Veeky Forums's Touge machine

You have a budget of $20000, you must come up with the best car for a downhill course with sharp turns. And no, I'm not talking about Haggard Garage's definition of touge.

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Veeky Forumss touge machine would be a bus

>Real Touge

FD3S, apexi rx6 turbo kit, Kei office or tein mono sport suspension, tuned to around 350 -375whp.



fiero with bodykit

3k civic

My touge machine is your mom.

My ef before my buddy crashed it on the tooj lmao

or for memes sake, Tsuchiyas ae86

I too would mr-s
Just so people don't say I'm a nissan fanboy (I am)

Evo 6.5
Series 8 fd type rs
Sti type r ver. 6

C7 Corvette Z06


If your touge is only 2 miles long and has no corners Roflmao

>apexi rx6 turbo kit
Nigga for what? He said

If muh dorifto: RX-7
If muh time-trial: Impreza WRX STi 2000
If muh keks: Suzuki Cappucino

2GR-FE powered Camry wagon with an upside down hovercraft fan in the back to produce insane downforce

>Haggard Garage's definition of touge.

lel this, Im from the same state as them (connecticut) They are always talking about touging yet we have no mountain roads anywhere near here lmao

1966 Lincoln Continental.

>implying you don't need power for downhill

Stop watching cambodian drifting cartoons.

>you forgot to define "best"

>$10k for a running MGB in good shape but not a 'restored classic'
>$5k for some fixes and performance mods
>$25 to put a beer in my cupholder and a tweed workman's/irish flat cap on my head.
>$5k under budget and I got to pick up that hipster chick who was ironically spectating on the race who then left me and my broken MG before I could get home to plow her because the lucas electrics shorted and I spent an hour talking about how terrible they are and forgot to dial the tow truck company.

S13 coupe (Silvia or converted 240, for minimum chassis weight). Stripped. NA SR20DE with some reliability and breather mods and cams (160 whp is plenty). 2-way clutch LSD. Coilovers; nothing crazy; 8/6kg. Supporting suspension mods like RUCAs, toe arms, etc etc. Z32 brakes (small, to fit under small diameter wheels). Light weight 16x8 wheels all around with nice sticky rubber. Nice seat and steering wheel. Gas pedal extension for heel-toe action.

Have you ever driven an FD?

You don't need to waste that money on a single turbo, use the money in brakes tires and suspension

>not buying a miata, suspension, and turbo kit for less then $15k
>buying an MG to pick up grills
>owning a miata instead so you don' t have to worry about grills
>buying anything british

"A gentleman does not motor about after dark."
-Joseph Lucas-

And still be slower, and handle worse than a stock honda

FD or MR-S

The RX7 is one of my favorite cars but I would go for the MR-S because the FD has been done to death and you could get more out of 20k with the MR.

a tuned s2k would probably be the fastest

>the best car
i can get a mazda protege for 1000 bucks here, with wt reduction and 19k in parts equals the best car within my reach
pic related, god machine

>Honda fangirls actually believe this

Ok now you have a stock FD

>Have you ever driven an FD?

Nope, never.

with a few simple mods


Wait, an actual good idea

Still would be slower than an Exige

20k exige. Ok m8.

Original mini with a b18

2k for the car and 18k of sik mawdz

Same thing I basically plan to do for real
Late 1st gen RX-7, swap suspension and steering over from 2nd gen, maybe engine as well if it's a 12a in the first gen, turbo it the fuck up and get decent enough size tires to allow this to drive well

>WRX being faster than an RX-7 on the touge

But it will have a roof.

Cleanest stock rwd cadillac I can get and a few go pros. It would be hilarious

are you me?
Close to same except I plan on carb-ing a 13b because I'm a carb guy through and through.

flyin' miata with as much suspension and brake work as the budget allows

lotus elise and slap a 2zz with tarbo in it.

Or recreate espirit mr2

Used one of these.

>all those pakis

If I already own an FD, do I have to buy another?

Most of the dosh would be spent on suspension, prolly kei office, gonna' need to beef up the brakes because of my lead foot, and prolly dump the rest into that neat RE-Amemiya kit from initial meme.

Whatever's left'll be dumped into the engine to round things out, not much really needs to be done to it, if you're using an FD with more than 350hp for a downhill, you're probably gonna get yourself killed. Shit doesn't need it.

this, honestly. sequential twin turbo or bust for me, unless a twin-scroll single turbo went in, I'd try to avoid incurring more turbo lag at all costs. Besides, you can crank the factory turbos up to 350hp anyway.

