Buying a car - UK

19 and from the UK, working as a 'senior' back-end developer for a financial company.

Looking at buying a car since I can't be fucked spending 3 hours per day travelling to and from work on public transport.

Anyone got any advice on what's best? PCP, leasing or just straight up buying?

Image attached is car, worth around £23k + £2.5k for insurance

going to tell you straight up, the Jews here will tell you to get a rusty civic or some shit. Honestly get a car you will enjoy driving, and be comfortable in. You have a three hour commute so you better enjoy it.

The CLA is ok but it doesn't feel like a true Mercedes Benz. If you want a Benz but don't want to break the bank go for a C class. Test drive the both of them back to back and you'll understand what I mean.

I can personally recommend the BMW 4 series however. Same price range, much more fun to drive.

Don't lease, as you end up with no equity while still having to pay for maintenance. Buy but don't buy brand new and never buy out of warranty. You should buy a certified pre owned vehicle. They come with bumper to bumper warranties for 4-6 years and if you're a good negotiator you can get years of free maintenance as well.

Pic related is the 4 series coupe

Yeah I've looked at a few BMW's but I like the sporty look of the C/Cla class. I should be test driving a few soon.

And I see what you mean, but what if I want a new car every 3/4 years? Buying seems like I'd just get fucked over in that situation. I've spoke with a few people who enjoy cars and they've said they've hated driving the same car for the past 10 years

Dont buy a CLA, You'll be lumped with the entry model plebs. Honestly just go C class its better anyways.

Well it depends how long your term of financing is then. You could finance on a 5 year plan and then if you decide you want a new car 3 years in you can use it as a trade in and benefit from the positive equity.

>buying a car instead of just moving closer to work
you are retarded

Yeah I think I'll probably end up doing something along the lines of that, pretty social person so I'll see if I can squeeze anything else out of sales guy

Nah, I can see why you'd think that'd be a decent solution, since I gave vague details about my current travel situation.

Currently takes me an hour and thirty minutes to get into work because I have to walk to the station, get 2 trains which are awkwardly timed, and walk to work.

In a car it'd only take me 30 minutes to get into work.

You're 19. Buy a low mileage reliable vehicle and save money for a few years then buy an expensive vehicle

>falling for the expensive car meme
Dude get a cheap reliable car, all cars are money pits

>CLA 220
>Not a C63 AMG
Nice meme

Already got more than enough money for an expensive car, buying a shit car first would just be even more of a money sink

Lmao, I really wish, I'd get one if I could even get an insurance quote on a 6.2L engine car

Not really here for the car, just wondering how you got the job and what is that you do. I started web dev when I was 20, 23 now and still a juniour. :/

Fuck off Scotty

Dont go for generic mainstream luxury cars, i know you want to stand out from the peasants you encounter daily.
For 30k usd you can get something fast, and i hope you dont want diesel cuckery.
Try some used porsches, amg 45, m3, audi ttrs, scirocco r, megane rs, basically cars that dont stand out but pack a punch.
Dont buy new.

Just buy a used car outright.

>he pays rent
How does it feel paying for nothing?

there are so many factors to consider
>time spent in area
>space needs
>work load
>commute time
>car depreciation
>quality of life

I live close to my office in a big city and it was the best decision I ever made. Well worth the 2500$ rent. Especially when I make 120k a year lmao

>2500 rent
>30k/year for virtually nothing
>best decision i made

You will pay for the landlord's house in about 7 years. Do you call it "the cuckshed"?

>comute time and car depreciation.
>he doesen't have a civic to rev to 9k

Missing out on a big life pleasure i see.

You're a teenager, by the nicest looking cheap shitbox you can stomach and run it ragged till you're 25 or something.

You will get anally ravaged for a good few years on insurance, especially if you get a nice car. If money is no object though finance second hand through a manufacturer dealer and get shit like gap insurance, unless you're a richfag and buy in one go do whatever the fuck you want.

You're a massive wanker if you buy a Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover or Lexus mind.

ask Veeky Forums

Why do these cucks allways mention insurance when you can and should write the car under your parents name?
Its not even being smart at this point, just not being retarded.

how the fuck did you get a 23k programming job without university? How did you even swing the interview?

come to America and get a bigger car, you cuck.

Leasing isn't a bad idea with credit so cheap. Explored the opportunity for a company car?
If you're buying new, get yourself a derv and save on fuel. I'd be more drawn to Skodas, Fords etc than German cars but that's a personal preference. If you're dead set on a nice badge, buy a 2nd hand jag outright. They depreciate like fuck because people trade in for newer models.

Did a software development apprenticeship out of highschool, swung the interview and worked my way up by putting in dumb hours

Main problem is insurance, CLA seems to be one of the few luxury cars I can get insuranced on without spending over £10k

Don't pay rent, currently have no living expenses apart from the train to work :^)

Pretty sure listing your parents as the main driver when you're the main driver is insurance fraud but yanooo

And how the fuck are they suposed to know? If you get in a wreck you can say you were exceptionally driving it.

Unless of course, you are a moralfag. Are you?

Think I swung the interview a bit desu, but I've been programming since I was young and had commercial experience from an apprenticeship so not too surprising I guess

Nah I'm good bud

Because if I crash the car whilst commuting to work during peak hours, they can probably put 1 and 1 together and realise that I drive it to and from work everyday, making me the main driver.

I'd have no proof to counteract this, as I imagine they'd ask to see proof that I'm still getting the train everyday

Lmao why change t.b.h to desu, fucking weeaboo scum

>what is no claims bonus

>the Jews here will tell you to get a rusty civic or some shit
A reliable (not rusty) Japanese econobox is the way to go when you're 19. CLA and C Class are both shit tier Mercedes. You're not fooling anyone into thinking you have a real luxury car. Save yourself some money and get yourself a low mileage Accord. If you want a little power get the V6.

And you won't get no claims either.

If you're not bothered about owning then see about a lease. Do not lease from a dealer. They charge hundreds more. Check out somewhere like freedom contracts or lings cars.

If you want something cheap and cheerful

First year driver - 18

this is a 1998 BMW 316i 1.6

£1300 a year to insure

rearwheel drive and you can tell the women you drive a BMW right?

>19 years old

How much do you make? this could kill you financialy but if you have the money to burn id lease it.

I drive a punto which costs £500 to insure,already fell for the expensive car meme.

>A rusty shitbox is the way to go when you're 19
Yeah, if you're piss poor
OP makes $120k a year, he doesn't have to drive a shitbox

Insurance is based on engine displacement and driver sinister record (i think)
Just get a 2.0 turbo to go arround that.

About £44k

Not really looking for a fast car, just something that's nice on the eyes and doesn't sound like a moped struggling to get up a hill

>19 year old looking for a Merc

Don't be an idiot. Get a Focus ST or an RS

Did not know that, thanks a lot

And yeah I'll check them out, dealers seem to fuck you over with the amount of miles you can drive before paying an excess

But then she'll see it and be like why are u driving your gdads first bimmer;//

Have around £2k per month disposable