Who else born into a petite-bourgeois family here...

Who else born into a petite-bourgeois family here? Do you find yourself more or less motivated to seek wealth than those outside of that circumstance?

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I don't know if it's all proles or nobody wants to admit to being a bit boujie.

In some ways, yes, in others, no.

I come from an upper middle class family that made $300-400K a year and lived in a very nice neighborhood. I'm in college now.

There is definitely less value to the dollar. My dad deposits $50 on my account per week automatically, but if I use it up he'll add more without question. I usually spend like >$20 during the day on things like food, starbucks, etc. I usually go clothes shopping once a month and pick up a few nice things and spend like $200-$400.

However, with that being said, there definitely is much more of a drive for me to be successful to impress my parents. In high school, my private school was owned by a college so I was able to take university courses and basically completed a full undergrad (8 semesters) while I was there. I paid a lot more attention to my future and now I get very nervous about doing badly on assignments, even if they aren't worth much, and work a lot towards building reputations. Being boujie did make me more conscious of how individuals judge other people, so I've been able to establish pretty good friendships and connections.

>50 bucks a week

Are you kidding me?

define petite-bourgeois in 2017? i think many might think they are, but aren't. like many in the UK where i come from would consider themselves middle-class but it depends on how you define middle-class, as it used to have a strict meaning which has now changed.

give numbers if you think being petite-bourgeois based around numbers, or give an explanation of your circumstances at least.

>50 dollars a week
I got $30/month
CND too lul

So you feel that it adjusted the scale you view success in terms of, if I am understanding you correctly?

Same as it's always defined. Numbers matter, but less than they used to. It's a question of where the money comes from whenever you get up to six figures, if that means anything to you.

I'm from a high class petite bourgeois family and I think it motivated me to seek wealth because I'm used to the bourgeois lifestyle. I could never live the life of a proletarian, that would be so painful for me and therefore I strive to earn more than my parents. My father contributes to my capital as well if I'm being honest. He deposits 1000 euro each month so I can survive the city life. They also bought me an apartment in the city where I study.

See, my friends and I from that background get stuff like this done for us and it's kind of embarrassing to me but not for them.

>budget so that my internship pays for my needs
>have housing covered
>parents send money anyway
>friend who dropped out to smoke weed erry day has a paid for apartment, monthly four figure allowance, and will probably move into his rich girlfriend's small mansion soon where they will live off her dad's businesses that she's taking up responsibility for slowly

Here I am hiding my supplemental allowance out of shame for getting a handout.

Upper middle class in rich part of US, New England. Dad grew up in poor white neighborhood, saw drugs and welfare abuse first hand. His step brother and sister became crazy welfare leeches.

He rode the boomer wave and paid for his own college. Now he makes like 250k+ stock in a large company. Has close to 3mil net worth. He has a thick Boston accent, loves sports and Trump and is a semi alcoholic. He paid for my college and bought me a car, but his only advice is work hard. Never taught me personal finance or the importance of education.

His poor upbringing seems to haunt him still. I had little class consciousness until college, never knew we had a lot of money till I saw other people in huge debt. Was lazy in high school, but now I'm hungry as hell and don't want to reverse my fathers progress in the class struggle. I can see its very important to him, but he is too distant to acknowledge that and tries to be a hands off, do nothing parent. It was really detrimental growing up, but now I am taking my own initiative and have learned to be my own man.

Your father seems to have hopped classes. Do you note a difference in the way that you speak compared to the way that he speaks based on your upbringing?

Yeah he has a thick Boston accent, I speak without an accent despite growing up in mass, my mother has a very subtle New Yorky accent having grown up in Western CT( not greenwich)

I meant more in terms of your diction.

My family story is a weird one, we have inherited money but my dad was less educated growing up and didn't have access to money back then for various reasons. He often comments on how we speak differently, and it's based largely on educational background.

I would say so, but not too noticeable. He speaks really crudely when drunk, but he can turn on being articulate because he has to sound professional when he is in company conference calls and is also educated. The biggest difference is probably manners. He eats like a complete slob, burps and farts openly and finds it funny. He also let his health go and is kind of chubby, which is in contrast to the health consciousness of wealthy people. He kinda smirks at people who want to eat organic, but has grown accustomed to foods like kale due to my mom.

It's the small bits of acculturation and how they take then I suppose.

