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First for the Glory of Pontus!


Nighty night empire scum. Franz is picking daisies. Bretonnia 100, Empire 0. Backed the fuck off, wannabee emperor. Praise da lady fuckers.

Today is not the day.

>worshiping an elf

No thanks, Cucktonnia.

Total War: INDIA

Its not so strange a thing to do

_ P
_ O


Total War: poopoopeepee

>instantly max out my squalor because I couldn't afford designated shitting streets

Empire lads, just want some elvish love.

It's worse than elf worshipping. They worship Mel Gibson.

Nah, they don't worship Orion. But [Spoiler]They should though[/spoiler]

Why does she look so plastic


Just some bimbo, but actually elves probably would look plastic to humans since they have smooth bone white skin.


Human craniums are perfectly shaped to be squeezed between Elven thighs!

these images are sad as fuck, the artists could at least actually look at real anatomy instead of drawing some freakishly porportioned monster

>mfw brets mad they aren't empire

Yeah, I know it's an elf but those ears are just ridiculous.

Rats and Lizard love for lyfe


By Sigmar, YES




Shhhh. No one can hurt us.



Post yfw
>TW:W3 is End Times
>no historical TW
>TW: Age of Sigmar is announced




"So Manlet is moving away"

Indy confirmed one of us literally /ourguy/

Age of Sigmar doesn't really have a map so it wouldn't work, End Times wouldn't even be a problem in total war though. Just fun units and great lords like Nagash and the Maggoth. No one would have hated End Times if it hadn't squatted the setting.

>why did u stab me skaven rat? now we both drown
>cuz is muh nature


Age of Sigmar would be a great master plan to truly alienate both the fantasy fags AND the history fags

Can we agree that tectonic orders has the most Veeky Forums armor?

>people still taking the AoS bait

As much as i'd want an AoS game, like said it doesn't really have a static map to work with. Unless they let armies travel between realms like with Empire and only focus on a few specific areas.

Kingdom of Jerusalem takes that prize.

You failed to spot this girl sneaking up on you.
How do you respond?

*unzips dick*

*unzips elector counts*

The elector counts, slut! Hand them over!

TW AoS will have a random campaign map generator

>random campaign map generator
Holy crap, imagine the infinite replayability.

Because she mostly is, she used to pretty qt before all that horrible surgery.

You may try and say powder is for cowards but Dwarfs are just our buddies and they like you only for wine. Great knights kissing elven ass.

>that puny bow

I would shoot her out of the damn trees with my trusty Brengun

any news on an old friend?

I ride her over with my Empire Pope chariot and then ride to burn town Ather Loren.

>Praise da lady fuckers.
>Praising Elf goddes
Bretonnians are cucks

whats the best starting hero for empire? using steel faith so come changes, Karl is great but i love me some gelt

realismfags, everyone.
Can't enjoy anything because it's not REALISTIC

Steel Faith significantly buffs casters, plus Gelt starts with a mortar.
If you havent played Gelt before - you'll have lotsa fun with him.

KAAARRLLL is best. Gelt is nice as a character I guess ? But he's weak in fight and lore of metal is not that strong especially in early Empire game.
If you have you can play Volkmar he's cool too. Franz buddy and his battle Pope.

AoS is the best

It's not just the ears, the face, hips, torso, arms, legs are all hideously proportioned. I guess if you like abnormal bodies like midgets it's ok.

AoS has quite a few cuhrazee units that I'd love to see in action in Total War.

>unironically having autism

Fucking irony overload

Did she get some kind of elf surgery?

You have to go back

Today's the day lads

Do you enjoy being wrong?

Who the fuck is this old friend?

When did AoS become "slavposting"?
Last time I checked the only slav shitposter was the guy who kept saying that WHFB is literally Warcraft and LotR was a superior setting for Total War.

>I was only pretending to be retarded

we can go HIGHER

Slavposter is notorious for shilling AoS.

I enjoy keeping the dying flame of hope alive >:)

funny cause i am actually polish, wew
nice shot in the dark

It's confirmed in the new W40k lore.

Let the true end times begin!


I can't comprehend the mind that made this and thought it was appropriate. then again the new space marines seem like they'll be vomit-inducing.

>Those proportions

Do you know this for a fact or are you just trolling again? stupid asshole.

I'm pretty confused.

Playing Shogun 2 for the first time and I've tried to pause just before realm divide hits to build my economy and cement alliances, but the diplomatic penalty has started anyway?

All the factions started disliking me and it's currently at -50, my very friendly ally's are indifferent to me now.


I would take Sigma with a random campaign map
>Map also changes every 10 turns

>parents have traveled all around the world
>loved all the countries they have been to
>when to japan for 2 months
>first time they hated a country

Im pretty sure that modifier is always there, its called the 'Even the Japanese Hate Their Own Country Thats Why They Keep Committing Suicide' debuff

Why did they hate it?

Primarily it was because of how rude the Japanese are. Complete lack of respect for anyone but themselves.


Yeah, they are mostly xenophobic.
It did help them retain their culture, unlike the west getting enriched by the shitskins.

Country Nips >>> City Nips
Kansai Nips >> Kanto Nips

Seriously, wtf is old friend

is he controlling that mech body from a tiny cockpit

>It did help them retain their culture
When your culture is that shit, anything is better.

>They actually unironically like their shitty attempts at copying western society
>Oh boy, the Nth shitty german beer hall and ethnic restaurant!
>All run by japs
>All the food is rubbish

Seriously, why have a French/Italian/Whatever restaurant if the food you serve is garbage? This is why you need other cultures.

The only good nip is a nuclear bombed nip

>Whitu pigu go humo!
Naw they are so cute

Minus the whole entirely racist narcissistic mentally unstable side of them

This is old friend.

>This is why you need other cultures.
t. libtard

Not even the user youre talking to, but nigga you ever had an authentic taco?

Or thai? Indian? Shits unreal.

>He would unironically prefer a taco from a southern American who doesnt even know what something not deep fried is over a Mexican doing it
Its a good thing even Trump isnt that stupid.

The chinese are even ruder, have no respect for themselves even. If you thought western society is vapid and nihilist holy fuck.


Today wasn't the day

Japanese are usually very polite about their racism.
This lad is pretty rare, but he's sort of moe to be honest

This settles it

Squamata > Segmentata