ITT: post your occupation and amount of money in you currently have in your bank account

ITT: post your occupation and amount of money in you currently have in your bank account.




PhD, Maths

ForEx day trader

1st year apprentice starting monday $12/hr

-$3,500 in debt to mommy(tuition help) and discover card. I'll be debt free before june.


>.5 BTC on polo
>$50 in checking

data entry bitch

-$110 in my checking

Union steelworker 690k counting 401k

WorkawaySlave in Japan until the 3rd of March. Will start IT bsc in August. Nothing to do until then, maybe get a fast food job dunno. 20 yo btw.

>8k in Stocks 3k in BTC

What trade?

42k a year, not much but it's my first proper job, just in it till i head for uni

Rest is laying in cash around my house.

wage slave life.

21 yrs old

I run a web design/software development company.

$400 in bank account
$8,500 in betterment + robinhood + precious metals

what exactly does being a workawayslave entail?

also OP, where'd your stash come from?

Finance grad student


Trademark attorney
Just over € 45k in savings accounts.


sandwich artist


not getting my first salary yet lolz

NEET (disabled vet)

Wife makes six figures though.

>over 700k in BTC

Can't wait for the Trump meme bubble to burst. Dow crashing and BTC to jupiter

trainee in germany.

Sales I'm broke but I'm also debt free

Business owner

about 7000€ in Bank account

commercial HVAC


software developer
should probably invest some of it but I cant be bothered


$960 in checking

>I run a web design/software development company.




102k - bitcoin
7k - gold/silver
500$ - bank account

>only one bank account
>literally children

Any tips on storing and selling bitcoin?

Hardware wallet obviously, but any smart security protocols or lawyers involved to help your family secure the money in case something happens to you?
Also any good ideas for selling coins? The reason why I have gold/silver is for when I need to get cash quick and it's easier to sell gold compared to bitcoin.

~10k in bank
~10k in stocks
NEET (but I earned every cent I have through odd jobs)

He said bank not salary

45 398.74 Canadian pesos

8.5k in savings.
300 in checking
20 in pocket
9k hyperloop stock

€2100 on various runescape accounts

Jr. EE
no debt


24 year old Software developer
20k checking
60k retirement

Looks like you do whatever random shit the host wants in exchange for housing.

Student in UK

£230 in bank account
£180 equity in trading account
0.7 BTC in wallet

54k USD

Nice you saved all four years of your pay.



got about $250,000 between my two accts

Just kill me

Hey man, that's $14.32 more than most people

Somalian Translator

500 african dollars, 10 packets of kool aid, and $30 gift card to TJ Maxx

>Lab Monkey

I think net worth would be a better indicator

'construction worker'
600 cash in hand
800 in credit card/bank related debt
something like 12000 in college debt.
owe 1200 on a car that I couldnt keep due to reasons
dont have a place set to move into on the 1st.

Uni Student

my nigga, I've made somewhere between €10k and 15k from RuneScape, good times

currently interning in the US
>$2080 in the bank and a car that might shit itself any time

$20k annual sal


College Freshman



195K CAD so like $30 American.

Warehouse worker
450 in one bank
700 in another
10k mutual funds
1800 in cash
Gonna start a 401k soon maybe aswell

Stock speculator, college dropout for this

$5000 in stocks

Excel jockey

>Comparing amount of money you have just sitting around doing nothing
>Not at the very least investing it in either your own business, real estate, or stocks

student/retail casual

13k stocks
16k savings

>tfw halfway between committing to investment plan and anxiously waiting for impending financial crisis

dont forget the pack of newports


Discovered P=NP.

$400 in my account

On centrelink payments (social security), but not on the disability pension.

Have a wife in Singapore about to have a child in March.

Apparently the world needs to recover from the maths I punched it with before it acknowledges that it was just 'one guy' with the perfect storm of ingredients to make it happen.

The impending financial crisis will be counter-balanced by this discovery:

UBI = Insurance/Tax/Trade

But nooooobody will listen to me.

yeah about right, I was broke before I joined.

>idiot thinks he's smart literally interpreting the OP, when everyone else has just posted their total net worth

>Idiot thinking he's smart misinterpreting a post like it's meant for everything in the thread instead of OP

>idiot thinks he's smart replying snarlingly to a post pointing out his obvious idiocy, implying that his original post was only for OP when he didn't link OP in his post, thus signifying the post infers everyone in the thread

>My balls itch

computer engineering grad student


6'4" chef working at Wendys with a 9 inch penis making over $130,000 a year here

Data Sales

~£6,000 cash
~£4,000 credit card debt
~£16,000 student debt

University student, 7,000€

Pay denbts!



It's not hard to run a little software thing. I did in high school. A lot of people do.

$2100 Total, Wont have it long after I pay taxes LoL... MERICA!!!

Operator at a factory
€15K in savings

Could be better, but I know from experience that it can be a whole lot worse. Crawled my way up.


Bank teller


Looking for a job, just graduated.
5k in the bank
15k possessions
600k being sent to me this week from a trust fund I just found out about.

Engineer, 40k cash, 110k in the market

>engineers in charge of financial security

Law student
33k bank
couple thousands in stocks

No job atm
About 3k

Not allowed to say but I get around 30k monthly. Cash.

dang how old are you?

I work part time as a cashier while i study

have §12.942


i meant $12.942

retired vet.. 2.83

College student 5.2K bank, 4.4K stocks, 1.1K cash

CS/AI Student in the UK, but have been a successful internet marketer for 4 years.

£110k in bank - soon £100k will be in a vanguard fund though.

>4.4K stocks
dude how can you fall asleep in the night?
Aren't you afraid that suddenly they just go down to $0? I'm so afraid of investing if suddenly my investment just looses a lot of money

>£110k in bank
>CS/AI Student in the UK
Nice ... Good job
>1.1K cash
If the economy collapses?

Mexican in México...
B.A - 0 USD
Cash - USD$1.30
Salary - USD $2000

I'd like a job in the wall construction thingy

Audit Analyst (first job out of uni)

>about -$40,000 CAD. Debt to father for uni fees and tolerating my worthless ass. Another thousand in credit card debt.
>50,000 ripple coins and $400 in dividend stocks that pay quaterly

Plan to pay off all debt by 2020, get chartered accounting designation and quit job to open business.

College Student majoring in meme liberal arts degrees & soaking up as much online financial info as possible, especially Veeky Forums.
Here are my assets, increasing in importance as you go down the list:
>GILF trust 1M
>DILF trust 180k
>15.5k stocks
>10k bank
>1k predict it (Banking on nationalist wins in France, Belgium, Germany)
>$500 uncollected bets on Trump
>$6 cash
>$100 collected foreign bills
>272 Trumpcoin