Any reason why they didn't send this prototype to Amuro?

Don't you all find it very strange they gave this very advanced prototype to a nobody, meanwhile Amuro, the best pilot was still with the RX-78?

Seems to be even more advanced than the GP-01 and GP-03.

Because Thunderbolt isn't the same canon as UC and also this is after the OYW where Amuro has been locked up.


Why call it a G-Head instead of a Gundam, its already a RX-79.

Since this is after the OYW I assume Amuro is under house arrest.
That question is really only applicable to the first part of thunderbolt when Amuro was active with the White Base.

Even then, the federation never loved Amuro. He had to get his magnetic paint job out of his own pocket. He was just a great big target that managed to get all the hate from the space kingdom.

>implying the shapeshfting white devil wasn't far superior

People have been asking this since the Alex was invented.
Which is made worse since the Pale Rider exists and was given to a random game-only Newtype loli.
This is just another hyper-advanced MS for the pile of "stuff Amuro probably could have one-shotted Char with but didn't get."

Though, considering how ugly it is, it's better that it's relegated to bitch-tier and given to Io because Io's a cunt like everybody else in Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt isn't canon

Pale rider was in the testing phase still, and was beyond top secret,

Because it's a specialized prototype designed for use in extreme conditions being given to a decorated veteran known for surviving a front with extreme conditions.

>was in the testing phase still, and was beyond top secret,
Nearly every Gundam technically is! To the point that we can only question why the Federation bothers to call the perfectly-functioning high-powered MS Gundam-types they build prototypes at all, since they're not so much "concept cars" as "one-use (because we never really see them after their first use in a campaign) anti-MS/Zeon nukes" for all we've seen them used for!

Do Char and Amuro even exist in this timeline? We see the Psycommu Zaku being used because the Zeong was still being worked on so that means that Char would be going out in a Gelgoog but we don't even get the vaguest of hints of his or Amuro's presence throughout the whole story.

Other side stories have always had some sort of reference but I don't even recall the Gundam being called a White Devil here.

Can you use any more exclamation points?

The original Gundam resulted in the GMs, you can assume there were other prototypes competing for the Federation budget and were too expensive or stuff.

Most we see is a Red Zaku in the Manga during the opening shit, not in the sector but kinda like the intro thing 0079 did. I don't know if it was in the Anime I haven't watched it just read the manga. (still need to catch up now that I think about it)

Beyond that I don't know.

This is a privately funded Gundam. More, by the time of Zeta, Amuro is arguably fighting against an arm of the Federation.

Technically, the Gundam MKII is more advanced than the Atlas Gundam. The Zeta is worlds more advanced, because of the Biosensor. (By the end of Zeta, it's become increasingly clear that Newtypes are the future of warfare.)

Remember that Amuro's on house arrest at this point. The absolute last thing he wants to do is to go back to war - He only gets back in the swing of things during Zeta.

kek I like how everything in the JewTube comments were triggered by saying this wasn't canon

Yes, they exist. The Zeongs you see are Unit 2 and Unit 3 (in the manga). Also, the child pilots are sent out in the hopes of finding another Amuro Ray.

You have to understand that the OYW was a massive conflict. A Bao Qu is the largest engagement in human history. (Larger, in fact, than any engagement we've ever fought in the real world.)

There were literally dozens of Gundams, prototypes and Mobile Armors deployed in the fighting. This was the end of the war, there was no tomorrow, and everyone was acting like it. Stuff like the MS Igloo Big Rang, Jonny Ridden, and whatever sidestories that have been written can all co-exist alongside the clash between Char and Amuro.

It's just so fucking massive. Remember that Char and Amuro are important figures, but it's unlikely that your average pilot has ever met them. In the postwar era? Forget about it.

Didn't they even say that the Alex was on the way to Amuro, but they didnt get to ship it out before the events of War in the Pocket, and then the war ended.

Mobile armors are a continuation of the Mk2 technological advances, so those in particular shouldn't be present in the OYW, maybe as a very basic add on ir failed prototypes, but nothing actually functional in battle.

