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>D.Va Hero Announced Will be on PTR May 2nd
>Nexus Challenge 2.0 Oni Genji skin, Policeman D.Va, loot boxes, and more in Overwatch and HotS

>Megabundles Announced All players will be able to unlock up to 20 heroes for '''FREE'''
>Promotion ends May 22nd, 2017

>Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Now LIVE
>Genji Hero Announced Now LIVE
>Hamamura Battleground Announced Now LIVE

>For new players
>New & Experience Players
>Which heroes should I buy?
Anything but Nova

>Current Free Hero Rotation
>Current Weekly Sale
>Current Weekly Brawl ( who plays those )
>Latest Patch Notes

>Hero Rankings, Various Statistics, Talent Calculator, & Wiki
hotslogs.com/Default (Slightly inaccurate)

>Current Pleb List

>Where can I find you lol rejects feeders?
"/join Veeky Forums" in game chat

Last episode:

Where the FUCK is Maiev????

3rd for 2.0 brought upon the dark ages this is horrible

I've heard Quick Match is quite the mess.

Have just been playing bot games.

Quick match is fine, why have you heard it's a mess?

>Play againts AI with some people
>ONE enemy AI takes out 4 people with one attack
>We can't bring down a fucking tank even with 4 against one

Is this some retarded RTS logic where easy is bullshit brandead difficulty and normal is hard as balls AI being a dick?

Does anybody know how Quick Match matchmaking works? Does it try to string together an okay composition, or is it really just random?

also stick this post in op somewhere next time, people who only play vs bots are part of the problem

>run some quick AI games for Specialist quest
>suck shit with pretty much all of them so it's the only time I really get to
>azomodunking the AI
>somehow my teammates keep dying
>level disadvantage
>AI pushing keeps like 12 minutes in
We still won in the end once I got my dunk stacks up but I don't know how I managed to find players that bad.

The AI really knows how to wombo combo people.

That and many HotS players are about on the same level as Adept AI.

I've been put in teams with 3 assassins and 2 supports. Seems pretty random to me.

Just played a Hanamura and realized I don't get the new map all that often in quickmemes.

qm is fine at least in EU, haven't ran into anything unusual yet.

thank blizz

>>D.Va Hero Announced Will be on PTR May 2nd


What's the proest genji build?

deflect build.

>teleport behind 5 enemy heroes
>they explode

Psh. Nothing personnel kids....

Its the Play a real hero you turbo moron Most good people are running this once and having crazy winrates

Disclaimer: Doesnt work above Gold




Cute angry gnome coming though.

guess the legendary


Butcher skin.

It's gonna be a shitty mount

Most people with good stats either had 20 alt account before and/or boosted their stats by playing with bots

So don't feel bad

>gold ending in 2
how the hell does that happen?

A different color variation of something you already have

good question, i have absolutely no idea
it was 400 shards

Next hero

I think brawls were awarding oddball numbers at one point. GMs can apparently change it down to the nearest 5, or something.

Hey, nice. Most of my favorite skins cost 100 so I've been stoked.

You got single digit gold from wins/loss back in ye olde days.

Wow that's actually really nice.

diablo is already in the game user

Next hero is going to be Maiev!

> Still no Blackthorne

This is how it's been on NA. Every single one of those Rag games I was topping everything, and as Uther I had the least deaths and had taken part in almost every kill we got. It appears I need to play an Assassin to actually have a chance at winning, because the Assassins I get otherwise are so incredibly fucking terrible about being where they should not be.

Although I just played Diablo and won, so maybe CC bot Warriors and Assassins are what I need to play now. But yeah, this has been what NA is like since 2.0 launched.

When is chen going to be good? He's fun but he falls off so fucking fast.

And then Reinhardt sometime in the next few months.

Abathur is pretty shit lads

How do you balance Reinhardt without making him a better Diablo?

does anyone want to help me with the nexus challenge? i'm relatively new to hots and want the d.va skin
add me on bnet kiwi#12164

EU or US? The nexus challenge this week is for the Gengu skin. D.Va skin is in the new challenge that starts this week (tues for us, weds for eu)

are you a girl

i thought it started may 1st?
anyway does anyone want to show me the ropes at least? i already got the genji skin but only through playing against ai

he has to do anyway

I don't think D.Va skin challenge is up yet.

Just Genji shit (still did it anyway though for hoverbikes).

Discaimer: hardly anything "works" above gold

join the Veeky Forums channel and ask there

huh, okay then
they just updated overwatch with the cop skin within the past hour so i figured it's started already

Spider, zombie, or frog nazeboo?


>May 1st
>Quest 2 Opens Week of May 1

What does Blizzard mean by this? opens May 1 or during the week that begins May 1?

