Best American Sports Car Period

Name a better American- hell, better modern sports car than the turbo sky/redline?

>warrantied $600 factory boost up to 290 hp and 340 lb·ft of torque (only ECU flash and map sensors)
>forged internals and lower compression ratio than any Miata (can run significantly more boost stock)
>front/rear double wishbone suspension
>sports car tier short wheelbase (0.1 inches longer than an FD and 0.6 longer than an S2000)
>Can be had for $4-8K

What more could you honestly want o?

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in a word


not American garbage


my buddy might be buying one tomorrow

Tesla doesn't make sports cars

they make RC cars

Pontiacs have ok reliability.

your buddy has some of the best taste in the world mayne


That's not how you spell Saturn

First gen miata 1.8L peaked at 9.0/1 compression. 94/95 had 8.8/1.

9.4 for the 1.6L cars, but they're pretty pointless for performance when the 1.8L exists.

99-00 is still only 9.5/1

Corvettes are better sports cars and just make you look old instead of gay and/or old and/or female

gayer than a Miata and much more ugly

>Best American sports car


Now that I've pointed out your stupidity, the answer is Corvette

ya okay buddy don't lie

>9.0/1 compression. 94/95 had 8.8/1

I stand corrected, but they are not forged

Not far off

>tfw a gxp coupe is like 30 grand though

>Sports cars

Pick one and only one
Corvettes are performance cars (minus the pre-C5 generation for their short wheelbases)

>actually being this autistic

you were saying

>he doesn't understand the difference between sport, performance (super sport), and exotic and/or supercar

sorry for your loss

>Corvettes are performance cars

yeah sports cars like theyve been heralded as since day 1

I'll admit when I've been bested, although everywhere I look they're at least 10k

what part of pre-C5 did you not understand?

Long wheelbase, heavy, powerful cars are not sports cars. They are performance cars (previously known as super sport).

>he just makes up these autistic classifications and spergs out when people don't magically agree with these fictional categories

sunday is autism awareness day, everyone

theyve been sports cars since day 1 and still are

They changed

the definition of sports car has not

The post C4 Corvettes are sport grand tourers (Gran Turismo) or high performance bordering on super/exotic now. I agree that they are no longer sports cars.

nah theyre still sports cars

a "performance car" would be any car made for performance of which sports cars fall under

They're all 10k where I live, might as well get a c5 or a mustang mach 1.

>actually arguing over definitions for types of cars that don't even have a commonly agreed upon definition

imagine being this person

grand tourers are made to be comfortable cruisers with power

Corvettes lack the comfort

theyre like bare bones cheap 2 seater cars made to go fast

the basic definition of a sports car

sports cars has a commonly agreed upon definition

a Corvette falls under it

sorry ur just a fucking tard


>A sports car (sportscar) is a small, usually two seater, two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling.


why are you all so retarded?
It's neither small nor nimble. It's over 3200 lbs wet, long wheelbase and body, and is meant for high speed PERFORMANCE driving.

>implying i am even a part of that argument
you're both fucking tards lol

and corvette by definition does not fall under it

you're literally copypasting wikipedia definitions to argue with other fucktards on the internet

please step back, contemplate what poor decisions you made that got you here, then kill yourself

>you're stupid and not allowed to state facts with sourced information

Don't care, it's still true the post-C5 is not a sports car BY DEFINITION

Im sorry user

ur just stupid af

its 2017 and 3200 lbs is light

a goddamn Solstice weighs 2900 with a shitty 4banger lmao

it doesnt handle that well either

so a Solstice isnt a sports car if the Corvette isnt


>3200 lbs is light

i.e. see Boxster, S2000, Miata, 4C etc

C5 is not small or nimble


>Definition of sports car : a low small usually 2-passenger automobile designed for quick response, easy maneuverability, and high-speed driving


a Corvette

gotta love the retard that just shitposts constantly and tries real hard to be an edgelord

the average car weighs 4000 lbs these days

3200 is light

it also outperforms all those cars lmao

They didnt make a chevy version

That's not the definition

C5 is large and not nimble. It's made for high speed performance.

You're just an idiot. Go read the definition of a sports car and explain how the C5 is small and made for nimble spirited driving (and not performance driving).

>Performance cars of various configurations are grouped as Sports and Grand tourer cars[14] or, occasionally, as performance cars.

