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Miki's Breasts Edition

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i'd suck on miki's breasts


i'd suck on lilly's breasts, too

Oedipus please

would not suck on oedipus's breasts

Is that even miki?

the hair sorta works


That's right!

Barely, I think thats a completely different girl in the OP

could be. all the japs look alike anyway


post sleepy suzu please

suzu in general is pretty sleepy

>saki is going to painfully lose her ability to function and eventually die, and there's nothing you can do about it
life's not fair, she doesn't deserve this

Life is suffering

i'd also suck on saki's breasts. it'd be easy once she couldn't do anything about it


Bit of a pleonasm but ok.

She'd be able to resist but you'd be able to overpower her. You'd have to deal with her uncontrollable trembling once her muscles give out though

>You'd have to deal with her uncontrollable trembling once her muscles give out though
that'd make sticking it in even better


Saki's fan route by eurobeat is one of my favourite ks fan works. It always makes me cry.

who came in suzu's mouth while she was alseep?


Got a blood test today bros
I hate needles, wish me luck

I tried to sketch a Saki, please excuse the nightmarish eyes I haven't drawn in several years

Good luck user and you'll be fine, just look away while they do it and you'll hardly notice its happening. When I had my last blood test done I didn't realise they'd started when they told me it was finished.

Good luck man, hope you get through it without feeling the needle too much.
Doesn't look too bad man, hope you get better if you keep up the sketching. And I think you should look at the ear too, it's just so high up on the head.

Thanks, I'll take that in mind and try to keep going. The face clearly isn't my strong suit.

Don't worry, just stay calm and don't look at it.

well, that was kind of uncomfortable
the nurse kept mentioning that I looked like I might faint but I just kept looking at the wall and thinking about emi instead

You know how to make it proportional though man, so I'm sure you'll get better real soon.

good luck man , these things are not fun.
hope it goes well
yeah as said , it's not too bad for a first try in years. but yeah the only way to get better is to keep going!

I think it's cute!

How many vial things did they take? The discomfort mostly comes from the wrap around thing.

Thanks sleepy. I aim to keep going and get better!

You pulled through a fear man, congratulations. And that's good thing to think about, helps me out sometimes too.

3 or 4 I think.
Hopefully j won't need another one any time soon.

What was the last time you had one?

Hopefully, now you've got going you should try donating blood. Save lives!
I actually enjoyed my last blood donation, it felt like I was making progress on something.

How tasty~

a few months ago probably. I get sick a lot, mostly with similar problems.
I gave blood once. It feels good to help people but I probably won't do it again. My arm is killing me now.

But user, when you give blood they give you tea and biscuits, for free. Easily worth the discomfort.

Nap time

why can't they give me lilly to go with my tea and biscuits


What kind of problems?

I have to do one every year, but last winter I got sick and had 3 blood tests in 2 days, plus two IVs. Not good on the arms.


Blood it the best flavor in the world man, unless you're talking about jam.

Hooray, thanks!

>hfw a split second before she realizes she started her period

The worst is when they run out of veins, I was in hospital about 10-15 years ago and to make a long story short, the doctors fucked up some surgery and I was in for a lot longer than anyone expected (and nearly died) and had so many blood tests done every vein in my arms collapsed and they started to run out of uncollapsed foot veins. Having blood taken from your foot is not fun, especially when it takes multiple attempts.

Geez, that sucks.

Thankfully my veins are pretty easy to find, so it never took more than one attempt.

That's like my brother. It's easier to get blood from a stone than it is from his veins.

Me on the other hand, you could throw a dart from across the room and hit a good one.

It was more an issue with having too much blood taken over a short period of time than my veins being bad for taking blood. Even the best veins collapse when they constantly have a needle prodded into them.

Especially since they couldn't use one arm with it having an IV and morphine drip in

You guys are dirty!

damn, that sounds panful. I'm glad they got it on the first try. I hope I never have to have a major surgery again. I haven't since I was 2 and I had major heart problems.

Major surgeries awful and I hope your heart keeps on beating without needing more. Mine was appendicitis, was fairly major because it caught slightly too late and then needed even more major surgery and the surgeon twisted the bowel so nothing could pass through and left enough infection behind to nearly kill me.

I said unless it was jam man, and what I said is the truth.

Sounds rough. Glad you made it through!

I haven't had my appendix out. I hope I never have to. sucks that the surgeon messed up, but it's in the past now. my heart should be fine; I still have to have regular checkups about it but the doctor thinks it's better than most people's. If it weren't for the surgery I'd probably be a katawa myself, and my arms would waste away. I guess I'd be like rin if that happened.

I'm sure it will, by the time you get old and any problems start popping up again I imagine medical science will have reached a point where it won't be an issue.

Did you get an echocardiogram done. I've had some done and its awesome to watch.

Nth for a happy Hana!
Everyone have to start somewhere and I can say that I've seen worst starts before.

yeah I usually need to get that done. The doc rubs this weird goo on your chest and looks around. I haven't had to see him for a year or something (I probably need to go back soon). I can't even remember exactly what my surgeries were at this point and I never really think about it any more. Last time I went he said my heart was basically totally fine, and if anything it would probably be more healthy than most because I worry about it so much.

Not him, but is it the one where you "watch your heart on a screen"?
I do that one and EKG every year.

It's Miki. An user drew her as a sketch request.

who DIDN'T?!

me. :(

This user is right, I remember that thread.

Good luck! Don't look at the needle if it bothers you

/pol/ Saki!

why is suzu so sleepy?


honestly the misha thing is nowhere near as bad as people say

at least it wasn't rape

better than hisao usually does

Narco. And not the Escobar kind.

My sides are in orbit.

he doesn't nornally do rape, hanako just got severely unlucky being stuck with the subverted route


So it's safe to assume Storyteller was banned, right?


Probably man, hope he can come back and make his stories some other way.

I want to hug Hanako.


RIP good stories on /ksg/

I want to snuggle with Saki. I don't know why. I am a Lillyfag.

If your katawa had a crippling disability like Lilly's that was very likely or guaranteed to pass to your children, would you have children with her? Would it be unethical?

lol k

I wouldn't have kids with her because I don't want kids at all.

I'd just say let the kid inherit it man, they can become stronger that way.


Most common cause of blindness for the young in developed country is a genetic disease

Well, the child will probably have a bad ticker anyway because of me, but I don't know really.

Emi, Hanako and Miki were accidents. Also, I wouldn't let the katawa take Thalidomide so Rin's disability is out of question. That leaves Lilly, Shizune and Snoozu. Since my katawa of choice is Snoozu, I think I'd take the risk.

I'd create the 4th Reich with Saki.

You're not the only one in that situation.
And thank you, I was looking for that Saki.

I'm 99% sure that all of the katawas, especially Saki, would be gassed in a hypothetical fourth reich.

Hitler was a katawa and most things turned out fine for him.

How was he a katawa? Also, he ended up shooting himself, which I wouldn't really consider turning out fine.

He wasn't *for sure* a katawa but it's very likely he had one testicle and a micropenis

Mild parkinsons and monorchism (allegedly, but never confirmed 100%)

He had some degree of parkinsons, and suppository had one ball, the latter of which according to hearsay, and "confirmed" by the Soviet autopsy.)

saki a cute

Good morning /ksg/

Or maybe Goo-d morning?