This, so much this. I'm thinking of going with BNR stage 3 twins. 370 horsepower with all the response I could ever want. I wish there was an aftermarket manifold for sequential twins. The stock cast one gets so hot.

I bet you drive the downhill like Itsuki. Your car must really suck on corner exit

>I wish there was an aftermarket manifold for sequential twins. The stock cast one gets so hot.

Yeah, I'm struggling to figure out what to do about that as well. Shit, though, everything in this car gets fucking hot, most the mods I'm planning on doing to mine are really just geared around reliability and keeping my needles from going into the red.

What year's yours? I dig you've got the oldschool badge, but that doesn't mean dick on these with the way people replace shit all the time, mine rolled out the factory in november '93.

I always dig seeing the ausfags' spirit Rs, makes me eternally jealous that we never got them in the states.

a 5.0 fox body mustang with slicks, huge supercharger (lag free), a low suspension, ethanol conversion, gutted and 50/50 weight balanced. some safety stuff as extra

I have a JDM '94 Type R. Here's a picture of it at auction before I bought it. Minty minty.

I haven't done much with it yet. I'm driving it to the limit before I decide what mods to do (anything I don't like will be changed). I have an adaptronic to install when it gets out of the body shop (vandalism) along with a wideband, and I'm going to run meth injection ASAP. If you don't have it already, get it. It's the number 2 mod for FDs next to an ECU.

>50/50 weight balanced
Gonna throw an LS1 and some 50 lb dumbells in the trunk, huh?

naw just your mother and a big black guy

About the response I would expect from someone retarded enough to run a fox body on the downhill

Shit, are you that one canada-user that got his shit smashed a couple weeks ago?

If so, I'm sorry, nigga. And yeah, have been thinking about the methanol injection, like you I haven't really done much (it's pretty much bone stock except for having ripped out the catalytic converter - my locality doesn't even have the required tech to be able to emissions test if they wanted to, nor has anyone ever gone looking for one in the 5 years I've been getting it inspected this way, one perk of living in the rural backwoods of VA).

around 12k for a good one
5k on full exhaust, otr, mafless to make 300kw+
1k on good suspension
1k on RE003's
1k on cement to keep the rear planted

You the guy who's windshield got smashed? Ever figure out who did it?

Yep, that's me. I'm pretty sure it's the Subaru guy, but since I don't have concrete evidence, he is being spared an ass kicking. I have a low profile dash cam with a motion sensor so if he does it again, I'll know.

I'm assuming you ripped out the pre-cat by the turbo, right? If you removed both, be careful. You can get mad boost creep.

Methanol injection is a must. Lower intake temps, much better knock protection (virtually won't ever happen even in hot weather), and carbon removal.

How do you like your car so far? I fucking love mine. I want it back so bad. I just went to an FD meet last night and 4 other guys just got black FDs. I spent the whole time drooling.

>pic in the shop

>How do you like your car so far?
I'm driving my dream car before age 30, I'm pretty fuckin' happy with it. Honestly, everyone always talks about trying to crank absurd amounts of power out of these things, but my main sticking point is the handling, it just feels perfect, the balance is fucking amazing. I keep comparing it to my friend's GT86 and I'd just rather have the FD any day of the week, though the 86 is pretty damn good for what it is.

Problem is that it stays in storage in my garage a lot because I've been travelling between states a lot for work and working on getting a graduate degree, don't have anywhere much time to wrench or drive as I want, but in a year's time I'll have both the money and free time to actually enjoy the fucking thing again.

Didn't rip out the pre-cat yet, want to get a proper downpipe but can never decide what I actually want to spend my money on.

Thanks for the headsup about boost creep, haven't seen too much about that on rx-7club, but then again I haven't really been looking. Pretty rare to find people that know their heads from their ass regarding rotaries on here.

>$1.5k on frame mats, suspension, go kart wheels/tires, steering wheel, welder, saw
>$2k on good motorcycle engine
>$10 on used sofa cushions
>$10 on bungee cords and duct tape
>2in clearance off ground, shocks stiff as fuck (cushions keep ride comfy)
>wrap cushions in duct tape, suspend on near-taught bungee cords
>spend $15k making 3 more of them so that 3 friends and I can race
Buying a car is so boring, and I'm damn sure I could outrun anything you've got in this scenario with the above.

You dont need the pedal extension, I heel toe my s13 quite comfortably

A well modded miata. Buy a well kept on and just spend the rest on mods

Same, I'm 23 and although it hasn't been my dream car for a long time, I haven't HAD a dream car for a long time. The FD satisfies in ways that no other car can. The fucking insane grip of this thing with no hint of inspires so much confidence, it's ridiculous. You can keep your fat GTR or M3, normies.