It's right there on the fucking wiki page

hmm there was an user who posted their shifting sequence of their solstice on one of those "draw your shift sequence" threads the other day

I've been reading up on these after I discovered them last month and so far I like what I see. My one complaint is the one that everyone has and it's that if you DD this car there's little to no trunk space especially after the top is folded down. The car was never supposed to be manufactured but here we are. Since they've been discontinued for almost 10 years, unless the odometer reads 0, they cost between 5 to 10 grand (at least the ones I've seen on craigslist in Texas are that aren't gxp).

also it's cute as fuck look at it

lmao my definition is from an actual dictionary not Wikipedia

fucking pleb

Vettes are sports cars

>an actual dictionary


>there's little to no trunk space

It's where your pride goes when you settle for the horrid looks, but perfect performance design.

Merriam Webster bruh car

and yes the definition has changed since it used to refer to racing type cars only so only something like pic related was a sports car

>those side vents

> car
>low small
Again, it's not small
Mind explaining why your SMALL 2 seater sports car is larger than a Corolla or Civic?


2000 Corolla Station Wagon length
>4,340 mm (171 in)

2000 Corvette
>179.7 in (4,564 mm)

Nuff said


nice job proving nothing much bruh

its still a small and low car

>its still a small and low car

For you

Well this thread devolved into autism.

the C4 is small, C5 is not


176.5 in
179.7 in

fucking lmao at your retarded ass standards

Americans really don't know what a sports car is

>what is wheelbase

also C3 Corvettes are longer than both but somehow they get a pass lmao and a C2 comes in at 179.3

something that gives the older cars a retarded looking overhang

small cars have short wheelbases

no surprise the C4 is within less than an inch of wheelbase as other REAL sports cars

Corvettes have been comfortable since the C5

They aren't luxurious, but they are comfort, good seats with good ride

yet its just as big as a C5 and looks retarded due to overhang

fucking fanboy losers lmao

The mustang is more of a sports car.
This guy got it

the Sports Car Club of America classifies the Mustang in the "American Sedan" class
C4 is still rightfully sports car

This thread quickly developed into someone not knowing what a sports cars is and trying to force any sporty-lookining car to fit in, while trying to call the other faggot an autist. Great j/o/b.

Pic related, the best sports car America ever made.


Does it have the performance package :^)

Keichii Tsuchiya liked it and thought it was better than the NC Miata- Said he would even own one if it were made in RHD.

Where did he say this?

Where else? Best Motoring obviously.

GM seriously fucking themselves especially in Australian markets by not making a RHD vette and Camaro. Ford is REALLY beating them to the punch on that one and its why the mustang is such a global sales success.

Well duh, but you got a link?

Okay not even fucking with you but every source for it with english subtitles were pulled or made private, swear to god it exists.

Lol where the duck are you finding gtp's and redlines for 7-8k? Try more like $15-20k, faggot.


>What more could you honestly want o?

>Not GM
>Not a partsbin special
>6 speed gearbox
>Not a clunky truck gearbox
>Good looks (mostly applies to Solstice)
>Better interior
>Lighter kerb weight

It was pulled from youtube but it's on Dailymotion.


The Sky has aged very well. It looks modern.
The Solstice looks dated in comparison.
In top trim, both are faster than the new Miata.
Both are pretty good.

>Corvette C6 - 3130lbs
>Saturn Sky Redline - 3071lbs

>daughter left for college
Confirmed girls' car. I'll make sure to whistle when I see you drive by, Barbie.

I have no idea how I'm JUST NOW finding out about the solstice gxp coupe. Removable roof panel, better rigidity, solid looks... 8 years old and can still likely murder the brand new miata rf... I might have to look into this

Definitely the Union Flag.... I got an early production model. The aftermarket on these is insane. When a Gundam pulls up next to me and revs his reactor, I surprise him since my flag is like five times the speed of factory specs.

Fuck weebs and their rice burners can't compete with american muscle

too fat
poor handling

Always wanted to see a Solstice with a regular front grille instead of that trademark pontiac crap. So I made this but then kinda got carried away

Its not a sportcar it a roadster.

Only 1 option

is that a fucking AZ-1??

no it's an NSX dummy

it looked tiny from the other angle

AZ-1 is more /m/ too so he missed out on that opportunity

forgot pic

I like this a LOT better than the bug eyed look they came with. Now split that grill into a Pontiac grille

Tridoron is a mech


>people forgetting the snek

It's ugly.