It's official. It belongs to a different continuity but it's still officially recognized by Sunrise. It's not some retarded fancanon manga anymore.

It's implied IIRC. Chris mentions how sensitive the controls are and they say it's for some newtype or something along the lines. The mecha profiles outside of the show confirmed it was Amuro.

This is UC-AU and not cannon but since "real" gundam fans go through withdrawal if they can't some content that deals with the OYW again with another super secret R-78(XXX) prototype every other year.

It was privately funded by the Fleming Corporation after the OYW was over


Can you really call it that when the author basically had no restraints from Sunrise and could do whatever he wanted and is basically an Alternate-UC?

Don't forget "Strange Exotic" GM/Zaku variants

>Thunderbolt isn't canon

Thunderbolt is canon.

Amuro was too busy sitting around jacking off in his opulent mansion.

>the Pale Rider exists and was given to a random game-only
The only reason that the Pale was constructed was because Graves, main antagonist, pulled strings to construct it. Plus Graves was waging a secret war against all Anti-Revil feddie higher ups.

Amuro is a meme.

Atlas is 6 months after the war ends. Amuro was under house arrest.

Possibly the Vist foundation may have a hand as well, at least financially.

The pet creation of Tubular Vist, Cardeas' lesser known beach bum brother.

That doesn't give it the ability to be more advanced than the ALEX and G04/G05 series.

I mean, I could use three of them in a post? Because there's two in that one.

I thought the Japanese weren't really that big into canon.

info from the latest manga chapter:
-Kaufman's Mad Angler arrived at the Dolos submarine base
-Claudia is going to be interrogated but receives a newtype message while going deeper in the base
-Acguys going back to the Zock.
-Billy believes in Raven Fu fucking with Daryl's mind as the only explanation for the kiss.
-Kaufman summons Sebastian to the bridge and asks if wants to change his path now that he knows a true newtype exists, i.e. if he will join the monk faction
-Daryl visits Carla and she now remembers the Thunderbolt Sector battle. He vows to defend her

Basically something big is finally going to happen. I think Kauffman will finally show his true colors to everyone and depart with Daryl and Carla so Raven Fu can complete the Psycho Zaku. Claudia will probably be used to extract some info from the commander and/or assist the escape via NT magic. I don't think Daryl's group will join the monks for now

>still arguing about muh canon
holy fuck guys I thought this whole idea would be easier to comprehend for english speaking people

you know how there's like different comics or animations or movies of the same series that aren't necessarily in one continuity or connected to one another? But they are still officially recognized, published, and have merchandise? Super heroes? Transformers?

Because it fucks over established canon and technical limitations of the era it's set in.

Thunderbolt is as canon as Unicorn.

By which I mean it isn't canon at all.

It's almost as if shoehorning so much content in and around the OYW added inconsistencies.

You don't say!

Now this shitposting

Apparently they're not, if they cared about canon it wouldn't have gotten the greenlight to be animated. I'm not even sure why there's a debate about it.

The main issue is that they gave total freedom to the manga artist, but now are trying to say that the anime is official continuity with all the backstory stuff they're adding about Thunderbolt's custom models for the anime (like in the site and stuff, not the show).

What? There are tons of mobile armors in the OYW. Are you thinking of movable frame? lol

>You do realise that each work is basically it's own canon?
>B-but that fucks over established canon!

Come on man.

There is no official continuity you retard. There's only official status, which means Sunrise is like "Yeah we think that's cool."

MSG TV and movies have a different time line for the White Base's trek across the Earth but they're both official. Zeta TV vs ANT both official even though ZZ can only occur with Zeta TV's ending and CCA references the events of ZZ and Unicorn directly spins off of CCA.

The point is even in one "Era" there are multiple continuities that are chalked up to differences in historical record, as if Gundam shows are actually retellings of historical records rather than a live viewing of events.

