Recommend me a fun car under $25,000

Recommend me a fun car under $25,000.

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Bedford Rascal

FiST is pretty good option desu.

Get a fist


Civic SI

Goddamn that driver is a fat fuck. Poor FiST :-(

a new Miata starts at $24,915

E550, supercharged jag xf, m3/m5, Corvette

Corvette. Either a base C6 or C5 Z06

I live in the northeast. Miata doesn't make sense with the snow during the winter months, otherwise I'd consider it. The hardtop is a little too much for me.

That's what I've been leaning towards but just seeing if there are other options I should look into.

FiST if new.

C5 Z06 if used.

I recommend the FiST

It's great if you just want an econobox that you can enjoy yourself in.

Get a fist

>buying a fwd cuck box
Get a v8 faggot

>unironically using cuck

Mustang? Camaro? Something else?

I've considered it but it would have to be used, otherwise it's out of my price range.

What's your budget? Cash or financing?

Cash mostly, but if I get 0% financing then I would do that instead and just keep the cash in hand for a bit. I want to save up at least 20k before heading to a dealership. This will be accomplished towards the end of the year.

I've never bought a car before so I want to play it safe and get something that I could afford new without spending too much.

get a lx foxbody or an iroc z

Get a Corvette when you save your 20k.

I should note I live in Boston. This would be a daily driver. Corvettes, as cool as they are, doesn't seem very practical, considering I park on the street and it snows for 1/3 of the year.

And you mean used right?

Then save your money and move.

That's also the plan too. Gonna get some more education first though then move somewhere warm.

6MT G37 or 370Z

or some faggy and slow "hot" hatchback.

Get a FiST or a FoST I have the FiST and it's amazing I really love the fuck out of it plus you have a huge aftermarket scene and support group, and anybody I met with a FoST loves theirs too, do yourself a favor and get one of those two, also ignore these faggots showing of a recall as if no other company has ever had to do a recall before.

Srsly though, don't get anything nice. Even a new Fiesta. It'll get ruined in the winter and by parking on the street


you're not the only one who can post cars on fire


>post whole brand instead of specific vehicle in question
k, also pic related

Yeah, probably. Guess you're saying I should run my '06 Malibu into the ground then?

1995 Ford F150

Not sure if the ST versions have more quality control, but my sister's 2011 Fiesta SE has been a gigantic piece of shit. It's died on her multiple times out of the blue and had to be towed. Passenger door latch failed and I had to hold the door shut as we drove to the dealership. Those are the things I can remember.

Be careful. Do your research.

>turbo failures
>trans failures
>clutch failures
>brake failures
>poor build quality overall
>didnt meet mpg expectations
>suspension failures
>risk of fire
>boost control failure
>intercooler pipes falling off
>ecu failure
Etc etc.
Naw. Great cars

got any proof to back up all these claims?

OH. And she has the awful dual clutch auto, which is very jerky at low speeds. Ford dealer just told her it's normal...

I've never heard of anybody running into any of that

that's cause he made all the shit up, you can tell by the "etc etc", mines up to 40k and not a single problem has occured

Go read the forums
Everything he said is true

Yes and rent a garage to store a nice car if you buy one.

you can get a new miata for just $85 under 25k.

Merc Marauder, grand marquis if you don't like the nig image, you can find a mint 84 supra for 10k and use the rest on mods, or buy a mk3 turbo.

Boston? Finally another massfag.

im on the forums and haven't seen these, if anything these are special cases not common occurrences like he's making them out to be

Burden of proof is on you


This tbqh

Buy a turbo liter engine and commit communism

>turbo failures

>trans failures

>clutch failures

>brake failures

>poor build quality overall
It's an econobox not a Mercedes faggot

>didn't meet MPG expectations
Entirely dependent on the driver

>suspension failures

>risk of fire
There ya go, finally got one bud!

>boost control failure

>intercooler pipes falling off

>ecu failure

anything other than a Mazda

>saying nope makes it not true
>all the owners in the forum are wrong
Keep trying bud. No one irrationally hates mazda more than you

>still can't deliver a single piece of proof to back up any of his claims
Oh user-kun

Wow that is fucking garbage.
Civic si is faster and weighs 200lbs more
Goddamn, ford is literal shit
>all these shills trying to defend worst company
Enjoy your chinese knockoffs

no need for bench racing faggot, I'm not shilling I actually own one and thinks it's extremely fun. I posted that picture for the review only

>slow car

Get a Volvo 940 Turbo with a manual transmission and then spend the rest of the budget on mods :DD

and what do you drive sen├Ár?