Buy pepe

Buy pepe

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Are there people on this board who don't hold PEPECASH?


I've analyzed the fundamentals of PEPECASH and concluded that it is severely under-priced.

is there some way i can buy pepecash with paypal?



Buy bitcoin then get PEPECASH from

if u think u can handle it

To the moon.

Pepecash is destined to hit the big leagues. Not a matter of if, just when.

Who wants to trade some?


First to get dubs gets a picrelated.

When is the game gonna be released?

Ohhh mannn

If anyone wants to donate for student poorfag:


I put all my money into this

Have fun being poor no-coiners!

PEPE to the moon lads! Were gonna be rich.

Deplorable. Gonna wait for a peak and crush this with 800k usd short sell. Will post here.

I'm trying to buy Pepe-cash but man, its taking forever to transfer my BTC from Yobit to Tux so I can do it. Any chance the coin is going on a slightly more popular exchange any time? I'm kind of amazed Yobit didn't have it considering they take all sorts of shit coins.

there's delays with transactions atm, dont worry youre not the only one.

lets do it lads


all for kek, remember anything dubs or more is instant donation on my part for the sake of random numbers.

Can you pay off yachts with PEPECASH or will I have to convert it into USD first?

Where else is Pepecash being advertised? Is this massive volume increase just coming from Veeky Forums threads?

I made a thread on /pol/ earlier. Lots of autism in it though.

shilling hard

They have a few ads on regional British TV channels.

Really? Thats news to me. Which ones?

how do i more BTC i can't trade anymore

'Made in Tyne & Wear' and 'NVTV'

can you stake pepecash?

No, it's a counterparty asset.

new cards when? none of the ones I look at have any transaction activity

if anyone wants to send me a non-rare: 1ESACsdAj5vYfaLTDmyYogNtNCfNfpNNyq

How much pepecash do you guys have? 193K here. Wish I had bought more.

mine are all in pepe cards but a bit more than that. i dont think you should stop buying now if you can afford it. i think it will continue climbing.


I might throw in some of the money I have left but I don't have much.

why arent pepe shills being banned?
fuck off dumb frogposters

You got peped

how the hell do i buy on tuxexchange how do i get money in to this thing

You can either buy BTC, then send it to your deposit address on Tuxexchange and buy Pepecash there directly, or you can buy XCP, send the XCP (plus a bit of BTC for fees) to a rare pepe wallet and buy Pepecash with XCP + BTC fees. Using Tux is way easier if you just wanna invest in Pepecash but if you wanna actually trade rare pepes you'll have to use the second method with a rare pepe wallet.

how do i explain to friends and family that i got rich off pepes

You don't. Family are just leeches on money that can be used to buy more pepes.

huge dump incomingggggggh

Ok I'll bite. Is this a ruse? Wtf even are you faggots talking about?

still workin on learnin all this shit

what up pepe's im trying to get rich quick lets start brain storming. is ccex worth it?


pepe fully torqued. 1000+ sat inc.

Is there a reason why Pepecash is only on Tux even though it's bigger than most shitcoins on Yobit/CCex/Bittrex?

This. Just go on the tux discord. Total pump n dump.

What's the discord link?

PEPE to the moon! Big Counterparty spike today too!