Amuro was a buzzsaw in the RX-78 and the most sacred law of engineering is "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

>There is no official continuity you retard. There's only official status, which means Sunrise is like "Yeah we think that's cool."
They aren't just "Yeah we think that's cool", they're also adding all this stuff about how the Thunderbolt redesigns are actually custom models created due to lore reasons they're making up in official publications.

They could just have gone with the manga's take, and ignored the continuity issues since it wasn't made to be tied by it in the first place, but for whatever reason they aren't doing that and are trying to explain away everything.

>They aren't just "Yeah we think that's cool", they're also adding all this stuff about how the Thunderbolt redesigns are actually custom models created due to lore reasons they're making up in official publications.

They always were custom models partially funded by the Moore Brotherhood and Io's dad. Hell, the entire FAG was basically a private commission.

Because this is the inherent problem with prequel stuff, creators cant help but put the coolest, most advanced things in a prequel even if it begs the question "wait, where did all the advanced shit go in the original work?"

Say what you want about Star Wars doing that, but at least the OT tech was actually more advanced than the prequel tech, it just wasn't nearly as shiny.

Why not have Thunderbolt take place way later than the OYW? Set it a few years after Unicorn where the few surviving Sleeves go rogue despite Mineva's plea to stand down or whatever.

It just looks more advanced because its joints are reverse engineered from Zeon aquatic mobile suits

Atlas is also very finicky and requires a lot of downtime and maintenance after battles

But look at AoZ MSs, they "look" way more technical for prototype test beds of Gryps Era suits.

There is a Canon

OYW ->0080->0083-0087-0088-0093-0096-F91-Victory
Thunderbolt is its own continuity outside of the main canon were they can do their own thing.

If we're going to talk different background settings, I'd rather they'd gone with ZZ. At least that would have opened the door to much more interesting designs and an underused setting; it wouldn't even have had to be AEUG vs Zeon, it could have been aces from the Glemy and Haman faction battling it out and you'd still have had a similar story.


>it's unlikely that your average pilot has ever met them. In the postwar era? Forget about it.
Pretty sure someone in Zeta or ZZ had a flashback about randomly meeting him.

Just Luke there are Countless Zeke aces, there are countless gundam made around the OYW to milk the setting till the end of time.

It's after the OYW, at that point Amuro was "relaxing" at his house.
In any case, he wouldn't need it, the RX-78 was more than enough for him.

It really doesn't, though. It's just using unconventional technology. Call me when it can launch a nuke, use Psycommu, or strap itself to a whole arsenal.

They weren't exactly, especially not the zeon stuff. There's a page showing the thunderbolt Zaku II (Including a Char red one) taking part in operation british with no vanilla zaku around. You never see any side using any of the original designs as they don't exist in Thunderbolt.

The Apsalus II was around that period and it punched a whole through a mountain. I fucking buy some silly air skis and a railgun.

So far it's done nothing the original Gundam hasn't already done...

It just looks funky. People are forgetting that the Gundam, jumped so high that Garma thought it could straight up fly because it achieved flight altitude instantly. Hell, the RX-78-2 could probably have just jumped straight up to the Komusai instead of guzzling gas.

And railguns are a weapon that GMs from MSV equipped.

So far the only suspect thing is the long beam saber but even the RX-78-2 had funky melee weapons like the beam javelin

The long beam saber is reminiscent to the Physalis' Beam Saber, which could be adjusted for potency.

manga beam saber is like 70~80 meters in length UNDERWATER

They gave the coolest one to Amuro

doesnt this show make it look like zeon was not defeated in the one year war
then that makes 0083 all fucked up??? what the hell is going on
also a fucking dolos underwater??? what the fuck
I loved the manga and the show up until the final battle of the one year war and then everything literally went full retard with monks taking over half of earth???

>all this arguing about continuity over a 20-minute toy commercial made in '79

"Gundam was a mistake." - Yoshiyuki Tomino

Thunderbolt is canon to Thunderbolt it doesn't fuck up continuity because it exists as a self-contained thing it's as canon to 79-Zeta-ZZ as Wing or 00

You're all pretending, right?
Nobody could really be this dense.

the tech tho

>Sunrise finishes Thunderbolt
>Over the next decade they reboot UC, Thunderbolt's timeline is to 0079 what SW Canon is to SW Legends

How would you guys feel about this?