Come from 7 figs dad here. He got rich from working at a private firm as a lawyer. But when he first started out in his job, we were so poor that we couldn't afford christmas gifts. (but thats because my parents literally bought a million dollar house with a shitty salary along with other vacation houses.) I dont get why people think owning your own business is guaranteed wealth. Most of time, if it doesn't fail, youll only make around 200k, and youll be totally fucked in a shitty economy.

Personally, I scoff at people who think anything below 200k is high quality living. Yet, I dont plan to make as much as my Dad; my goal is to make 500k a year. I have no worries about student loans, rent, becoming homeless, surgery, and I have a 100 dollar monthly allowance i put into stocks. I constantly feel guilty about not studying hard in highschool and not being an ivy league school kid, and I hope I can get my act together to be a straight A student in my business school, which is in the top 20 in country. The reason why i did so poor in highschool is because i actually wanted to be an animator or comic artist, and have some small 50k a year job, and also, i was studying japanese 2 hours a day. But, i really need a wife desu, like, if im single by 30, i think i might off myself. To this day, whenever im with my dad in the car, i keep asking him, "please tell me how to get rich." and he always replies, "get good grades". And i say, "what about stocks?" dad says, "only if you're lucky". Am personally think my dad is a bear investor who thinks anyone who takes stock seriously is one of those get-rich-quick nimrods.

Really, all i want is a loving wife in the end, and just want to make enough to please her. I rather be poor and have good marriage that lasts for eternity than to have some sleezy political marriage. And it scares me how a lot of business kids are into the wolf of wallstreet lifestyle.

Your dad has 7 figs?

Really as long as you have the money to sustain yourself and your lifestyle it's cool, but most women want you to bring home a nice chunk of money. What I notice is that as money changes hands it does so in a particular time frame.

>Rich people wait until their 30's to have kids
>Fund their kids' education
>Either live long enough to provide for their grandchildren's education or die, leaving the money to do so
>Next gen of parents finance their kids education, manage the family estate, give their kids allowances and trusts etc

Being young and having access to all of the money upfront seems to be an anomaly that doesn't end well.

Yep. Really wish apprenticeships were around still, so i could just learn the craft when im young. My dad never taught me anything about his job. He just says to get good grades. I dont think im going to go for my dads profession though, i think im better suit as an accountant or business analysis guy.
Out of everything ive done in life, getting women is hardest thing for me. Im not even ugly: im 6' foot, workout, and have a nice face. I guess im just boring and uninteresting because i dont embraces meme culture. Im like, the biggest woman repellant i know. id do anything for a loyal and clingy wife, dont mean submissive, just loyal. Dont care if shes asian or western or what, there are so many people who just find these perfect girls by random no matter their economic status.

I was born into a very wealthy family, father has a PhD and is well known in sports and on TV. It's pretty much impossible for me to do one of those let alone both and surpass him. He refuses to let my brother and I take a dime of his money. But he buys my sister cars, a house, and child care when she fucked up and got pregnant. I graduated highschool after dropping out for a semester and he told me I had one month to move out.

Didn't want to go to college because debt, couldn't get a good job, can't live on minimum wage, so I joined the military. My contract is almost over and I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that.

I've always valued money, if I wanted to buy anything I had to earn it myself. Dad would give me $15 a week for food, which is plenty if you know how to spend it.

I seek and strive for wealth insanely hard. Being rich is all I think about, and it's extremely depressing.

I think there is a difference if you compare high income vs high wealth families.

Children of high income families that I've met put a lot of focus on career achievements, i.e. getting into the best universities, getting a job at a prestigious employer ect.

I was raised in a high wealth family and my entire life basically revolves around wealth management. I put a lot of value in running my investments efficiently and developing my portfolio, all the while trying to improve the economic growth and social conditions of my local area (creating jobs, developing real-estate ect.).

My main motivation is to continue a reputable family legacy, I see the actual profit as more of a means to that greater goal.

Social class is truly a marvel. It's not even that money based (although heavily correlated). Coming from a working class background, I've always been interested in those from upper classes. Grooming, hygiene, manner of speech (not just vocabulary size) and clothing style are all telling a story. Every upper class person I met was also focused on their children's education, both in academia and extracurricular things like sports and foreign languages. I know a family where two children fluently spoke six languages before graduating high school along with attending private piano and violin school and maintaining top grades in school. Meanwhile my parent's attitude was "why waste money on that, that's for rich people to waste time on".

