Was luck the most significant factor to most people who became rich?

Was luck the most significant factor to most people who became rich?

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if you consider luck being born rich, yes.

if you consider luck being born in a first world country, yes.

if you consider get a product/service stuck long enough to turn a profit, yes.

if you were born poor, if you were born in a third world shithole, your chances are nought.

if you create something worth buying/using, you need luck to keep your users. but it is likely some chink will produce your design and beat you manufacturing it (see the autism block that was on the news yesterday, or the selfie stick case).
if you design a service or some game for example, you will have clones by the millions if it gets any attention, and it is likely a clone will rob your success (see candycrush)

buy lottery tickets. you have as much chance in getting rich if you are poor.

Good post

>if you create something worth buying/using, you need luck to keep your users. but it is likely some chink will produce your design and beat you manufacturing it (see the autism block that was on the news yesterday, or the selfie stick case).
but what if you can buy a patent on it?

>being this closed minded

Invest in real estate and then open a business you close-minded fuck. Stop trying to add value and just use whatever money you already have to get more. If you don't have any money, make some at a job and then do that. Real fucking simple.

Rich people don't save money, they invest it. And I sure as hell don't mean mutual funds.

They aren't afraid to lose their money or to spend it and they understand how to acquire good debt.

Yes, but luck alone won't get you far.

huge post to just say it's easier to stay rich if you're born rich. there are rich curry niggers and rich nigerians you faggot and they're shit tier countries.

yes, a good education, wealth to begin with all help. nobody ever explained how moot could afford those $10 000/month server bills before he started asking for donations.

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You study personal finance or grow up rich?

>muh real estate
You are now a wagecuck with shitty property
>muh business
might as well go to the casino

>They aren't afraid to lose their money
Yeah because if their gamblestment goes down the shitter they will not be living under a bridge since they are rich


Only if youre dumb enough to invest the money you got for food

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most people who became rich own businesses.

that's not luck.
If it was luck then you'd expect rich people to have all done different things to get rich, not just one thing for all of them.

you'd also have to expect rich people to be all ages, an even distribution. This of course also isn't true. Almost all rich people are at least four times your age assuming you're 12.

For some yes, for others no.

There are too many factors in play to be able to say with any degree of certainty and no answer to this question is really going to be useful.

Whatever amount of luck you think you have putting in the time and effort to better your station is almost always going to be worth it.

>too many factors
In other words, luck.

A succesful business means luck

>actually believes india and Nigeria is all mudhuts and spearchuckers

That's an awful way of thinking friendo, luck might have something to do with it, some people are born in gold, others simply get lucky and make a succesful business/inversion/whatever, but the trick is to be smart enough to understand what made those "lucky" dudes become so succesful, and follow their footprints, it's rather easy, just analize the system and think, that's how you get "lucky"

Yes and no.

Being lucky enough to have oil discovered on your property during the oil boom. Or being lucky enough to have one of your meme videos become viral and then having the platform of viewers to make a living doing basically nothing. Or being lucky enough to win the lottery.

But overall success comes down to who you know and/or how hard you're willing to work to get to know the right people. Like the occulus rift guy who met his investor on an internet forum without even trying.

>rich people are only rich because they are lucky not because they saw opportunities and worked hard and consistently

literally never going to make it
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275K net worth

> I got lucky to enlist in the Air Force
> I got lucky to lint roll other peoples pubic hair off the latrine floor and get screamed at becasue other dumasses shit themselves constantly in basic
> I got lucky to get free tuition while in the service
> I got lucky to get a GI Bill to get free BBA and MBA
> I got lucky to get an intership at a hedge fund because I was willing to work over Christmas and I was a veteran.
> I got lucky to work in a closet at the hedge fund and do the most terrible boring work for a year while everyone made fun of me
> I got lucky to then land then next job working with a CFO because I worked a hedge fund

Guess it was all luck

Here's the thing about luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get. You, part of the frustrated poor 99%, just see their success. You don't see their 100 hr work weeks and failures.

you are not rich

not yet

Thank you for your service good sir.

And grats to your success.

A combination of timing and hard work and statistical outlying = luck.

This here audiobook is all about it

it's treason then

Statistically, in America it went like this.

>4 of the 6 of the first personal and family fortunes to hit one million dollars at the time originate from high seas piracy
>1/6 came from highly corrupt dealings in the fur trade (the Astors)
>the final fortune was inherited in real estate by a Dutch colonist

After that the vast majority of those amassing fortunes were war profiteers, slavers, people milking government contracts, bootleggers, more war profiteers, and people elbow deep in oil. The people who made their fortunes through hard work and innovation have more or less always been a minority.

So... less luck and more that those with bloody hands rise to the top and pass it on to their kids. Some people do get lucky though.

The most significant? Of course not.

>A succesful business means luck

such a pathetic statement

>275K net worth


The most attainable level of rich comes from hard work.

No, scratch that. SMART work.

If you live in the US and are healthy you can make it but you're going to have to work smart. Luck doesn't find you, you find luck.