I hope you get a chance to drive her soon!\

The pre-cat would definitely be causing more flow issues than the main cat, unless a piece of it broke off and clogged your main cat. Get rid of it. Just get an efini downpipe!

So, to mitigate boost creep, you can put a restrictor plate in your exhaust, port the wastegates, or leave the stock silencer on (or another silencer that isn't a resonator). Or you could just accept the bigger boost, but tune for it!

God I MISS MY CAR SO MUCH you have no idea right now. I can't even go outside and stare at it.

So you have a year to save up, huh? I suggest saving up a bit of money for a preemptive rebuild. You don't want to HAVE to rebuild it before it goes, because then you run the risk of chipping an apex seal and ruining your rotor housing. Do it while it costs you $1000 instead of 3 times that! Meth injection and standalone ecu with wideband are a must, too. Got any questions for me? I do a lot of research

1994 EG hatch with a couple of simple mods:

- 10 point cage with Parachute
- 3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
- spec-R full drag suspension
- Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
- 1 044 bosch pump
- 1200 rc injectors
- golden eagle sleeved block
- cp 10:1 pistons
- Eagle rods
- arp headstuds
- oem h22 headgasket
- Balance shaft delete
- competition clutch twin disc
- Port and polished head
- skunk2 valve springs and retainers
- Str cam gears
- crower stage 1 cams
- aluminium radiator with slim fan
- gsr transmission with itr lsd.
- qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
- k20 rbc manifold
- qsd throttle body spacer
- blox 70mm throttle body
- 4bar omni map sensor
- 6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
- hks bov
- Garret 102mm turbocharger.
- Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
- 44mm tial wastegate
- Custom water to air intercooler set up
- aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
- tuned on chipped p28
- 13 inch volks drag rims
- 2 15 inch volks rear rims
- arp extended wheel studs
- si cluster
- 150 shots of nitrous

should be good for about 250hp

It's weird talking to you, fucker. I'm a year older, shit's like looking in a mirror.

Hope you get it back ASAP, have you had word from the shop? I'm assuming they don't even have a new windshield cut yet or some massive backlog of cars to get to before you're up as always seems to be the case.

Actually had the engine rebuilt just after I bought it, and have only driven maybe 15k miles on it across 5 years since I got it, found a local bulldyke who'd used to work for the Mazda dealer shop relatively nearby, her rate was pretty good, I really need to see if I can dig her number up for anything I might need done in the future that I don't have the equipment to handle myself.


The windshield gets here 2 weeks from monday. They're doing the body work in the meantime. Lord, I can't fucking wait. And since mine is an insurance case, they prioritize it because they get paid more. I expect another 3 weeks though. Fuck, I'm dying.

I'm probably going to rebuild mine in the summer. Doing it myself. Shops here in Canada want a lot of money to do it. Shit man do you have whatsapp or kik or anything? I feel like we could probably shoot the shit


I fucked up, I don't use that, try kik and snapchat. Sorry, I'm 3 strong drinks into the evening and my mind is slipping.

Sounds good dude. I'll hit you up!

Ur gonna need more than that crochet rocket to win at race wars.

Fuck you dont need the cement uleh just get a fat sports bar and a truck liner

Okay so you have user's mother... That means you've still got $19990 to spend on a car for the touge.


>Buy Mitsubishi L200
>Uprate the suspension
>Steel plating under the whole car
>Brushguards because why not
>Snorkel because you never know

I will just go straight and forget about the turns.

Best idea so far

Integra type R dc2 with everything else in tires suspension and brakes

>weighs less than an Exige
>has more power

Foxes confirmed for uphill machines

>it's called the triton GLS sports

LS1+RX7=only logical choice


in EuroLand it's called the L200. Same shit probably.

no as in, there is a hardened sports model for what you described called the GLS sports
for you it would be the L200 GLS sports if you got it

Ever seen best motoring?

We europoors never got this.
The most we got is the Ford Ranger Wildtrak since this is the standard pick-up size here so they actually see all the work

>hardened sports model

Fullback cross

Completely, utterly tasteless.


these threads are so fucking autistic.
you people cant drive. it doesnt matter what car you have.
pick something you like not some meme machine.

reading u fags list mods with brand names is so cringe.

Honda DC2 and DC5 Integra Type-R would be my pick, can be had for much less than $20K.

- light weight
- relatively low cost/complexity drive train
- well engineered from factory to be driven relatively hard
- great brakes/disc size standard
- FWD is confidence inspiring for all skill levels
- enjoyable power level for driving 8 tenths and over
- longer wheel base over civics make it slightly more predictable to steer

- harder to find well maintained examples
- stereotypes