You can try and learn to fake it like I did, but you can never have some things, like stellar education.

>Out of everything ive done in life, getting women is hardest thing for me. Im not even ugly: im 6' foot, workout, and have a nice face. I guess im just boring and uninteresting because i dont embraces meme culture. Im like, the biggest woman repellant i know. id do anything for a loyal and clingy wife, dont mean submissive, just loyal. Dont care if shes asian or western or what, there are so many people who just find these perfect girls by random no matter their economic status.
That's because you put women on a pedestal. Do you even hear yourself? You sound like that /r9k/ incarnate who shot up the school. Go fuck a hooker so you can stop thinking with your dick for 15 minutes.

How to get quality women 101:
>hygiene is a complete must
>lifting and being ripped improves your chances greatly
>don't be a needy whiny autist like you are right now
>seriously, being a needy thirsty awkward guy is a huge turn off, work on that
>if you look for women on places where shit tier women hang out, you'll find shit tier women; would you look for your wife in a welfare office waiting room?
>muh asian traditional waifu is a meme, date within your own race and origin, cultural differences are a bitch, you're a dumbass and best case scenario you'll be used for your citizenship
>have something going on in your life, university, hobbies, anything
>you need to have some value as a human being, think about it from a perspective of finding a friend; do you wanna be friends with the neet guy who spends his days jacking off in the basement or the funny interesting guy who you can have meaningful conversations with, do interesting things and in general have fun?
>find women within those respective communities that share your interests
>you now have a gf you can actually have a meaningful long term relationship with

>How to get quality women 101:
You forgot the last tip and the most meaningful one:
Have a lot of money so she can spend it on useless stuff like clothing and make up and shieeettt loooolllll hahaha

You gotta get laid man.

This is unfortunate. If you finish up college in the military, if you're in an AFSC/MOS/Rate that allows it, you can always commission. The military is a ladder for a lot of people.

High income is emphasized by people who don't necessarily have money, I think. A lot of those people wind up seeing the difference at some point, but by then it's hard to change your ways.

I feel sort of bad sometimes. I can't hide the stamp of it on me, and it's obvious to everyone I meet very quickly that my family must be well heeled.

Pretty much this.
I'm trying to use the internet to give myself a "classical education" but its still pretty slow.

The most noticeable distinction for me though, is the vocabulary barrier. My dad often accuses me of speaking in riddles instead of "plain simple English" because I assume that my interlocutor should be sharp enough to grasp context clues and simple idioms. Or he'll ask me what a word on TV means and then when I translate to layman he'll say, "Well why didn't they just say that? Instead they gotta make big fancy words just to confuse us normal folks!"
If I told him the real reason, that I can say in three syllables what he can say in three sentences, that would really set him off.

The thing is that I didn't really try to improve my vocabulary. I just spent my childhood playing medieval/fantasy games and reading mainstream literary classics back when school did compulsory reading.

I still haven't bridged the class gap, but with our differing world-views and knowledge-bases, we may as well be Frasier and Martin. Except sans laugh track and more passive aggression.

lol i've never even heard that term before, "petite-bourgeois". being rich sounds fuckin' gay desu. i'm outta here, Veeky Forums. i think i want to stay poor now. i don't want my kids to grow up talking fag.

I've not felt the same pressure that others have growing up, but my parents taught me the value of money despite my crippling laziness, as I've either worked or been skint.

Situation has changed somewhat recently. Just inherited £200k. Kicker is it's not really enough to buy more than >a fucking room anywhere I would actually want to live. Brooding on best course of action now, but I have lofty ambitions for it

It would be petit bourgeois or petite bourgeoisie

theme song of this thread

Tbqh it's nothing to feel bad about user.
>ooh you have manners, a large vocabulary, an excellent education and spend time on grooming and hygiene, what a loser
Said nobody sane ever

I'm not a native English speaker and in my own language I am well read and can switch from the default we da hood street type language and upper class grammar-and-pronunciation accurate speech, but I'm having difficulties with it in English. I really need to spend some time developing decent writing skills and reading modern literature to get a better feeling of what's a modern expression and what's just a anachronism that I picked up reading shit. Also using "I" too much, it just seems bad etiquette to overuse it in sentences, but I can't make them work without resorting to awkward structures and overusing passive tense (?). Cultural references are also a bitch to get sometimes, I'm basically severely lacking in Anglo-Saxon classics to understand half of them. I've spent maybe an hour on Shakespeare in highschool, briefly mentioning Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, it's insanely hard to get an obscure reference without re-reading the whole fucking western canon.

