Find me a worse driving demographic than women in minivans. Bet you can't

Find me a worse driving demographic than women in minivans. Bet you can't

>be me
>1 hour ago
>driving down semi-busy road
>2 lanes are packed going straight, and right turn lane is empty.
>see beige van pull into right turn lane
>light turns green
>I guess the van thinks that they deserve to go more than everyone else
>mind you, this is a busy road.
>she literally almost merges into me
>she acts all offended when I lay the horn on her and show her my middle finger

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>women in crossovers

You're right, I can't. Car got hit by a womyn in a minivan in a parking lot. My car has hand sized dent in the rear quarter, her bumper just popped back in.

>women in Pruises

women in suvs


Women in trucks
First car I ever owned was tboned passenger side by a 16 yr old grill who floored it out of a McDonald's parking lot.
I honked before impact and she became terrified and literally blocked her face with her hands while gassing it nearly pushing my car over the median and rolling me.

A couple of old men came out of Mickey's and started trying to holler it was my fault and sympathizing with her.
Thank God there was a based cop in the across the street lot who saw everything, old guys quickly dispersed when he started writing her tickets.
I told Geico I would not accept even 1% liability. 2 months later of driving a tboned civic (still ran that fucker) I got paid out 3300$ for my 1k shitbox

Tldr. Young women especially are shit

Agreed on 16-25 yo women. In college town it's not rare to find one looking down at their phone for 2-3 continuous seconds while doing 40mph. That level of jesus take wheel irresponsibility gives me anxiety attacks.

Older women still can't park or have any semblance of vehicle control.

darwinism at its finest

lets just say women in any motorized vehicle will kill you and show no remorse.

>driving down main road
>bitch in suv at stop sign
>im almost to intersection
>she starts pulling out right as im about to enter intersection (i dont have stop sign)
>lay on horn and come to stop a foot from her door
>flips me off and mouths what i assume was fucking moron

Women in any car desu

>>she literally almost merges into me
Oh yeah? literally ALMOST merged into you?!


women in cars full stop.

>skating on road in suburbia
>on the left side of the road (ausfag)
>about to take a corner
>this mum in a landcruiser with kids in the back comes hurtling around the corner in the middle of the fucking road
>she's a good 10ks over the speed limit too
>almost fucking clips me

similar things have happened multiple times.

asians driving german cars

>looking down at their phone
I know people who do that at 80 mph and for more than 3 seconds
extremely disconcerting that they drive strait off the course of the road then at the last minute swerve back on again

Feminist, skinny dykes riding bikes

>at intersection

>5:30, getting home from work

>ultra busy

>dumb bitch who weaves in and out of traffic like she's playing fucking need for speed: tree hugger edition comes up after coming up to my left two cars behind

>i'm turning left and don't see her in my rearview mirror

>she jumps off of her bike when she realizes she can't get through, it smashes into my jeep and leaves a sizable dent

>get out and look at it

>immediately starts cussing me out

>i'm not even paying attention to what she's saying because she's being a bitch

>says i owe her a new bike


>had enough of this shit

>go back to my jeep and find the closest thing i can

>charge at her with a crowbar

>screams for police

>rush back to jeep and drive off

>never heard from the bitch again

Feels good, but shit at the same time

>Holden commodores
>Courier post vans
>Harley Davidson
some of the most reckless and ill advised passing maneuvers I have ever seen
they leave no room for even the slightest error


> tailgating like mad when there's a passing lane
> passing on a double yellow
> speeding in a playground zone

Holy fuck you think you're so important because your cuck husband bought an $80,000 shitbox.

Bmw Xseries and Porsche SUV drivers

>porsche suv drivers
fucking this. they think they own they road because they blew way too much on a shit car.

I got two different cases for two different places I've live with two different worst of the worst

>I grew up in Orange County
>Filled with every type of car imaginable, it was regular sight to see s class Mercedes on your commute to work.
>Super cars on PCH in the summer
>Tons of shit heaps like astro vans and blazers cause their is still working class people that live inland.
>At of all the self entitled assholes and illegal immigrants in Southern California the worst drivers 9 out of 10 times were Prius drivers
>Always jumping infant of you
>Always brake checking people
>Always going 10 mph under the speed limit in the fast lane
>Literally they acted like assholes cause they felt they were better than everyone driving a hybrid but the literally don't know that the mining of nickel for their batteries is the worst thing for the environment.

Now though, I live in the boonies of Washington and I fucking hate people who drive trucks.
>Always tailgating you, even when you're the slow lane with the fast lane open.
>always getting their headlights in your mirrors
>always driving in the fast lane and refusing to merge to the slow lane to let faster traffic pass, I've honestly started passing in the slow lane like I'm back in Los Angles only to have this truck fags come hauling up on my ass after I've seen the last 5 miles behind them while their going 55mph in a 65.

Minority women, in any car

>I live in the boonies of Washington

That explains the grammar, then.

>expecting anything redeeming out of a woman behind the wheel

>mistaking slang as a grammatical error
>not knowing I'm drunk

Rookie mistake kid

>Porsche SUV drivers
This and I like real porsche owners
>weaving in and out of traffic like they own a real porsche
>blew shitload of money on wide body kit and rims and pretending its a performance car
>driving like drunk 15 year olds in bmw general

women in SUVs

Asian Women in BMW/Porsche/Mercedes/Audi SUV's. The amount of times I have nearly been taken out by one is ridiculous.

Pulling out of side streets onto main roads without looking, changing lanes without looking or indicating, sitting in the middle of 2 lanes doing 10 or 20km/h under the limit, failing to yield at roundabouts, and I've even seen a few fly through red lights