His kit would be different.
The only similar thing they would have is a charge, and one piece of overlap is not that big of a deal.
Q: Charge.
W: Line skill shot.
E: Forward Arc Swing
Trait Shield toggle that protects nearby allies well drawing from the shield pool.
Cone Stun in forward Arc
Something else.
You can give him a different kit and a different role then diablo, something like this would be a more support type tank that can support a team that wants to dive.

probably at 10am or whatever

really? ive had an easy time with qm and hl/tl this season. I played a bunch of qm to work on my support for hl. almost masters , kinda stressed . Especially since I like mainly play support.

Veeky Forums can I make it to Gm being a support main? or am i just delusional? id like to think im one of the best auriel and brightwing players na. (even though brightwing is super shitty right now.

>id like to think im one of the best auriel and brightwing players


I'll add you but I gotta do something so I wont be able to play for like another hour

that's been in the game since the challenge was announced

Like in the top 100. My win rates with those heroes are very high.

try playing ranked instead of quick meme and get back to us

I do play ranked im d1. I was just playing a lot of quick meme the other day.
On masters promo match so ive been kinda avoiding it. Little nervous

Snipe chu8 and get him on your team. He's gliding through diamond like its nothing

spiders if weak backline/heroes that can displace themselves
frogs if versus warriors and bruiser with high hp
walls for mercs and if are actually good

>Still don't know how to play Towers of Doom and Dragon Shire.

Started playing recently and bought the tank/bruisers pack. Which characters in there are a must learn for ranked?

Hadn't realized the thread moved, repost

Ok guys I started play this game and I noticed a lot of hate towards abathar. Thing is I think he's a lot of fun and reminds me of an RTS light or something.

So how do I play him to avoid pissing you off and be a credit to the team? Should I ever pick Evolve Monstrosity?




quick match is harder than ranked

Is Hatbathur viable?

Depends on your group and map
A bunch of auto-attackers on Hanamura? Hat. A balanced team on a large map? Locusts

Tychus pls.

Anub is a strong anti-mage tank.
Artanis is a great fighter with good damage and survivability. If you ever start landing prism combos properly, you will be a menace.
Arthas is currently one of the stronger tanks who also shits out damage. Just don't run 1v5 into people, make them come to you and die for it.
Diablo's a good cc meat shield.
Leoric is a great tank killer (not a great solo tank).
Ragnaros is a good burst AA hero.
Samuro is secretly a Specialist, don't bother with him.
Thrall is a good sustained AA hero with decent poke.
Varian is just bullshit the moment he gets Taunt.
Zarya is a great half-support / half-tank and her performance depends on how not retarded your teammates are.

You can ignore the rest for now. Maybe try out Alarak but note that he's a high risk fighter. Lots of mobility, silence, and damage but very squishy.

>So how do I play him to avoid pissing you off and be a credit to the team?
Learn to play the other heroes first so you can use the clones properly.
>Should I ever pick Evolve Monstrosity?

>So how do I play him to avoid pissing you off and be a credit to the team?
That makes sense, I don't own every hero though so I guess I'll just have to practice them all and see what they can do.

Not even in infernal shrines? I noticed it's really easy to get the morph up to 40 kills on that map and once you do it hits like a truck.

Is she going to be on the free rotation this week?

man its really weird playing with Veeky Forums
you either the worst experience ever where people just flame and sperg memes non stop
or youre having the time of your life

I played this game for the OW skins but I played Artanis for 1 game and now I'm hooked. Getting the prisms on squishy targets is so damn satisfying.

Any other THICC heroes like Lt. Morales?

same, i hated the game in the alpha/beta but for some reason im enjoying it a lot now

most of the girls in hot are fucking thicc as hell

>mfw a Nova, Valeera, Tracer, Li Ming, Sylvanas on my team

Only I know how to play those sluts properly

can you get legendaries from hero-specific chests?

Don't see why not.

Place ya bets!

400 shards

Tyrael or a different Diablo skin.


>want to add someone after match, look for recent players tab
>there is not a recent players tab
>actually get him next match, we're playing our same characters but different teams
>now really want to add him, since he was giving me some tips on my character and generally being a good team captain and wasn't spamming shitty memes when he lost
>my only option are "mute chat, block communication, report player" when clicking on his name

why does this game not want me to make friends?

>like hero x
>try out a random build
>look up builds online
>they never take heal on autoattacks

i mean yeah it wont help much in teamfights but being able to do camps and not lose any hp seems pretty good?

Not sure if want.

>wanting to make friends

who did you level to 10 for that chest?....because those are the exact same contents, i got out of my level 10 arthas chest.

Don't have any level 10 heroes currently. Got that from Tracer level 5.

well shit, either way, spooky that you got the exact same thing from a level 5 chest.

Good skin for Xul and Abathur
nice pull


Is Gazlowe good yet?

Logical choice

>Tfw your favorites are easily countered

I hate my shit taste and Blizzard for power and mobility creep. Nazeebo is still alright though, so there's that.

>tfw was level 20 chen for a year before heroes 2.0 and all that xp is gone now