Anyways, I'd recommend learning by assimilation. Hang out with people you want to be like. Observe their mannerism. You won't get anything resembling the academic and social education a good highschool provides over the Internet. Just copy little by little the mannerisms and behavioural patterns they copied from their parents and teachers while growing up.

That's just the amount that gets automatically sent to me. I just ask him for more on my account whenever I run out and he provides. My realistic spending per week is probably like $300-$400.

This so much

yeah, I'm not too worried about literature. I like reading old books anyway.

I was mostly referring to non-vocational education. Stuff like Gymnastics, Music, Philosophy, etc. All the fun stuff that you can't make a living at, but improves your quality of life beyond that of a simple wagethrall.

Yes and something I realized is the only way you can change that and is by putting yourself into a shitty environment where every day is a struggle. It's very difficult to make yourself do the right thing unless you have no other option, then it becomes very easy.

It kind of held me back. I am coming back from there but its a tough ride. Parents grew up without anything and wanted me to live the exact opposing experience.

They were always very protective : "no user don't work, I'll give you money and you can focus on study type of things". No indecent amounts but enough to live well.

In the end I have felt for a long time that I had to much to lose to try anything. Never really learned to deal with a lot of shit on my own as well.

I never really felt a drive for anything, that's probably the drama of my life so far. I wish I was more hungry

>Mfw I recieve ~185 euros a week from my parents (mostly paid out twice a year). Feels good :^)

wtf you sound like an older version of my cousin. Father is a big-shot lawyer, lives in a nice house, studies japanese, loves anime and comics, struggling in school. The parallels are uncanny

I went to secondary school in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia, and I can tell you that a lot of the upper-class do not produce high achievers. Every weekend they party it up, smoke weed, go to the beach, muck around in class, what have you. They very clearly take it all for granted; the brand new mercedes for their birthday, the family's beach house free for the weekend, the infinite money allowance.

I found the 'renaissance' students to be those with middle-class backgrounds. They, like me, where hungry for success, and did everything to one-up the privileged.

That's eerily similar to my dad's life journey.

Very distant as well and semi-alky - but I turned out the opposite. Growing up all I saw was the pain and grief that working for the big corp caused him and that has zapped my motivation.

Well that's just, like, your experience man. I've known a lot of people like you mentioned, but they are literally one generation separated from starving farmers. Their mostly uneducated parents struck it big and give their kids money to fuck off so the parents enjoy their lives. The people I'm talking about is older money, at least three generations of earning and keeping money and providing education. It's not uncommon that somebody's great grandpa was an engineer or a scientist or a doctor... in the fucking 1920s, then his son started a small tool company, then his son expanded it greatly. That's hundred years of life being comfortably in the 1%.

I'm trying to focus on rich successful families here though, of course there are rich plebs as well.

>upper middle class
are you that out of touch with society or just that stupid?
Your family is considered part of the top 1% of earners

A decade ago, 18% of households had six figure incomes - that could be as easy as 2 entry level nurses. $300-400k isn't that much in comparison.

Damn. Just googled and 1% in 2013 was defined as over $429k/yr

And it's all bullshit given we're taxed out the ass.

Somehow we can "make" $300k, but we only see $195k - or much less if that includes commissions.

i didnt mean to get specific 300-400k is actually top 1-3%
An entry level nurse is not making 100-200k

youre came to the wrong person to complain about paying 100k in taxes and still taking home 195k
I make less than 20k a year trying to get through school and just survive since i was kicked out of my parents house lol

>2 entry level nurses
Any nurse with a little OT can clear $80k

Not my salary specifically, just bemoaning the fact that you never see anywhere close to what you're told you make.

FWIW, I worked for $6.25 while in college. After union dues and taxes, I saw $3/hr. When I realized it took 90-100 hours a month to pay rent for an apt I was renting with 2 other guys, I walked out.

two nurses making 80k doesnt equal 300-400k
and working 90-100 hours a month is part time. Most people dont have the luxury of being able to just walk out on their job