiches is good if a team built around him but on his own he is shit.
ETC is in a real bad spot, just a CC machine with no health now.

>Diablo and ETC
>possibly the [...] worst tanks in the game
I know ETC was nerfed and is struggling right now, but fuck he can still work a lot. But if you want to be taken seriously at all, you should work on your baits, because that Diablo bait is just too obvious.

Cutting it right as the circle appears really enhances the comedic effect.