>Typical Japanese military tradition.
>They allow the new pilot the new craft, expecting the more experienced on to excel without the assistance of the cutting edge technology.

>best pilot

He's still a kid. No way feddies would want to put all their eggs in one basket. White base was a decoy. They're gonna save their other experimental suits for actual federation pilots.

They are prototypes because after testing they are usually used to make cheaper massed produced versions. The better performing versions are necessary so that better data could be collected.

He's probably getting actual mobile armors (which existed before Zeta, like the Big Zam or Neue Ziel) with the 'mobile armor' modes of Gryps-era tech.

Or he's just retarded, either/or.

*confused with

This is the alternate UC Universe.

Amuro died in Battle of A Baoa Qu along with Char.

so what happens during the events of Zeta and ZZ in the Thunderbolt timeline?

...We don't know, because right now the setting is in the middle of 0080.

Given the progress of Thunderbolt's timeline so far...

The same exact bloody thing?

Thunderbolt is just to the OYW what Endless Waltz was to Gundam Wing; changing up designs to sell toys. They've given no indications that anything is different aside from a few model numbers and a subplot about radical Buddhists (which I still can't say with a straight face) seceding from the Federation. The most dynamic thing I can say about the differences between Thunderbolt's timeline and the original is that the Zeon Remnants in the ocean are using a Dolos as a seabase, which given proper UC's propensity for adding inane bullshit that shouldn't be possible given pre-established lore, i wouldn't really put it past them either.

>random game-only N
Then it's irrelevant? Duh? In what anime franchise are spin off games ever Canon? Fuck the Lain PSX game was supposed to be of equal importance as the anime like a sortve multimedia project and people have forgotten it completely

Are you so blind that you didn't see the big UNIT 2 on that Zeongs shoulder? Did you watch it Raw?

>and a subplot about radical Buddhists
If you meet the Buddha in a Mobile Suit, kill him.

They literally say in 0080 that they're planning on sending it "to that kid on the White Base"

>still no paranormal version of OYW
Dammit where's Ghiren dabbing in the occult and having the spear of longinus?


Gundam has officially run out of ideas. Why can't this franchise just die already?


also its an AU


Hate to break it to you man, but thunderbolt is UC-AU. No Amuro, no Char.

yeh, but the manga underwater battle proves what a PoS Atlas actually is, too.

They hate Tem.

Where does this meme come from?

With all the money the Federation spent on R&D for all those gimmicky prototypes, they could have just mass-produced the project V suits.

this, they are salty

The reason is simple dumbass. Thunderbolt wasn't even on the papers when they made the 0079 Gundam.

There's definitely still an Amuro and Char. The Gundam wouldn't have the reputation it did in the OVA when the Living Dead Division saw it for the first time if it weren't for Amuro's feats (remember, the other Gundams in the OYW are barely even acknowledged in-universe by anyone else in UC outside of their respective ongoing stories assuming they go beyond the OYW. Amuro's RX-78-2/02 is the only one that matters to the people of UC) and the Zeongs seen in Thunderbolt exclude unit 001, which is Char's unit that saw combat at A Baoa Qu.

We have every reason to assume still an Amuro and Char in Thunderbolt's setting, considering just about everything else in the OYW parts of the story line up rather nicely whether or not it's considered an Alt-UC. The artist did make an effort to avoid anything conflicting with their existence within the framework of the OYW's most well-known story.

As for why Amuro never got the FA-78 or RX-78AL, the reasoning is simple; the former was acquired by the Moore Brotherhood due to their financial contributions to the war effort (basically, they bought the bloody thing) the Thunderbolt sector's route to A Baoa Qu is strategically important enough to justify a Gundam's presence there, and there's no reason to assume Amuro would even need it, since the RX-78-2 needed a upgrade to the joints at that point, not armor. The latter didn't exist until after the war, when Amuro was no longer serving in combat.

Or bad writing