Why is this board called Business & Finance, instead of Entreprenure & Finance?

Why is this board called Business & Finance, instead of Entreprenure & Finance?

I say tomato you say tomato,
Who gives a fuck

>instead of Entreprenure & Finance?
Because apparently people would have a hard time spelling it, let alone figure out what the correct noun is.

And /ent/ isn't exactly an evocative board name...

Because entrepreneurs are businessmen/women you dumb fuck.

Because not every businessman is an entrepreneur, but every entrepreneur is a businessman.


u mad bro?

How much did the cup and umbrella cost OP?

It should be called "wantrepenure and bitcoins", honestly

well, less then €5 so it's good

>pay €3.99 for cup and umbrella
Yes, this is very good (Also, it needs to be less than €4 b/c the melon costs €1).

>customer cut himself with the umbrella
>sues you

>jury awards $900,000,000,000 Trumpcoin for personal anguish

Come on, dude, the shitty umbrella costs mere cents if you buy in bulk. And the glass you can re-use. I'd be more concerned about the price of the liquid than either of the two. If it's alcoholic it's by far the most expensive thing on the product.

Also, the €1 melon seems to last for at least 20 drinks, judging by the picture.

There definitely are a few slices of melon along with that drink. We don't know if the glass is being sold along with the drink. The image doesn't provide this information. Finally, the liquid could be water or watered down alcohol, which is much cheaper.

bitch please it's just an example picture, not an actual Excel sheet of how to get rich quick scheme

lol man EPIC response! ^^
Say, which Pennystock should I invest my $300 savongs in???? what bout them bitcoins lmao @ nocoiners LOL watch my $6.74 revenue


>consume 1 + 1/4 melon to make one drink

Jesus christ..

Bitcoins, neets and dumb scams

>customer cuts himself on watermelon
>you violated the NAP
>shoots tomahawk missile at you

Why do some people call your mom a whore, when really she is a slut?

>not making it a alcoholic drink so you can get a bigger profit from it

Sm h


because nobody here is an entrepreneur.

what it should be called is scams & bitcoin